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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sarah Palin, from Joke to Juggernaut!

How the political worm has turned, as in the space of 2 years ,Sarah Palin has went from national joke to political juggernaut!  From the poster child for political inepetitude to the face of the republican party. How did this happen?Firstly Sarah has prvoen herself a lot more politically savvy than people gave her credit for, she took the ball that that was handed to her, and she has ran with it admirably! And ,as she spoke in Iowa last evening, it is clear that she is the one to beat in 2012. Who would have thunk it 2 years ago, but it looks like Sarah Palin, political force and kingmaker in the republican party, is having the last laugh on all her critics!

As far as the election goes, it is clear that thsi election will be a refferendum on America.With the forces of extremisim taking center stage. And I for one, find it hilarious how hard the republicans are now fighting to minimize the damage that these extremists are inflciting on their party and the public image of same. As the adage goes, when you lie down with dogs---

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