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Friday, November 30, 2012

Move republicans, get out the way!!!!!

SO the president ran on a policy of moving"forward" in America, and the american people agreed, sending President Obama back into office for a second term with over a million vote margin, so with the people ready and willing to move forward the question remains: WHY are the republicans continuing to stand in the way of the will of the people? Why with the entire nation ready and willing to go ahead into the future are the republicans continuing to bog us down and hold us back with the same old obstructionism and the same old politics as usual? Its time ,actually way past time for the people, and the issues that affect them, to be put above Politics , in both agenda and goal!To quote JFK, "Its time not to ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!" Its time for the Republican party to MOVE, and get out the way! And if they wont move, then it is time to take the steps that are required to move them!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Less Talk, more ACTION!!!!(from Congress)

IN the last 5 years I ask you America, has the republican led congress been a body of talk, or a body of action?  I think the answer to that is simple and plain!They've been a body of POLITICAL talk and POLITICAL action!!!! IN the last 5 years, only one party has taken action for and in the interests of the people, and it hasnt been the republicans! This is a FACT!!! As this economy has created all manner of problems for Americans , what has the republican party done to stem the tide, to assuage the pain, to relieve the suffering of AMERICANS??????!!!!  The answer is NOTHING!!!!To the Stimulus they said NO! To Healthcare(Obamacare) they said NO! To the bailing out of the Auto Industry they said NO!!! Anything in the interest of the AMERICAN people, anything to address what is the most relevant issue for Americans which is Jobs and the economy they have said NO to!! And what has the Republican party devoted their energies to for the last 5 years? Politics, Politics POLITICS!!! well to the republicans I say ENOUGH! Enough of Future debt, enough of Minor scandals, enough of  Politically motivated attacks!!!!  Its time for less Politically motivated talk, and  more congressional ACTION!!! You werent elected for political  purposes, you were elected to serve!!! And quite frankly the 25 million  or so unemployed individuals in America are and have been ill served By you, the republican led congress!!!! And In My view that is a Far greater crime against America than Benghazi, or Fast & Furious, or any other politically motivated scandal you can dream up!!! Where is the republican LEADERSHIP on JOBS, On the ECONOMY? Becasue as Bill Clinton said back in 1992 It's the economy stupid, and guess what IT STILL IS!!!! SO enough with the political grandstanding and talk, Its time for action please!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why do we need A Republican Party?

America, Why do we need a Republican party? Given what they have done and brung over the last quarter century, You'd be very hard pressed to come up with a valid answer! Simply put, after the Reagan Renisannce, and the Bush I adminstration, the republican party went down a road, a radical path from which they've yet to return, and, as a result, America has suffered because of it! Scandal, abuse of power, corruption, conspiracy and political agenda, politically motivated and waged war,political obstruction, partisanship and so much more, the list is very long on the "Con" side as it pertains to republicanism in America. Racism, sexism, tokenism, intolerance, classism in the last 25 years these have become the watchwords and hallmarks of the republican party. And while they are the stauch advocates of "trickle down" , in the last 25 years, that is about all that has trickled down under republicans, the "isms"! So, with Post Reagan republicanism being such a clear and present failure in America, and as a political system and party, the question remains Why do we need a Republican party? Anyone?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pre Thanksgiving Political stuffing!

 Before you load up on family & food this thursday, here's some political stuffing to enjoy.

HIllary Clintons run as Sec of State will be a tough act to follow, and If Susan Rice is President Obama's choice  it's clearly going to be a VERY tough act! Benghazi was a tragedy, But the republican's clearly political minded pursuit of it as a issue is making it into a travesty! The famous quote applies here" Have you no decency sir!!!???"

Mitt Romney say nothing until your first major post election interview PLEASE!! That will give you time to put together a RATIONAL explanation!

Republicans, please learn it  will take REAL, not  feigned concern and committment to diversity
and the diverse issues of concern for the American electorate to change your political fortunes!
American didnt and wont fall for tokenism! I have seen your future and it is Condoleeza Rice!
You should beg her to become National Republican committee chair!

If America goes over the fiscal Cliff it will be due to the republicans committing political suicide!

If anything is signalling that Post racialism is on the rise in America, it would be that the Minority vote carried the presidential election, but if anything is signaliing that racism is still a problem it would be that only 39 percent of white voters voted for President Obama!

In 2013 the first thing on the congressional agenda must be a "jobs" bill. Anything less is a continued disservice to the american public!

The wall street sell off is not a vote of confidence for President Obama, strange that considering that Wall street has never profitted more than under the Obama Administration.

And lastly; BAIL OUT HOSTESS!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Best defense-----!

AS the saying goes "The best defense is a good offense". And as he prepares to move forward into his second term, It would behoove President Obama VERY well to apply this philosophy and methodology towards his endeavors policywise and as he deals with the Republicans on Capitol Hill! Because, as he saw and was subjected to for the last four years, the republicans excel, indeed thrive when on the political offense! The republicans thrive when they dictate the debate, and control policy ebb & flow, that is where they are at their best! But, as seen during the campaign of 2012, when they are forced to the defense, having to explain their positions and the whys and whereforse of same, that is where they, quote unquote,FAIL!! So, knowing this, I would strongly advise President Obama, His Administration, and the National Democrats to embark upon a national and sustained offense of their own! Putting the Republicans on the defense, calling them out on what after four years of same, the american public roundly and soundly rejected at the ballot box! The scandalization and the partisanship! We dont need John McCain on capitol hill likening President Obama to Nixon , and Benghazi to Watergate! We dont need Lindsay Graham pontificating about Susan Rice and what he"believes" about the president! The people have spoken, they dont want that, they want action on Jobs  and the future! And as the republicans begin the same old political same old, its time for the Democrats, led by President Obama, to CHANGE THE GAME!!! And that"game" will be forever changed by going after the republicans, holding them to account before the American public  on their relentless partisianship and scandalization! It's time for the democrats to go on the offense here, because if they do, simply put, the republicans have NO DEFENSE!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Second Chance( for a democratic future)

AS the first salvo is launched by President Obama in the fight that MUST be had with the republicans about jobs and the restructuring and refinancing of the Bush tax cuts as they relate to the National debt, I am hoping that this second chance that this nation has, in the re-election of President Obama, converts itself into a productive paving of the way for a democratic future in America! Because in 1996, like 2010, after a concentrated and orchestrated political assault by republican politicians and republican interests, the republicans took roost in the House of Representitives. And, seeing the Holy grail in reach, total political control, the republicans embarked upon a major effort of scandalization and obstructive politics in order to achieve that goal! And, due to Then Vice president Gore's running away from the solid record of achievement that was delivered to him by then President Clinton, GW Bush was elected, and the opportunity for a productive Democratically  lead age in America was lost, as was peace and our financial security! But now ,with the re-election of President Obama the opportunity looms again for a protracted and productive democratic age! Indeed ,with a agressive legislative agenda coupled with a even more agressive political one, America could see, and enjoy a democratic rule until at least 2024,  IF the democrats plan and play the cards right! But they msut begin with the planning and the playing now and not later! The marginalization of the republicans must begin now and not later! It is very rare in this world that you get a second chance to do things right, but that is exactly what the Democrats got in the re-election of President Obama on tues! I strongly urge the president and the democrats to see the Big picture here, because a legislative and social utopia is within their reach, they only need to reach out and grab it!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

the New legislative reality(when the Hunters become the Hunted!)

Now that President Obama has resoundingly secured his second term in office, it is time that  those who relentlessly, for the last four years, politically hunted the president and his administration become the hunted! It is time that those in the republican congress and party who preyed upon the presidents politcal naievete and hubris to become the prey! For four years obstruction , marching in locked step, and flat out denial led america to suffer, due to
the political designs and dreams of a party who sought total control of America! But that dream was completely shattered on election night! And with that dream dashed, those who fancied themselves political predators now realize that they are indeed vunerable, that they can easily become political prey!!! Four years ago President Obama reached a hand across the aisle, only to have it nearly bitten off! And now four years later the lesson must have been learned! It's time for the Hunters to Become the Hunted, and a agressive legislative agenda pushed by the President can do just that! Putting jobs and the jush tax cuts front and center!!!! Its time to push for the restructing of the Bush tax cuts so they can assist with the refinancing of American debt, its time to push for a new American jobs act so Americans can regain the dignity of work! The long grass of Politics is gone, and the republicans can no longer hide in it! Its time for the real work to be done and for the nation to move forward! And in this new legislative enviorment and political reality those who were, for four years, the Hunters, are about to become THE HUNTED!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012 (the aftermath)

With the victory of President Obama last evening, a legacy was salvaged and a foundation for the future was secured! Because if Mitt Romney had succeeded in his effort, not only would have Barrack Obama had a sad legacy as president, but the scar his loss would have inflicted on African American politics would have been long in its healing! But the Romney effort failed.And while Mitt has nothing to hang his head about, indeed, If he still has the stones for it, he should give it a go in 2016, the FACT remains that Barrack Obama has won a second term as President! And, with that second term, he has been handed a clear mandate to LEAD!!!  Not to compromise, not to obfusciate, but to LEAD!!! That is what was invested into him last evening by the American people, and this investment needs to register with the republicans and their cohorts on Wall St!!! No more politics, no more obstruction of same, no more schorched earth!!
The american people want President Obama to lead and they want you to get out of the way!!!
They want Jobs and economic relief, and they want you to pay your fair share!!! Last night the 47(and a few more ) spoke and it was with a voice that rang throught America! And that voice spoke with a african-american voice, a latino american voice, a womans voice, a homosexuals voice, a Unionized voice and it said ENOUGH!!!! And it(the voice) cannot be denied! The four year effort to unseat President Obama has failed(Ironic isnt it) and with its failure let the putting of politics before the peoples interest die! Let there be a laser beam focus on the 25 Million americans who, this holiday season, have NO INCOME, NO JOB, NO PROSPECTS!! And if
there is a continued failure by the republicans to focus on that, then President Obama must lead the effort to regulate them to the fringe where they belong!!!! This election said one thing
Americans are ready to move FORWARD!!! So Lets go!!!!And this time with Feeling Mr. President!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Potential vs Propensity( The 2012 Vote!)

As we in America on Tuesday prepare to enter the ballotting process and choose a President, it is clear, at least to me any way, that this vote will be a statement on where we stand as a nation! This vote will either state in its result that we are indeed,moving forward to our true potential as a nation and a people, or that we are once again living up to our historical propensity to stagnate our own growth as a nation and a people!
Simply put, this vote will state that either we are moving forward away from the politics of division, of racism, of discrimination, of sexism, that we are indeed seeking to live up to the potential of America, a America where we all are counted , where we all matter, or we will will , in this vote, take a giant step backward where on one side will stand 47 percent of the nation and on the other side will stand those who beleive in and support stereotypes, who harbor racism, who practice sexism, who believe in profiling, those who beleive that they have a greater claim on this nation than others have! Potential versus propensity. Never have the stakes been higher! And while I will be very happy to see America embrace, by a vote for President Obama, its true potential, I wouldnt be a bit surprised to see America, with a vote for Mitt Romney, embrace its  historical propensity!
All that remains is the story that the vote will tell! Time to choose America! Potential or Propensity?