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Thursday, October 14, 2010


As I watched most of the Delaware Senate debate last evening, I was appalled at the manner in which the Democrat in the race was pulling his punches, especially giving the fact that Christine O'donnell was not pulling any! I was hoping that some Democrats would finally be learning the lesson that President Obama  has been taught regarding the republicans and their Political mantra's in America , because  the lesson is that you cannot play nice with people who are out to destroy you!!!! I mean even the Moderators of this debate were stunned at all the wide open shots that werent taken, which opened the door for O'donnell. To be frank the moderators went after her far more than her opponent did! I doubt if there will be another debate, but if there is one, I hope that the kid gloves are taken off! Because with so much at stake in this election, posturing and pontificating is something that cannot be afforded, especially by democratic candidates! So next time, if there is one, KNOCK HER ON HER AZZ!!!!

And speaking of Delaware, with Obama and Biden endorsing the candidate there, and with Sarah Palin committing to endorse O'donnell, this is shaping up to be a preview of 2013 perhaps? We'll see in 3 short weeks America!

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