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Monday, February 28, 2011

Take back America(the democratic way)

AS battles rage all over America in defense of of th right to Unionize, we can see that FINALLY the democrats are organizing, and standing up to take back America! And they are doing it the democratic way, by standing up for people not standing against them! By standing for something, not against everything! These stands being taken in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and beyond are what the Tea Party wishes they were, and for the issues that, for republicans, will never be of concern. This is a true everyman effort, in the spirit of our forefathers, in the spirit of the consitution, the declaration of independance, the bill of rights, the civil rights movement , you name it.  It is a movement that does America proud, not a movement that brings america shame like the Tea party has! And as these real americans fight for real american values, for fairness, truth and justice, the cry needs to go up once again to TAKE BACK AMERICA! But take it back the right way the DEMOCRATIC way! Take it back from the forces of intolerance, greed and avarice and return it to the people! And that is just what is happening! Huzzah!!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Does the word "moderation" mean anything to you?

As more and more Political leaders belly up to the bar of political excessiveness regarding fiscal prudence and govermental budgets among other things, I think its time to ask them all ,who are clearly over-imbibing on this political alcohol, if they know what the word Moderation means? Because clearly moderation has(as it all too frequently does when the republicans are in control) gone right out of the window!!! Rome was not built in a day, and our fiscal problems in America werent caused overnight! And even more importantly, they wont be solved overnight! But with a resolute and moderate path and plan they can be! But all this slashing away at things like social welfare Ie: medicare & social security, and the attacks on collective bargaining are simply outrageous and need to stop! There is nothing like the spectacle of a drunk, because to them nothing is too outrageous, being as insulated from reality by the alcohol as they are. but when the morning after comes, how regretful they are!! And that is what is coming for the republicans and all those politicans who are following the path of politically motivated extremism as it realtes to fiscal policy! The Morning after the drunken binge!! When you wake up and see just what bedfellows you have made, and when you have to face when you, in a drunken state, have wrought! Wisconsin, Ohio and more to come are the morning after! And its a wake up call those who think that Political excessiveness is the answer had betrter heed! Moderation people, moderation!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wild in Wisconsin

Here we go again! The real republican party has shown its face in Wisconsin and the people are aghast at what they now see! And as this anti worker, anti union Gov attempts to turn the clock back in America we can see why you should never, ever, elect republicans enmasse! In a republican world cash is king, and  you only have as much rights as you can afford! I for one, only hope that the calls of recall the Gov. grow louder and louder in Wisconsin, because this is simply ludicrious! He is nothing more than a tory in sheeps clothing! It is hilarious how the republicans cotninue to try to represent themselves as "True Americans" when the fact of the matter is that if they were back in the days of the American revolution, they'd be on the side of the crown!!!! This is the result of buying the bill of goods you were sold America! The republicans are in control. GOD HELP US ALL!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The "Chamberlain" budget!!

As President Obama comes forward with his federal budget for 2011 he is , with his cuts to such things as heating assistance for low income families and other such things, reminding me of Neville Chamberlain  and the infamous "Munich Agreement' when he ceded much of europe to Hitler and the Nazis! Because like Chamberlain appeasing the nazis, so is Obama, with this budget, appeasing the republicans!!! And just like the nazis before them, the republicans are not satisfied with the appeasement! Chamberlains folly went down in history and he is forever remembered as the man who essentially handed over europe and nearly the world to the nazis! Will President Obama go down in history as the man who due to his continued  efforts and Bi-partisanship which is simply another word for Appeasement  handed over the USA to the republicans? I for one, certainly hope not, but he is clearly on that path! Chamberlain was a good man, with a good heart, but he failed to see that the nazis needed to be confronted, and the world nearly paid the price!   Now President Obama needs to see and recgonize that the republicans must be confronted not appeased! Because the republicans are not interested in "peace in our time" or Bi-partisanship Mr. president! the mistakes of the past----!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Dark before the Dawn

It seems that Egypt, with the determination of the masses, and the stubborness of Mubarak is rapidily reaching the point of no return in this story of rage and revolution. And sadly ,as usual, it will be the military who will decide the direction in which this story will  move toward, indded it is Egypts military who will decide how this story concludes! Will Mubarak stay or go? It will for the military to decide ,since they are the power behind the throne. Will they side with tyranny which clamors for more or will they stand with the people of Eygpt who have said enough!? The choice must and will be made, and soon,  because as Egypt  now stands in the dark, sooner or later the dawn must come, and the light that comes with it. And Egypts Military must decide, and soon, where they will stand in that light and how they will be seen in it. Because the world its watching and waiting. Egypt is watching and waiting, and for generationsto come in Egypt  it will be remembered whatever decision was made in the dark
and how it stood before the world in the light of egypts coming dawn!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The fact and the Fox(political potpourri)

Hilarious how much the republicans celebrate themselves as'Reagan" republicans when the clear fact of the Matter is that they are "Rupert"republicans as in Rupert Murdoch! I wonder how like wading into sewage was President Obamas interview with Bill Oreilly? 'They hate you" well Duh!!!!! Speaking of that Hate ,it is sad that on the 1 year aniversary of the first ladys efforts against obesity, a recognized problem in America, she is still harranged and ridiculed for her efforts, like another great first lady before her, Nancy Reagan, who went thru the same thing in her "Just say No" campaign. Ah Politics, gotta love it! As for the Grand old Man of the Republican Party Himself, Mr Ronald Reagan ,I can paraphrase with great certainly one of the great statements of the 20th century ' I knew Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine, and Bill Oreilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean hannity, Laura Ingram, Michelle Malkin and all the rest you   arent 'reagan republicans, Or reaganesque, and indeed you and all the rest sully the mans legacy every time you invoke his name!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Peace thru strength!

AS the world wonders and worries about what will come of the Middle East's decent into chaos, it is clear ,to me anyway, that the USA ,after decades of diplomactic expansion, must consider a bit of retraction, especially as it pertains to the middle east! Simply put ,the Middle east is a mess, as shown by the events currently underway all over the region! It is a anarchic nightmare waiting to happen!But the truth, the reality is, we have the power to minimize its effect on us! The Middle east holds no Real  strategic value for us, its products ,other than one, are not vital to us, and to be frank we dont need its buisness! But as long as we have been  forcibly shackled to OIL, we remain in danger and we remain concerned! And that is the problem!If we change our policy in the region, if we cut our Middle eastern Oil consumption by, say 20 percent, we would see a SEA change in the middle east overnight! If we cut immigration substantially, cut foreign aid, and even our troops there, again we would see a SEA change! It is a travesty that the greatest Nation in the world is shackled by the greed of the oil industry! It's absurd that nations that are and should be given a gadflys notice, have become a greater danger to us than the Soviet Union ever was! To this I say enough, and so should the USA! I think we need to apply the Reagan doctrine of Peace thru strength ! Let us withdraw from the region, but let them never forget or fail to respect our strength. Strength that could be exemplified in our withdrawal from the region.  Peace thru strength. because such bold moves would create the SEA change that is clearly needed in Middle east relations!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Game of Thrones

Lost amid the clamor in Egypt is the fact that the republicans are and have made a continued and concentrated PARTISAN effort to repeal "Obama"care. So much for a new spirit of Bi-partisanship! And as they continue to crow on Rising tide, I mean Fox news, I again must wonder Aloud: When will President Obama see the Political forest for the Political trees? He may, as he is wont to do,stand above the political fray, but the republicans are steadily, and successfully undermining the very foundations on which he is trying to stand! The republicans are running a race right now and this is no Aesops fable, the tortoise will not come thru in the end! This is a game of Thrones, a game of power, a game that the republicans are expert at, and  will stop at nothing to win!  It's long overdue for President Obama to GET INTO THE GAME!!!! The effort to repeal "Obama"care is only one move, of many that the republican party are making! And if the President   doesnt begin to take the game of politics more seriously, his "throne" will be claimed! He cannot continue to allow the republicans to play their game unchallenged. That is how 2010 was lost, and how 2012-13 will be lost! Its time to play the Game President Obama! Because to paraphrase, its how you play that decides whether you win or lose!