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Monday, September 13, 2010

Common Sense Cuts reality over rhetoric

A huge political victory was scored by President Obama over the weekend, when House Minority Leader Boehner was forced to admit that he would have no choice but to accept the common sense policy advocated by the president regarding the Bush tax cuts.For it was radically clear to him that even the most partisan of arguments could not stand in the face of common sense, plain and simple! And the realization that this was something that could not be spun negatively or misrepresented in the media by the republicans or the Tea parties! And this victory of reality over rhetoric is one of  what hopefully will be a series of victories lead By the president as he, and the democrats push forward in the Next 60 days!

Reality over rhetoric!( A tack first advanced at this blog) The keys to victory for the democrats in 2010 and the key to the marginaliozation of the party of NO  in 2010!

As the tea party continues to assert itself, it is clear that the republicans have created their very own little monster in this out of control movement! And as they continue to unseat republican after republican, you have to wonder, given a positive result for the tea party in Nov, will Sarah Palin be a tea party candidate for president instead of A republican standard bearer? Curiouser & curiouser!

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