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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ideas & insanity(the NY gubernatorial debate)

Ok, so last evening there was a "debate" in NY among the Gubernatorial hopefuls, and we can now say that it definately wasnt democracys most shining moment!  Hookers, inanity, and a little insanity, and yes the rent is too damn high! But the circus atmosphere at what was supposed to be a serious debate aside, I think it was clearly shown that Andrew Cuomo was the class of this crop.(with a nod to charles barron of course, who pulls no punches when it comes to black people I salute U sir!) Andrew rose above this political morass as a leader should, and as a leader is going to have to do, If NY is to return back to the state of prominence that it held until recently. But that aside, I must say that despite the carnival of souls that was held last evening, many good ideas were advanced. Progressive tax reform, Hydro-fracking. special procecutors and the like. And I hope whomever ends up the Gov(as if Andrew isnt a lock) will look into these Ideas. But out of all the issues voiced in the debate One stood out (at least to me anyway) and it wasnt the rent being too damn high, (and to be frank it is!)   The issue that stood out the most to me, was the continual blather about special interests and the distracting focus on same! Simply put: EVERY vote is a special interest, every party is a special interest, every support of any political candidate is a special interest!It's not that special interests are hi-jacking the political process, its that not enough Politicans are taking interest in doing whats right for America and the people as a whole! That is why Obama won, because he looked to have the BEST interests of the people of america at heart. And that is what, more than anything we need more of in America. Doesnt matter if they're democrat, republican, tea partier, libertarian, hooker party(a party I may have to look into) or the rent is too damn high party(and yes the rent is too damn high!) We need someone who has the best interests of the people at heart. And not someone who just talks about it, but someone who is about it! THAT will be the measure of the leaders who are elected this Nov. And I hope it's a standard that Andrew Cuomo will set and meet once he is elected. Because when you get right down to it, the people of this nation are the one real special interest, and they must and should be catered to!!! That is what this nation was founded upon and that is they way we must go, if we are to return to the greatness that was both NYS and the greatness that was America!

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