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Monday, September 27, 2010

Tyranny & triumph

simply put, Israel is to be shamed for the tyranny it is esposuing with this continuance of its expansion of settlements and the encouragement of settlers. This is not the way to peace and the fact that the Israeli gov is dragging its feet or even wrose ignorning the issue is totally unacceptable. How can the nations of the world stand behind and supprt any nation that is in effect a tyranny? Can you imaging the wailing that would come if the situations were reversed? If Israel is so ready to squander the peace process due to stubborness then we as a nation must seriously being to rethink out alliance and support of Israel. Because how can we , as America, support Tryanny? How can we reprimand Iran, invade Iraq, challenge The taliban when our ally is as great a malefactor as they ever were! Stop the settlements NOW!!!!!!

Last evening MSNBC held a special education prtogram regarding the state of education in America, a subject and issue I have been grappling with for years here in Upstate NY and for all of the hype and hyperbole of last evenings programming the fact remains that we are just as far away from solving our educational problems in America as ever. And why, because we refuse to see the forest for the trees!  the Problems with American education lies in American sociology. and until we adress the continued flaws that are in our social structure until the same resources, opportunities and facilities that are available for one and avialable for all we will continue to decline as a nation. the problem with education has been highlighted for quite a while now, but as is allways the case in Ameirca rather than taking the steps to solve the problem we simply create another one. Public education had declined, and the creation of charter schools and the like sounded that alarm, but what has been done since the alarm sounded? Now instead of one functioning educational system for all we have two, one that isnt functioning and another that's barely fucntioning. there was much talk last night about helping the kids, but how can it be done when the continual jockeying for position has become more important than the kids themselves. when the politics that surround and permeatethe situation take predecesnce over the issue itself! When will the future of America  take priority over politics, posturing, pontificating, and the like? We know its a problem in America why cant we solve it? Because the solution is so simple .Resources, opportunities, and facilities no more no less thats all thats needed! I think it is so sad that we are so focused on charter schools and ignoring the fact that there are successful public schools throught this nation. And in every community they reside in are three things. resources, opportunties, and facilities, right here in Albany, where we have more charter schools per cpaita than any where in NYS , less than 20 miles north or west of albany we have school that have continual graduations and   exceptional students, so what is the difference between these students and the students in the more shall we say Urban areas? resources, opportunities, and facilities its that simple! THAT is what needs to be addressed, because to be quite frank the schools arent the problem!The teachers arent the problem  its as simple as Black and white, have and have not, its as simple as resources, facilties and opportunities. and until that mantra is crerated until we create a resource zone in communities nationwide that dont have them, until all communties mirror one another with resources, and facilities and opportunity education wont improve indeed america wont improve. That is the model we must follow, not some Indoctrination, it is outrageous that rather than fight the REAL fight we settle  for less. Forgert charter schools, forget childrens zones. I know where to look for success, and I know why there is success there, give me the resources, give me the opportunities, give me the same facilties that are in those communtieis that thrive without charter schools or childrens zones, and Ill give you A better america!

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  1. I've been searching for a long time on the internet for a blog about politics, and I was convinced they just didn't exist. However, I came across yours the other day, and I'm quite happy. Finally! It's a shame that there aren't any other comments, as this seems to be the only blog devoted to politics on the entire internet! I wonder what gives?

    Also, can you enlighten me more about your run for mayor? I contacted the Albany, NY Board Of Elections for information on your run for mayor, but even with the help of a very nice clerk there, we were unable to find any record of you running for mayor. We searched all the names on the ballots for all primaries and the general election, but there is no indication that anyone named Marlon Anderson ever ran for mayor in Albany. Are you sure you ran for mayor?