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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Early in the Morning

Who would have thought Id be posting about Politics at 6:00 in the morning!? Oh well ,when opportunity prtesents----! Caught Obama speaking yesterday afternoon, and if you didnt know that the  democrats were in a fight, you  learned it yesterday afternoon.  What a differance 2 years  has made for Obama. From a magnetic and charismatic figure to this person desparately trying to create a sembalance of order amid chaos. and as I post this  early(way too early on sunday morning I must add)I, as much of america wonder just what the dawn willl bring on weds nov 3 for America. Im tired from a rough night of clubbing in NY, so I can only imagine the fatigue that the president and the Democrats are now feeling from their long struggle! I only hope that their sowing of the field does not bear bitter political fruit. Because if the republican party rises again early wed morning then you and I and indeed the entire country may just want to stay in bed for the next 2 years!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Turning back the clock (political ignorance)

With election day fast approaching, I truly am wondering: Will Americans truly turn back the clock with this tuesday's election results? Will the mantra and endlessly repeated catch phrases of the tea party and the republicans truly hold sway in America? And Are americans truly stupid enough to allow the rich to have tax cuts, in a time of economic crisis? As I watch and listen to these champions of of the new america, Sharron Angle, Meg Whitman and the like, I, being of common sense, realize that the only thing they are championing is wealth for the wealthy, and rights for the rich. And I am continually amazed that so many americans ,blinded by hate and hatred dont see this. I am hoping that america proves me, and the fanatics wrong, but I think we are on the path to disaster this election day! And I truly believe that the inmates will be running the asylum on Nov 3. This election wont be a great victory for anyone but the rich and powerful and they will have the poor( as poor is to a rich standard,because REAL poor people dont even matter to them) to thank for it! Ignorance is bliss they say, but, sad to say, I think America is about to prove that political ignorance is bliss for the rich!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Conspiracy therories(or are they?)

Is race playing a major factor in the political and social situation in America and american politics? Is the fact of the President being black contributing to the state of the economy, to unemployment and to the political situation in general? Is the current Political and social situation in America a "Scorched earth strategy" created and manipulated by political and coporate interests in order to undermine the Obama administration? Indeed would you say there is a conspiracy founded and fueled by the race of the president to bring his administration down? You could say these are simply conspiracy theories, but I would say to you; ARE THEY?

While you think on that I would say to the individual who had the nerve and the lack of respect for the President of these United States to actually tell him to shove it, I hope he is roundly condemned as he should be! I havent seen such audacity since the George Wallace and Bull Connor days.

10 days until America votes. choose wisely because its the future that America is deciding people !

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fire In the belly( THE differance)

As this political cycle comes to a close, if there are major republican gains and major democratic losses, if the Obama administration becomes lame duck two years out, it will definately be because there has been a lack when it comes to having  fire in the proverbial political belly for the democrats! While the republicans have churned up the waters and  attacked, attacked, attacked, on every front, the democrats have seemed to be sleepwalking. and even when it became clear that the democratic agenda was in clear jepoardy, the democrats,individuals and as whole, did nothing! And that has been the clear differance this election cycle! Be it the party as a whole, or the individual candidates, I dont see, despite the seriousness of the situation, the get up and go, the fire that is clearly needed to stave off political disaster! As the saying goes, you have to fight fire with fire, and the sad fact is the democrats have brought none of that to this election cycle. and if they lose their majority on capitol hill, it will be due to that and that alone!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

thoughts from the home stretch

As we enter the final week of this political season, it will VERY interesting to see if the Democrats have staved off disaster. What looked like a republican landslide(to let Fox news tell it) is now a ? mark, due to such wonderful candidates as Christine(consitutional)O'Donnell, Meg( I didnrt know  she was undocumented) Whitman and of course Sharon( the befuddled) Angle. The republicans are desparately looking for a giant Scott Brown moment to reclaim validity and a stake in the process, but to be frank, If the Dems maintain the majority of power, and all signs say they will, then the republican party will remain in real trouble. For if the democrats come thru, if they escape disaster on Nov.2 They have to realize that the opportunity to maginalize the republicans cannot be squandered again. Talk about a pressurized night. Nov 2 will be one! The future is about to be decided America, and the eys of the world will be upon us a week from this tuesday!

Now a few words about a issue: the issue of education in America & charter schools. Simply put, education, public education, cannot and should not ever be about us versus them. And education should not be a issue that divides us, it should be a issue that unites us. Charter schools have merits and they have questions that must be answered,but simply put efforts to better the education of americans cannot be belittled or discarded. But make no mistake, its not the be all or end all. And the fanaticism that I see surrounding this issue, and the politics is not a good thing!! But that aside, we must remember and get back to the issue at hand, which is not charter schools versus Public ed( a misnomer since charter schools ARE public ed) But repairing and correcting the education system in america so everyone, every child gets a quality education! Its not a us versus them issue, and eveyone who subscribes and pursues it(education) from that standpoint ought to be ashamed, because they are doing the kids of this nation a great disservice!! and on a personal note, I just want to stae for the recrd that in my area, if it wasnt forMy voice standing up for the original charter school, speaking out demanding that it be given a fair chance, the 11 schools that are now in existance in the city of Albany, wouldnt even exist, so dont include me in that us versus them BS! Its about better education plain and simple! all that other mess is just that: Mess!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ideas & insanity(the NY gubernatorial debate)

Ok, so last evening there was a "debate" in NY among the Gubernatorial hopefuls, and we can now say that it definately wasnt democracys most shining moment!  Hookers, inanity, and a little insanity, and yes the rent is too damn high! But the circus atmosphere at what was supposed to be a serious debate aside, I think it was clearly shown that Andrew Cuomo was the class of this crop.(with a nod to charles barron of course, who pulls no punches when it comes to black people I salute U sir!) Andrew rose above this political morass as a leader should, and as a leader is going to have to do, If NY is to return back to the state of prominence that it held until recently. But that aside, I must say that despite the carnival of souls that was held last evening, many good ideas were advanced. Progressive tax reform, Hydro-fracking. special procecutors and the like. And I hope whomever ends up the Gov(as if Andrew isnt a lock) will look into these Ideas. But out of all the issues voiced in the debate One stood out (at least to me anyway) and it wasnt the rent being too damn high, (and to be frank it is!)   The issue that stood out the most to me, was the continual blather about special interests and the distracting focus on same! Simply put: EVERY vote is a special interest, every party is a special interest, every support of any political candidate is a special interest!It's not that special interests are hi-jacking the political process, its that not enough Politicans are taking interest in doing whats right for America and the people as a whole! That is why Obama won, because he looked to have the BEST interests of the people of america at heart. And that is what, more than anything we need more of in America. Doesnt matter if they're democrat, republican, tea partier, libertarian, hooker party(a party I may have to look into) or the rent is too damn high party(and yes the rent is too damn high!) We need someone who has the best interests of the people at heart. And not someone who just talks about it, but someone who is about it! THAT will be the measure of the leaders who are elected this Nov. And I hope it's a standard that Andrew Cuomo will set and meet once he is elected. Because when you get right down to it, the people of this nation are the one real special interest, and they must and should be catered to!!! That is what this nation was founded upon and that is they way we must go, if we are to return to the greatness that was both NYS and the greatness that was America!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


As I watched most of the Delaware Senate debate last evening, I was appalled at the manner in which the Democrat in the race was pulling his punches, especially giving the fact that Christine O'donnell was not pulling any! I was hoping that some Democrats would finally be learning the lesson that President Obama  has been taught regarding the republicans and their Political mantra's in America , because  the lesson is that you cannot play nice with people who are out to destroy you!!!! I mean even the Moderators of this debate were stunned at all the wide open shots that werent taken, which opened the door for O'donnell. To be frank the moderators went after her far more than her opponent did! I doubt if there will be another debate, but if there is one, I hope that the kid gloves are taken off! Because with so much at stake in this election, posturing and pontificating is something that cannot be afforded, especially by democratic candidates! So next time, if there is one, KNOCK HER ON HER AZZ!!!!

And speaking of Delaware, with Obama and Biden endorsing the candidate there, and with Sarah Palin committing to endorse O'donnell, this is shaping up to be a preview of 2013 perhaps? We'll see in 3 short weeks America!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the gay potboiler

Simply put I wonder how much long the Gay issue will continue to potboil in America? As A issue it continues to divide and enflame america. and its is clear, given the contuing extreme nature of the issue, that it is long overdue for resolution. Simply Put I beleive that what the Gay community wants, America cannot give to them. You cannot legislate legitimacy, you cannot legislate self esteem. The validation that the Gay community wants I dont believe can ever be had, acceptance maybe to some extent, but never fully. But one thing is very much for sure, the Gay pot that continues to boil away on the stovetop of America needs to be removed one way or another. It has been on the cooker for far too long! Dont ask ,dont tell , I  and the rest of the straight community dont really want to know, and I think there are a lot of things the Gay community doesnt want, to know or hear, and would be better off that way. But it may be too late for them to remove themselve to a safe distance anymore! A hot pot can burn and I think the Gay community better become more aware of that before its too late!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Obama On the trail, Palladino continuing his Giant fail, and the Gay issue.

As President Obama sounds the clarion call out on the campaign trial to the electorate, I hope that he is employing all the contacts and networks he has to forestall any and all republican gains in this coming election. Because to be frank, for him, a republican victory and regaining of either house would be a complete disaster, as it would be for this nation as a whole. For the last two years the republicans  have given this nations well- being a back seat to their desire to undo the election results of 2008! And to portray themselves as anything other that the power mongering, self servers that they are is ludicrious! But they have and they have dont it to some measure of success! So with disaster looming, President Obama has no choice but to put the affairs of this nation on a lower priority while he tries to statve off what is nothing more than a Political coup! (You can referance the last few years in NY gov. as a more purient example) Simply put this is a huge fight, a fight for the future and for all our sakes we better hope that the better party wins! Because if the future becomes the past, if the republicans re-take control in any measure, then we have no future!!!

Now to Carl Paladino, Let me say I love this guys fire. He is a everyman, the beer swilling white dude from down the block, to whom  every black guy  is a black guy and so on and so forth. But while that guy is a part of Americana and to be expected, that guy could and should never be a leader or considered to be a leader. Carl Paladino is like the Archie Bunker of the new millenium, backed by a party of archie bunkers, the tea party. And as we continue to enjoy the spectacle of this pot stirred by republican aspirations, we must remember ,when we marvel at what new foible Carl Paladino's personality has wrought, that this apple fell from a republican tree, as did Christine  Odonnell, Meg Whitman, Sharon Angle and all the rest!

And now a point about the continuing Gay furor. Right is right and wrong is wrong, but we need to examine what makes it wrong! What is provoking these strong reactions against Gays AND indeed by gays! And let me say I agree with Mr. Paladino about the efforts to force acceptance of the Gay lifestyle into the mainstream. In america that is, because around the world the Gay culture is not accepted and indeed it is still, as it has been throught history, rejected! But that is another issue and fact to be examined. Me, Id like to see greater focus on the the extreme nature of reactions and action towards the whole gay dynamic. I mean why are gays killing themselves  as opposed to straights? That is a issue in itself. and something I dont think the gay community has yet to face. Shame is killing gay people and we need to try to understand and address why it is a shame and why people are shamed by it. Once we address that, we will take a giant step I believe   in this matter!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The full meal deal( including the Veggies!)

AS this election cycle progresses, Its amazing(at least to me anyway) How the debate has become like a childs meal, Not the full meal deal, and with the public definately not geeeting enough Nutritional Information to make the right choices. The republiucans have shaped the dialog and the debate so that it is sweet as dessert(to them anyway) but it totally lacks and substance or intellectual nutritional value. SO I and I hope many other are wondering, when will we get the full meal deal? when will we get all sides of the issue. The issue of Unemployment didnt come out of Nowhere. It certainly wasnt created by the Obama administration. and Neither did this defict! Neither did the wars we are emboriled in or a great many other issues that, according to what we are being regulalrly fed are the fault of Pelosi, Reid and Obama!!  So As this election progresses I hope that somewhow and someway Americas get the Full meal deal as it pertains to the issues at hand and of Importance, because  we aint getting the   full meal deal!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the weight of the world(political world that is)

As the political season progresses, I am reminded of the old myth about how Hercules took the burden of Atlas for a very short time. To bear the weight of the world, what strength must be had to accomplish such a feat? How akin to that is the though of Bill Clinton, as he has done so many times in the past shouldering the Hopes of the Democratic party in this election. With Barrack Obama so weighed down by the burden of trying to repair a cripped nation, how lucky is he to have a force like Bill Clinton to draw upon. And to think that democrats had the nerve to run away from anything Clinton at one time. Bill Clinton has been a consumate Democrat, a party loyalist and a party leader, and as he once again heads into the breach for a party that seems to forever need him, I can truthfully say How akin to Hercules and Atlas. Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. The weight of the Political world Borne  on two strong sets of political shoulders!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The road less travelled (and other campaign signs)

Sad that the road less travelled in this campaign season has been the high road. for indeed it is to wonder where would the candidacies of such tea party icons as Christine Odonnell & Carl Paladino be if they had travelled that road instead of the road of Political expediency that has been paved by the Tea party. Where would Sharon Angle be? Where would Meg Whitman be? The runaway locomotive that was the tea party express has become bogged down in the morass of gutter politics,backroom deals, and exposes! and As the Tea party plow goes, so goes the hopes of the republicans for political control! Sometimes the fast way is not the best way folks! And speaking of that Tortise and hare anology, I will say that in keeping to the high road, Linda Mcmahon up in Conn. is making inroads and indeed she may wrestle( yep I had to say it) her way into a seat! I wonder: Will Sarah Palin step up and speak for Carl Paladino? Will she for Christine Odonnell? Sharon Angle? Meg Whitman?  I know the phrase of the moment is waiting for superman, but the hopes of the republican party may rest with Super Sarah!

Monday, October 4, 2010

sleazy and cruel

Sorry for the long hiatus folks been a little busy. but lets get back to the political issues of the day! simply put the farce that has erupted over the Paladino statement about Andrew cuomos infidelity is a example of what can truly happen when the inmates are allowed to take control of the asylum. any Validity that Carl palidadino had was effectively destroyed with this action, and with the continuing saga of of such candidates like Sharon Angle,Meg Whitman, and of course Christine Odonnell,  it is clear that the dreams of the republican party of taking back the congresss are going up in  sordid and sleazy smoke! Hoisted on their own petard, how fitting! And to the issue of the day, while it is not really a political issue, it is one that is gripping America, and will no doubt become political shortly: simply put ,a man was driven by cruelty, not bullying,  by cruelty to kill  himself , and that is what must be understood and addressed in thsi ! Its not about him being gay, or the perpetrators being college kids, its about cruelty and sadism! The willful and delibarate attempt to take pleasure in someone elses pain and humiliation. And we as a nation need to address the rise in cruelty and sadism in our youth! That is the real problem here ,a problem that has been too long ignored. I am neither gay or a sympathiser of gay rights ,but none deserves to be abused, noone deserves the cruelety that was inflicted on this soul, gay or no, and I hope that the 2 idiots who saw fit to inflict this level of cruelty on this individual are made to suffer as they clearly wanted him to. And I hope that people, especially the young can somehow regain the respect for the lives of others that they have seemed to have lost! Cruelty is not cool!!!