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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The beating of a dead horse( The Benghazi hearing)

SO finally, the republican led congress got their opportunity to flagellate Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi affair and, Led by John Mccain , the republicans wasted no time in jumping in, but as the same old tired rhetoric of"The american people being misled by the Obama Administration" "Leading from behind" and " Susan Rice" It was rapidly apparent to all that, yet again, the republicans were more concerned with politics and partisanship than the real issue!!!! But to her credit, the professionalism and status, and of course,class of Hillary Clinton served to dampen any and all efforts by the republicans to amp up the hysteria once again surrounding this tragedy! This , as the phrase was coined, is a teachable moment. A tragedy we should learn from. This tragedy is a poltical dead horse!And as many at the hearing noted, it was quite sad that Hillary Clintons appearance on capitol hill, was largely used as a political football, as opposed to the honor, and transitional opportunity that it should have been ! This horse is not just beaten, it is mutilated!!!! Ye can and should learn from, and that has far more value than the continued flaggelltion of what t another sad example of misplaced priorities and politically motivated pretenses that continues to gridlock Capitiol hill!!!

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