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Friday, January 4, 2013

The re-election of Barrack Obama and race(came far still have far to go!)

AS we, in America, prepare to celebrate the re-election of our nations first president of Color, President Barrack Obama, and as we also in that same time period memorialize One of the greatest Americans Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , We only need reflect on the first four years of the Obama presidency to see , in regards to race in this nation, just how far weve come, and more importantly just how far we need to go!! Because for one shining moment, a moment when a black man was elected to the highest  office in the land, America had finally, in the eyes of some people, moved beyond race! That indeed ,we were in a "Post Racial America"! But as President Obama's first term progressed, oh how wrong was that assumption proven! And as the first president of color endured and suffered every affront and question imaginable, from being called a liar in front of the world ,to having a personal friend assaulted, from having his qualifications and citizenship questioned, doubts in his faith and commitment to his nation, this and so much more, The president solidered, in the spirit of Dr King, ever onward! So, as we prepare  to inaugurate President Barrack Obama to his second term, and as we prepare to memorialize A great American DR Martin  Luther King Jr. WE need only look to the first term in office of the first
President of Color, the first Black President,Barrack Obama, to be reminded that, while we in America have come THAT far in regards to race, we clearly have VERY FAR to go before we reach that promised land that DR King spoke so eloquently about all those years ago!!!

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