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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Early in the Morning

Who would have thought Id be posting about Politics at 6:00 in the morning!? Oh well ,when opportunity prtesents----! Caught Obama speaking yesterday afternoon, and if you didnt know that the  democrats were in a fight, you  learned it yesterday afternoon.  What a differance 2 years  has made for Obama. From a magnetic and charismatic figure to this person desparately trying to create a sembalance of order amid chaos. and as I post this  early(way too early on sunday morning I must add)I, as much of america wonder just what the dawn willl bring on weds nov 3 for America. Im tired from a rough night of clubbing in NY, so I can only imagine the fatigue that the president and the Democrats are now feeling from their long struggle! I only hope that their sowing of the field does not bear bitter political fruit. Because if the republican party rises again early wed morning then you and I and indeed the entire country may just want to stay in bed for the next 2 years!!!

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