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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the gay potboiler

Simply put I wonder how much long the Gay issue will continue to potboil in America? As A issue it continues to divide and enflame america. and its is clear, given the contuing extreme nature of the issue, that it is long overdue for resolution. Simply Put I beleive that what the Gay community wants, America cannot give to them. You cannot legislate legitimacy, you cannot legislate self esteem. The validation that the Gay community wants I dont believe can ever be had, acceptance maybe to some extent, but never fully. But one thing is very much for sure, the Gay pot that continues to boil away on the stovetop of America needs to be removed one way or another. It has been on the cooker for far too long! Dont ask ,dont tell , I  and the rest of the straight community dont really want to know, and I think there are a lot of things the Gay community doesnt want, to know or hear, and would be better off that way. But it may be too late for them to remove themselve to a safe distance anymore! A hot pot can burn and I think the Gay community better become more aware of that before its too late!

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