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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Handwrting on the wall( CHANGE)

 With it being so apparent  that the handwriting is on the wall regarding the future of the republican party, with Speaker John Boehner remarking about the possible "annillation" of the
republican party, and how it is in danger of being "regulated into the dust bin of history", with this handwriting on the wall being written in proverbial fire, the republicans must finally come to understand that the only thing that can and will prevent their destruction, a destruction that is of their own making, is, for the republican party as a whole, to CHANGE!!!!!!!! Because America has changed as this last election has proved! Diversity has taken over and now holds sway ! Diversity is the future, and when you have effectively alienated nearly all races and cultures by your actions beliefs and policies, you have a serious problem!!!! So, simply put, the face of the Republican party must change! Change in actions, change in policies and change in belief! And yes, as a party, it must begin to reach out! Not only across the aisle in bi-partisanship, but across the nation! The republican party must reach out to hispanics, to african americans ,to women, to gays, to all!!It can no longer afford to be the party of white men, because that is the path to a dead political end! It must become a more socially concious party, sensitive to public concerns and not party mantra! It must do what to this date hasnt done, it must be less rigid and of course, less radically conservative!!! Because THAT has been a disaster for the republican party! The handwriting on the wall is very clear for the republican party, and ,like it or not, the only way for it to avoid the coming political apocalypse is to CHANGE!!!! Change or be destroyed!!!

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