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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Handwrting on the wall( CHANGE)

 With it being so apparent  that the handwriting is on the wall regarding the future of the republican party, with Speaker John Boehner remarking about the possible "annillation" of the
republican party, and how it is in danger of being "regulated into the dust bin of history", with this handwriting on the wall being written in proverbial fire, the republicans must finally come to understand that the only thing that can and will prevent their destruction, a destruction that is of their own making, is, for the republican party as a whole, to CHANGE!!!!!!!! Because America has changed as this last election has proved! Diversity has taken over and now holds sway ! Diversity is the future, and when you have effectively alienated nearly all races and cultures by your actions beliefs and policies, you have a serious problem!!!! So, simply put, the face of the Republican party must change! Change in actions, change in policies and change in belief! And yes, as a party, it must begin to reach out! Not only across the aisle in bi-partisanship, but across the nation! The republican party must reach out to hispanics, to african americans ,to women, to gays, to all!!It can no longer afford to be the party of white men, because that is the path to a dead political end! It must become a more socially concious party, sensitive to public concerns and not party mantra! It must do what to this date hasnt done, it must be less rigid and of course, less radically conservative!!! Because THAT has been a disaster for the republican party! The handwriting on the wall is very clear for the republican party, and ,like it or not, the only way for it to avoid the coming political apocalypse is to CHANGE!!!! Change or be destroyed!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The beating of a dead horse( The Benghazi hearing)

SO finally, the republican led congress got their opportunity to flagellate Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi affair and, Led by John Mccain , the republicans wasted no time in jumping in, but as the same old tired rhetoric of"The american people being misled by the Obama Administration" "Leading from behind" and " Susan Rice" It was rapidly apparent to all that, yet again, the republicans were more concerned with politics and partisanship than the real issue!!!! But to her credit, the professionalism and status, and of course,class of Hillary Clinton served to dampen any and all efforts by the republicans to amp up the hysteria once again surrounding this tragedy! This , as the phrase was coined, is a teachable moment. A tragedy we should learn from. This tragedy is a poltical dead horse!And as many at the hearing noted, it was quite sad that Hillary Clintons appearance on capitol hill, was largely used as a political football, as opposed to the honor, and transitional opportunity that it should have been ! This horse is not just beaten, it is mutilated!!!! Ye can and should learn from, and that has far more value than the continued flaggelltion of what t another sad example of misplaced priorities and politically motivated pretenses that continues to gridlock Capitiol hill!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The fight that must be fought( The assualt weapons ban)

As the US Congress prepares to enagage in the debate they dont want it must be understood that this fight, the fight to ban assault weapons in the United States is the fight that must be fought!!!! Too many lives have been lost in America for this cause to not be taken up! And to the fringe republicans and such who, with fear , hysteria, and gutter politics, would trivialize the issue, all i can say is shame!!!! And I wonder if your stance would change if you were one of the parents who buried a child in Newtown? I wonder if your rabble rousing irrationale would remain if you were one of the people in the theatre in Aurora Il. on that fateful night?
 I wonder if your politics would change if it was your son who didnt return home from fighting the good fight,from fighting a fire in Webster NY?!!! Simply put this a fight that must be fought, and this is a fight that must be won, because quite frankly the bllod of all these and many more is squarely on the hands of Congress!!! A congress who lacked the courage to do whats right and  a congress who put politics ahead of the public welfare!!! This is the  fight that must be fought!  A fight for common and pure decency in America!This a fight of truth against lies, of greed vs the public interest! And it is the height of cowardice that far too many in congress are afraid to wage it.! It's time to dispel the smoke and mirrors, the misinformation, and the outright lies!!! Its time to ban assault weapons in America! They are a danger to the public health and welfare and it has been proven time and time again, from Columbine to Newtown!!!! This is THE fight that must be fought on Capitol hill, and for the soul of America, for the perception of America in the eyes of the world, and its citizens, it is a fight that must be won! And shame on the cowards who are afraid to fight it ,and the cowards who are forcing it to be waged!!!! Assault weapons have NO, I repeat , NO value in America!Ad it will not impugn  one persons right if they are banned!!! This is not a fight for rights, this is a fight to save lives! And if you believe otherwise, then you are on the wrong side of things! Right now the eyes of 20 Children are looking at us from heaven, and they are no doubt wondering what the hell is going on???!!! Why there is so much doubt and fear in America, and hesitation to do what must be done, to do what is RIGHT!!!!???? This fight must be fought, in the honor of those children that died too soon, and who didnt have to die, if only congress had the courage to act! So with the blood of these children still fresh in our memories congress, the time has once again come! Do you have the courage to act? DO you?!!! Ban assault weapons in America!!! It's the right thing to do, and well worth the fight!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For the Children!

AS the Obama administration put what is important back out there for the public to consider in regards to Guns and gun violence in America , I can only say AMEN to the effort! Because in the aftermath of the tragedy in Newton, Americans, lost in hatred, racism and hysteria stoked by conservatives and radical republicans, have represented themselves to their fellow citizens and the world poorly! What  was Americans response to the Murder of Children? We buy guns off of the shelves and out of the stores!!! Instead of having a primary concern about saving our children and ending gun violence, our concern is to save GUNS and the gun industry!!! In the aftermath of Newtown, we have seen nothing but UGLY!!! From madmen talking revolution, to the usual fol-de-roll regarding the issues of guns on capitol hill!!! And not one word about the Children!!!!!! People are ready to go to war over guns, but they avoid and shirk the fight for children!? SHAMEFUL!!!
AS this conversation continues and as action is taken, I for one, hope that , in America, on  this issue, we can get our priorites in order!! Its not about Politics, its not about money, its not about TV or radio ratings, Its about the children!!!!And if there is any decency left in this nation we should be able, be we republican or democrats, conservative or liberal, to do what needs to be done to preserve them!!!! For the Children damn you!!!! BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS NOW!!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Political Happy Hour!!!

OK folks, lets belly up to the Political bar for a few belts of political opinion on the issues!
First shot: How does President Obama feel about cleaning up the GIANT mess made by the Bush administration in Afghanistan & Iraq? And how successful would the war on terror had been if we had focused on Afghanistan? Second Shot: The venerable Rep Charles Rangel says President Obama should be"embarassed as hell" about the lack of diversity in his appointments. Very True! But thats our first Black president, and we love him Warts and all!
Third shot: The NRA says that the Meeting held by VP Biden is a attack on the 2nd amendment, well I say that the stance taken By the NRA and far too many in the aftermath of Newtown is pure indecency!!!! when will enough be enough! how many more  kids will have to die before Politics becomes less important than the gun market? Fourth Shot: It is a insult to the northeast region that Congress continues to delay needed Disaster relief to the tri state area! The 16th is fast approaching!A lot faster than aid is arriving in NY & NJ!!!! Fifth Shot: weve just had a presidential election in America and the media is on Overdrive handicapping the next one!! Im sure there are many other issues in America that deserve punditry and endless babble!! give it a rest!!!! Ok, youve reach your limit! Back away from the bar and give me your car keys!!!! :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Demogoguery and hypocracy!

I was amazed over the last weekend at the level of demogougery and hypocracy that was unleashed by republican "leaders" on shows like Meet the Press! I mean how could Sen. Mitch Mcconnell , of all people, get on national television and state that he, and congress, needs President Obama to "lead them on spending cuts" The same Mitch Mcconnell who now imfamously stated to the nation that his only purpose was  to insure that Barrack Obama was a one term president?! This type of demogougery, this type of hypocracy, is the very bedrock of the republican posture on these spending cuts! It's not the public interest that they are concerned with, it is, allways has been, and remains as POLITICAL interest, plain and simple!!!
In order to be lead, you have to follow, but can ANYONE name a instance in the last 5 years where MItch Mcconnell and the Republican senate and house have followed President Obama?
Demogougery and Hypocracy in action!!!!!!! Unbelieveable!!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hurry up and Wait!!!(Hurricane Sandy Aid)

On Oct 30, 2012 Hurricane Sandy vented its full fury on NY, NJ and the tri state area,devastating the metropolitian captiol of the USA with floods and structural damage. Flash forward to Today, Jan 5, 2013. MONTHS later, where ,due to politics, and politics alone, NO money has been appropiated by the US congress to address the situation! The metropolitian capitol of the US, and indeed the world, was crippled by a act of nature! Thousands of Americans homeless and with earned doubt about their future and all the US congress can do is tell them Hurry up and wait!!!!??????  This is a travesty, and as this congress is so keen to call for investigations and hearing and such, why dont they call for hearings into the abysmally slow response time of the US Congress to the needs of the American people in NY & NJ?!!! Where is John Mccain, Kelly Ayotte and their likes on this issue? Or Darrell Issa? How many people have died or suffered irreparable harm due to the US congress essentially telling the Governments and people of NY & NJ to Hurry up and wait?!!!! It is unacceptable that some 3 months after Sandy hit, the US congress is dragging its feet as it pertains to Disaster relief, and this hurry up and wait posture, and the damage that it causes, is definately cause for a congressional hearing and review, and I hope that the congressional delgation of NYS pushes for same!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The re-election of Barrack Obama and race(came far still have far to go!)

AS we, in America, prepare to celebrate the re-election of our nations first president of Color, President Barrack Obama, and as we also in that same time period memorialize One of the greatest Americans Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , We only need reflect on the first four years of the Obama presidency to see , in regards to race in this nation, just how far weve come, and more importantly just how far we need to go!! Because for one shining moment, a moment when a black man was elected to the highest  office in the land, America had finally, in the eyes of some people, moved beyond race! That indeed ,we were in a "Post Racial America"! But as President Obama's first term progressed, oh how wrong was that assumption proven! And as the first president of color endured and suffered every affront and question imaginable, from being called a liar in front of the world ,to having a personal friend assaulted, from having his qualifications and citizenship questioned, doubts in his faith and commitment to his nation, this and so much more, The president solidered, in the spirit of Dr King, ever onward! So, as we prepare  to inaugurate President Barrack Obama to his second term, and as we prepare to memorialize A great American DR Martin  Luther King Jr. WE need only look to the first term in office of the first
President of Color, the first Black President,Barrack Obama, to be reminded that, while we in America have come THAT far in regards to race, we clearly have VERY FAR to go before we reach that promised land that DR King spoke so eloquently about all those years ago!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

American Horror Story(The new Republican Party

It's the typical American Horror Story! Driven by madness, a creation is made. A creation that, contrary to its creators wishes, begins to run amok and wreak havok on everyone, not just who or what it was originally intended to do! The typical American Horror Story, and it has become the Republican Party and Speaker John Boehners living nightmare! The new republicans IE: the tea party, were supposed to be a covert wing for the republicans that would engineer, with their extreme conservatism, a groundswell movement that would give total control of Washington to the republicans, but, just like in the horror movies, this monster had a mind of its own, and that mind didnt and doesnt much agree with its creators or their original intentions!!! So now the republican party is now in great danger, due to a monster of its own making! A monster that has even the most staunch of so- called conservatives living in fear! The new republicans are now the future of the republican party, and that means, to the horror of the the old guard, that there may be no future for them!!!  But while this development may be great for the future of democratic politics, this republican monster presents a great danger to the nation as a whole, because when debts cant get paid, when emergency appropiations cant be made, it is clear that it is time for , just like in the horror movies, the villagers to rise up and destroy the monster!!! And bring a happy ending to this American horror story that the new republicans, the tea partiers of capitol hill are starring in!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Last days of the Republican Party

With the resounding defeat in Nov. The embarassment of the fiscal cliff, and now the shame of the Hurriace Sandy backlash, it should be readily apparent to even the most layman of politcos that we are witnessing the last days of the republican party in power on capitol hill! And that reason is all too clear! For the last five years the republicans embarked on a strategy, a political startegy, they went for all the marbles, forsaking everything in the quest for total power in America, and it failed! But that aside, and more importantly, that failure didnt sink in! The republicans continue to think and believe somehow that they are in control, that they lead this nation and this denial of reality has led to bad decision after bad decision!  And the lowest regard that politicans have ever been held in!The republican party led, or should we say MISLED by the House majority is on the brink of political illrelevance, and ,with the mid term elections of 2014 looming, they are on the brink of destruction! The last days of the Republican party, like the last days of Pompeii, because, due to republican denial, and republican hubris, a Mount Vesuvius of public opinion is about to erupt, a unnatural disaster of their own making!!!!