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Friday, January 11, 2013

Political Happy Hour!!!

OK folks, lets belly up to the Political bar for a few belts of political opinion on the issues!
First shot: How does President Obama feel about cleaning up the GIANT mess made by the Bush administration in Afghanistan & Iraq? And how successful would the war on terror had been if we had focused on Afghanistan? Second Shot: The venerable Rep Charles Rangel says President Obama should be"embarassed as hell" about the lack of diversity in his appointments. Very True! But thats our first Black president, and we love him Warts and all!
Third shot: The NRA says that the Meeting held by VP Biden is a attack on the 2nd amendment, well I say that the stance taken By the NRA and far too many in the aftermath of Newtown is pure indecency!!!! when will enough be enough! how many more  kids will have to die before Politics becomes less important than the gun market? Fourth Shot: It is a insult to the northeast region that Congress continues to delay needed Disaster relief to the tri state area! The 16th is fast approaching!A lot faster than aid is arriving in NY & NJ!!!! Fifth Shot: weve just had a presidential election in America and the media is on Overdrive handicapping the next one!! Im sure there are many other issues in America that deserve punditry and endless babble!! give it a rest!!!! Ok, youve reach your limit! Back away from the bar and give me your car keys!!!! :)

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