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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The road less travelled (and other campaign signs)

Sad that the road less travelled in this campaign season has been the high road. for indeed it is to wonder where would the candidacies of such tea party icons as Christine Odonnell & Carl Paladino be if they had travelled that road instead of the road of Political expediency that has been paved by the Tea party. Where would Sharon Angle be? Where would Meg Whitman be? The runaway locomotive that was the tea party express has become bogged down in the morass of gutter politics,backroom deals, and exposes! and As the Tea party plow goes, so goes the hopes of the republicans for political control! Sometimes the fast way is not the best way folks! And speaking of that Tortise and hare anology, I will say that in keeping to the high road, Linda Mcmahon up in Conn. is making inroads and indeed she may wrestle( yep I had to say it) her way into a seat! I wonder: Will Sarah Palin step up and speak for Carl Paladino? Will she for Christine Odonnell? Sharon Angle? Meg Whitman?  I know the phrase of the moment is waiting for superman, but the hopes of the republican party may rest with Super Sarah!

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