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Monday, November 29, 2010

How to train your madman and other political pot luck!

As the world dances to the strings pulled by another Long time madman Kim jong Il, it seems that the world is at a loss for how to deal with him and his madness once and for all! Noone wants war, a huge war(except for of course the madman himself) But what other option is he giving the world? I could see the anguish in the South Koreans presidents eyes as I watched him speak. He knows that his options are severly limited.So ,what is to be done? Simply put its time to get tough! Tough with north klorea, and  tough with the country that facilitates and shields N Korea, China!To be frank China has gotten too big for its britches and that bad attitude is clearly of the United States's making! As the saying goes its time  for the USA to remind China of where its bread is buttered, and let that trickle down to North Korea! Its time to turn the tables here! let's  limit access to US markets at least temporarily, to show China we are serious about their actions, and by proxy North Koreas actions and turn up the diplomatic pressure as well! Enough is enough its time to rein in and train the madman!! North korea is the little guy talking tough with the Big guy backing his play, but once the big guy is taken down, the little guy will fall silent like the coward he is! So lets get tough USA enough is enough!

As for Wikileaks
 this scandal will be easily handled by Sec. clinton, but the damage has been done1 I hope the Dept of State goes after Wikileaks and puts them out of buisness! We dont need a national enquirer when it comes to global politics! It's irresponsible and dangerous, especially in this time and day! Shut down wikileaks!

And lastly on the coming deficit debate. today pay was frozen for everyday americans working for a living, but yet it is impossible for those who can afford it to pay more taxes? I guess that is what republicans call shared sacrifice! and what the tea party calls reiing in spending eh? Go figure!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A line in the sand

One of former President  GHW Bush's greatest legacy was some of his iconic contributions to the american lexicon of phrases '"read my lips, no new taxes" "This will not stand" and other such catchy phrases. But His greatest staement was of course "a line in the sand" refering to dealing with Iraq and Saddam Hussein and that is a phrase that Current President Barrack Obama needs to take to heart as he deals later this week with the new republican congress on issues such as taxes and unemployment among other things! Obama must draw his legislative line in the sand, and like Bush before him, be resolved behind it! Because to be frank the more he gives the more the republicans will take! And every bit of political ground that President Obama relinquishes will become another brick in the political Foundation the republicans are building for 2013! though Obama seems to be loathe to do it, he must FIGHT!!! America cannot afford compromise toward the republican agenda. America cannot afford weakness against the republican agenda. Obama must draw a line in the sand and then he must defend it! Because the alternative, compromise,well we've allready seen where that has lead us IE: watered down health care, double digit unemployment, and a political landslide!
A line in the sand was a legacy moment for former President GHW Bush, and his resolve on that is something for which he will be forever remembered. And this upcoming legislative session will be a legacy moment for President Obama, will he continue to cave/"compromise" to republican interests or will he draw a line in the sand? Because to be frank the rest of his presidency may depend on this decision!

And as far as the Korean situation goes, this dance has gone on too long. WE need to get tougher with China the facilitator of this, and limiting access to american markets would be the best way to do it. The decreasing of this revenue stream would do china greater damage than anything, and it would serve to remind them of the power that America holds. Its time that China pulls the strings on its puppet, North Korea, and its time that we tighten up on China, which does so little for but gains so much from America!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Straight Talk on Korea and WikiLeaks

Ok, as the saber rattling intesifies in Korea, it must be understood, particulalrly by the South Koreans who , and rightly so, are seeking some form of retribution for the North's continuing madness against them, that each and every step towards confrontation and conflict in the region is a victory for North Korea plain and simple! North korea has only one option, only one card in its hand to play, and that is the card of war against its neighbor! And with such a weak hand , and even more importantly, with you knowing what they have in their hand ,why would you play to it! The strength of the North koreans is withering on the vine, and soon even their long time ally China will have to rebuke them, beacuse the playing of the war card is not in China's interest as well! North korea is like a drowning man. Failing about wildly, looking to drag anyone it can down with it. So I say to South Korea and to everyone involved in this situation, let North Korea fall! For them its very simple: change or die! But you will not drag anyone down into the pit with you! Let them remain isolated, sanctioned, and embargoed, let them remain alone, pulling ever harder on china's  coattails until they simply become more trouble than they are worth!(and that day is fast coming) And when even China comes to the realization that North korea must change or die, as China did, we will see a final end to the madness and a lasting peace and prosperity for all in the region! As the saying goes and as North korea must realize: one monkey dont stop the show, and the world will go on with or without North korea plain and simple!

And now on to the Wikileaks situation. Sensationalism and tabloidism for tabloidisms sake serves no purpose, and when it endangers global diplomacy and global policies, it must be decried! Those who leak such sensitive information in the interest of sensationalism and tabloidism and that interest only are nothing more than terrorists themselves! And they should be treated as such! The criminality of such actions knows no bounds, and with that being clear, those who leak such information for no better interests than sensationalism and tabloidism must be held accountable! The US Dept of State needs to put on the fast track actions that will lead to the swift procecution of any and all invovled in said leaks, and stringent penalties need to be applied so those who would "wikileak" understand that there is a price to pay for such irresponsibility of action on a global scale!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What to be thankful for in America.

Ok, as we celebrate Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Holiday season in earnest, I think that given the times, the politics, and the controversies at hand before us, We, as Americans, need to truly examine just what we need to be thankful for this Hioliday season in America. Firstly: We need to be thankful for the legislative action that led to the saving of the economic structure of America! Can you imagine what this Holiday would have been like for America if the banks had been allowed to fail? If   wall street had been allowed to collapse? Can you say depression America? There was a lot of political bluster about it, but if you can find anyone who was alive during that sad period of American history, Im sure they will tell you they were glad it wasnt repeated! We in America should also be very thankful that Tarp also saved the Auto industry in America. For as the holidays approach, there are many a auto family who still have means to live! There is a current unemployment crisis in America, but how much worse could and would it have been if not for the government stepping in? Though it was successfully painted by the republican party as a bad thing, ask any family whose  job, whose livelihood was saved, and Im sure they'll tell you different! From the auto makers down to those who purchase autos, the bailing out of the auto industry is something we in America should be very thankful for this holiday season! We should also be very thankful for the stimulus program, another postive legislative measure that was painted negatively for political purposes.   If there was no stimulus, How many americans thanskgiving tomorrow would be a sad one? The stimulus, Politics aside, was a Jobs bill, and I can think of no better example of a gov stepping up and serving the people than that. So that is something else we in america should be very thankful for this Holiday season! Another thing we can be thankful for this holiday season is pat downs at the airport, because without such security, lives could and would be lost! Can you say Lockerbie? how about 9/11/01? I think a little momentary insecurity is a good tradeoff for total safety and security as you travel to your destination( and on a side note, A mere 2 years ago such talk would have been deemed unamerican! Such a proposal as the one for protesting this policy would have been unthinkable during the Bush years!!) So, stupidity aside, we should be very thankful in america for those who are doing what must be done to keep us safe! And to that end, most importantly of all, we should all be thankful for the young men and women who are fighting and standing ever vigilant worldwide,our soliders, because without them there would be no thanksgiving! Indeed without them there would not be a America! So when you enjoy your thanksgivng celebration america, be very thankful. Because to be frank, if it were not for all that I  have cited, and more that I havent It could and would be a lot worse here in America!

Happy Thanksgivng to you all!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Korean Craziness and Palin for President????!!!!!!

As the latest installment in a portfolio of craziness unfolds on the korean peninsula, the world is forced to turn their eyes and give attention to the immature petulance of a nation in agony! North korea, due to the leadership of a man out of touch, under the guidance of doctrines and a philosophy(communism) that has been a proven failure, has created for itself a no win situation! They have created, at the expense of its people  and the growth of its nation, a military regime. But what is a army with noone to fight? And what place does a million man army have in the era of smart bombs, drone planes and other such technological innovations? Simply put, North korea is in its death throes, with a failed leadership desparately trying to remain relevant. And as Kim  jong il heads (swiftly we can only hope) toward his demise, it is clear that despite all of the petulance, despite all of the madness, change will come to north korea. A change that will sweep away all of the madness that the North Korean people have been subjected to over the decades! Out of touch and rapidly running out of time, THAT is what all of the tirades and tantrums thrown by North korea are all about.Because for all of accumulated OUTDATED military might, North korea cannot even feed its own people, it cannot even sustain its own economy. North Korea to be frank is a joke, a nation perhaps the only nation on earth still operating in the 60s instead  of the year 2010, soon to be 2011. And to be frank it is to be pitied, not hated, and certainly not feared! True  South korea has to bear the brunt of North koreas childish petulance, but its a light burden. North Korea is in a box, and no matter what they do, until they move into the modern era and realize that such tactics will avail them nothing, we must not give them any way out of that box. Which is what they are seeking here. I must imagine that wanting a fight and not getting it is a special kind of hell for the North koreans and to be frank we need to do eveything to keep them in it. I look forward to Kim Jong il someday turning over in his grave when North and South Korea finally reunite In peace and harmony, when the Obstacle that he is is finally removed by the huighest power of all!

Now to another pressing issue  the question whether or not Sarah Palin should run for president?  And to answer that question I say why not, it is America after all and she is a former Gov. I think the problem that is had with the concept is more a republican problem than anyone elses, becauser depsite all that she has done since the failed run  of 2008, the party elite doesnt support her or believe in her, but while they seem to turn a blind eye to her public success, the look oh so lovingl on proven losers like Mike huckabee, and Mitt Romney, or to a falsae hope that someone can emerge like a chris christie , anyone but sarah Palin. and that from a political perspective is a bad i dea. I think the republican party would be better served being with Sarah that being against her, she is a force now, fully charged with the media spotlight and a charge like that doesnt fade take it from me and she will make quite the run, but it will be to the detriment of the republican party if they continue as they have done in denigrating her chances. to be frank barring a major faux pas By Sarah Palin IE: cutting her hair, she is going to look very good out there on the campaign trail against Romney ,Huckabee and all the rest!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Autobots vs Decepticons

AS battlelines are swiftly being drawn on capitol hill, and as eyes are cast forward to 2012, the continuing war between the Autobots and Decepticons that is the struggle for political power on capitol Hill is one that must be fcoused on and attended to Particulalry By Preisdent Obama and the national democrats. The republicans while they are deceptive in their means, rousing rabble and catering to the base instincts of their consituency, are not deceptive and never have tried to be when it comes to their Ultimate goal: Total conquest of congress and the white house! Total power and control, and they dont care who they have to eliminate to get it. And then we have the democrats, who, in their efforts to be noble and above the fray have failed to realize, unlike their autobot Avatars for want of a better term, that sometimes you have to FIGHT for what is right! And as this war continues and the autobots, I mean democrats are pushed to the brink by the decepticons, i mean republicans the democrats, from Barrack Obama on down are going to have to make a choice, and they are going to make to make it sooner rather than later!Either they are going to have to fight or they are going to have to flee! Because the republicans are coming for the whole she-bang make no mistake about it! So simply put Democrats Let's roll!!!!!!!!

And a word about the rangel situation: words cannot express the shame I feel about how this matter was handled, I only take solace in the fact that Mr. rangel, a congressional Icon if ever there was from Is from NY where we take care of and Love unconditionally our own ! Do Not hang your head in shame mr. rangel, but take pride in the years of service to this nation and your consituency. who as they proved in the last election know and respect the real U!!!!

Also just in case U didnt know people the republicans are fighting for Tax cuts for the rich while denying unemeployment benefits for the poor.  Yep thats what they mean when they say take back the country and less big government. If youre poor and unemployed, youre on your own!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pelosi,Rangel, and the new political reality

The Rangel situation and the Pelosi re-affirmation are just two signs of a new political reality that has come to dawn in the wake of the Nov. election.  Because what but a new political reality could have expedited the Rangel "trial"(and I use that world loosely) in such a manner? Clearly it was matter of Political fear than anything else that has denied the long time Political cornerstone his right to due process and a fair trial. This casual shoving aside of Congressman Rangel is clearly a Knee jerk reaction to the new political reality that is taking shape on capitol hill. But a greater sign of significance as it regards to that new reality is the re-affirmation of Nancy Pelosi as Democratic leader in the House. For while she is widely seen as the reason for the landslide election of house republicans and tea partiers a couple of weeks back, her re-election as democratic leader shows the true nature of the republican victory. It is a tenuous grip on Power that is had by the new house republican/tea party alliance, and it is a VERY fragile new political reality. A reality where someone Like leader Pelosi could engineer one of the greatest Political comebacks in recent memory. Because the new political reality, forged in rhetoric and rabble , is filled with pitfalls. And what was for the republicans, a thrilling victory could easily turn to a agonizing  defeat in 2012.  Reality. Political  reality. And the Rangel situation and the Pelosi re-election are weathervanes to what is to come. Challenge and crisis.

Monday, November 15, 2010

what if the repubs get it right?

OK we all know that with their penchant for robbing for the rich and taking from the poor, the republicans have a snowballs chance in hell of holding on to the hosue for more than 2 years, especially given the dire economic straights of the nation, and their historically tin ear towards all that comes with economic challenge. But what, I ask all, if the republicans got it right? What if they saw the light and realized that Obama is right on ending the tax cuts for those who are making over a QUARTER MILLION  a year? What if the republicans woke up and decided instead of fighting to repeal Obama care, amended it to include a public option, creating millions of jobs and health care for all? What if the republicans supported a new and larger targeted stimulus with the point of creating jobs for the American public while the job market still lags. What if the republicans fought for the unemployed instead of against them ? Yes what if the republicans finally got a grip and saw that Gov is supposed to be there for the people in times like these? What indeed would happen if the republican party finally got it right? That is something we probably will never know!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Uppity negrow syndrome(and other political thoughts)

Are the republicans and their media giving Obama the "uppitty Negrow" treatment? The answer is: You damn well bet they are! From Sean Hannity on Fox daily calling the president "the anointed one" to the many other repubican commentators and such IE: Michelle Malkin, S.E. Cupp, Glenn Beck, it is clear that once again In America, a negrow has gotten too "uppitty" and needed to be "humbled" Why oh why is it in America that whenever A black man raises the bar, and raises his profile it allways and i mean allways comes to this?! Obama, Tiger, from the Minute they excel to "that"level, the next thing that happens is Operation "Humble the uppity negrow"!! In 2006 we were all about how it was the beginning of a "post racial" america. But clearly, with this clear and vicious attempt by the republican party to somehow put the  president in his place, I mean come on, Oreilly has him on the cover of his book under the sign of Pinhead! The president mind you! It is clear that it was way too early to "anoit" these times with that moniker!!!Post racial? Give me a break!

Speaking of presidents, its nice to see G.W. Bush gaining a measure of respect and good will on his book tour from the people. I am of the mind that Bush and his presidency, like his father before him, was as much a victim of out of control republican politics as was America itself. He was swept along by the wave of his s time along with everyone else. And while that wave lead to many bad decisions being made,   EVERYONE made them, republican and democrat, Not just President Bush II. Its good too see that the darkness of that time and the politics of same didnt take his smile and his sense of Humor. I for one, do hope that history shines on GW Bush with a kind light.

And lastly on the G2  summit  and the economy as a whole.
Again, while the president is to be commended for trying to assemble a coalition of the willing, the true face of Americas economic woes stood revealed at the G2 summit. Noone wants to play fair with america, noone wants to be  on a level playing field. Simply put America, whether the world likes it or not ,is going to have to play economic, and monetary hard ball. We can no longer afford to be the cash cow of the world. And if they feel they can prosper without the american market then let them. If we dont take a stand now, we will certainly fall economically later!   We need to protect our market, demand greater and fairer access to theirs and if they dont like it, we have to stand up and say, to hell with you!!! To quote a phrase Fair is fair!!! And if they dont want to play fair, then we should take our markets and go home!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The worlds greatest superheroes(the American soldier)

As we honor and remember our american vets today, I beleive that the world needs to join in with us as we honor those who, in my eyes, are the wolrds greatest superheroes! And No, Im not talking about Superman or Batman, or Spiderman or Wolverine. Im talking about the American soldier, those who serve or who have served in our armed forces. Because when the world, not just America is in trouble, they come running. And whether its standing up against tyranny, or stepping up to fight poverty the american soldier is there. How many nations have changed for the better due to the efforts of the American soldier? How many lives have been saved?How many disasters have been averted? No other serviceman on the planet can lay claim to such
a resume of service.  And we in America should be very proud of that! The american soldier are the worlds greeatest superheroes in every sense of the word, and they need to be honored everyday, not just twice a year(veterans day & memorial day) and the world , not just America needs to pay them all due homage!

Happy Veterans day American soldiers!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is Obama a island?

They say No man is a island, but given the results of this past week, President Obama just may become one. Im sure he is feeling twinges of isolation as his Far east trip ends, and it will no doubt be reinforced when he returns to America to face a re-energized and chomping at the Bit republican party! But if Obama is a island, the democrats better start realizing that it is a island that they live on! Abandoning it wont work IE: this past election day, Gore leaving Clinton island in 2000, and the republicans drowning in the sea in droves, in 2006 leaving Bushland! Obama and his policies may now be a island, but the waters around the island is what needs to be concerned with by all democrats, not the ground that they,like it or not stand upon! Ground is ground,  and in a war such as this, it is the army that HOLDS the ground that wins the war. SO welcome to Obama Island Democrats, Either stand and fight or face certain destruction in the seas, republican seas that surround you! And i guarantee you YOU WILL  be destroyed if you take to the sea where the republican sharks are waiting!!! SO democrats better start Kissing the ground they walk on because if they dont------!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


With the president a world away, and with the republican mess waiting for him when he returns we have simple a bit of political fol de rol to discuss while we wait for the war to begin! (and No the first lady touching the Indos hands is not a international  incident, shes a black woman thats what they do!!) As far as the Tax cut issue goes as I aid Fol De  rol, this is a war the republicans will fight and lose BUT only if the dems fight hard to make the public understand that this is a tax cut for them, not the rich! Here's a slogan  the dems can recycle It's the rich stupid!!! AS far as the ending of the unemployment extension goes, again republican FOL DE  ROL! the first President Bush faced the same choice and the radicalism advocated by  the gingrich led republicans of that time led to him losing the white house and the gingrich republicans being thrown out on their ear! But hey lets talk about taking food from babies mouths in this time of record unemployment go ahead republicans Make -My -day! and lastly on the repealing of "Obama" care somehow I dont think this will be the continued cover issue that the republicans hope for, the Tea party has shot its wad, there will be no way the republicans can focus on this issue with the economy being foremost in the minds of the public at large(unless of course the Obama administration backpedals into that again) So what we have is more FOL DE ROL! THe republicans did a masterful job of pulling the wool over the eyes of the american public, a masterful job of fol del rol! but will it succeed? I say to that fol de  rol!! Because that is exactly what it is!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Marquis of Queensbury rules?

I wonder if President Obama has learned that the repuplicans arent going to play by the political Marquis of Queensbury rules when it comes to his seat? Because if he hasnt learned that, then  he better get up to speed real fast! To the repub licans, the devastation of tuesday night is only a job half done! They want it all and they will do anything to get it! So Marquis of Queensbury, reaching across the aisle and all that, to quote Sarah Palin, How's that working for you? This is MMA, dirty Boxing plain and simple, and the president Better start getting down and dirty and fast! Or 2013 for the democrats is going to be even worse that 2010!!!

As far as Nancy Pelosi keeping her post. I think that she should step down. The dems need a new beginning after this electorial debacle and Mrs Pelosi, accomplished politician that she is, would only serve as a reminder and lighting rod for the republicans and their media! Paging Chuck Schumer! He is the kind of fighter that is needed in the war zone that the house will be in 2011-2012.

And lastly on Sarah Palin.
It is so interesting that while the republican party reaped all the benefits from the efforts of the Tea party, and their Beloved Sarah Palin, they worked overtime to insure that she got none of the credit!Sarah Palin single handledly steered the republican party thru choppy seas, you'd think the least they could do is honor and acknowledge that. But like a horny teen on prom night they(the republicans) have done and will do anything to get what they want and where they want. And they dont care who they use or what they do to get there! So as Sarah begins to contemplate 2012, she will have to decide if the reward for loyalty has been enough to remain loyal, or will she be better off on her own? Decisions Sarah, decisions!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rhetoric vs reality redux!

Now that the republicans have successfully resurged in congress and in American Politics, it will be interesting to see how they reconcile the rhetoric of the last 2 years with the social realities that have taken hold in America. The republicans did a masterful job of domininating the media with their message, and given the non-existant response from the democrats, its a small wonder that all of congress didnt fall into their hands.But now that the politicking is over, the hard realities have come to bear, and true to their nature the republicans are quickly putting those reality to a back seat in favor of===MORE rhetoric and politics!!  One day in and they are stating that their main goal is to"dump obama" What about unemployment? How are they going to reconcile denying unemployment benefits to the long term unemployed with cutting taxes for the rich? How are they going to reconcile stopping the stimulus and cutting gov JOBS with deregulating Buisness?How are the republicans going to be, well republicans, without quickly, as in 2 years quickly, putting themselves back into the pickle that they were in prior to this election? As I have said many times on this blog, its all comes down to rhetoric giving way to reality, and for the republicans  soon VERY soon,there will be no further avoiding of that! There is work to be done, and politics will soon get very old and you can trust me on that!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

election 2010 aftermath (into the shark tank!)

In the aftermath of election 2010 it is clear that the democrats have, instead of jumping the shark,   went directly into the shark tank with the massive national defeat of last evening in America. And with Obama now officially becoming shark bait, we only have to wait to see how long before the republican feeding frenzy begins! The results of last evenings election was a hard learned lesson in Bi-partisanship for the Obama administration, and a harder learned lesson  about the nature of Politics for President Obama. The republicans arent interested in Bi-partisanship or cooperation, only power and control! It boggles my mind in the wake of this debacle, that from day one, when Rush Limbaugh came out and told him that he wanted him to fail that he didnt take it seriously! But he didnt, and the republicans did what they said they would do, they made him fail! And now that he has fallen and fallen quite hard, it will be for President Obama to assemble political experts and strategists to help him deal with the political shark tank that he is now floating in. Because make no mistake the next goal of the republican party is 2012 and the presidency. There will be no talk of Bi-partisanship, no hands reached across the aisle. As the cover comes off of the tea party and republicanism is advanced it will be up to President Obama to do everything he can to not end up dinner, because after last evenings debacle, he is definately on the menu!

Monday, November 1, 2010


What if the republicans do get back control of congress tomorrow? If they do how do you think that will affect NYS? Given the history of republicans in washington treating NY with disdain, I would think not that well! NY has borne the brunt of this recession   with very little assistance from Washington and if the republicans take control, you can be assured that even less assistance will come from DC. If the republicans take control of Congress do you think they will work in a bi-partisan fahsion? Well since they havent done it as the minority Im highly doubtfull they will do it as a majority! If the republicans take back congress will they truly pursue a agenda that puts jobs first, or will they pursue the same  old mantras of dereg, and tax cuts. more than likely again given their history! and if the the republicans take back congress will this lead to a schism in the democratic party against President Obama leading to primary challenges for him in 2012(if indeed he decides to run again)? the answer to that, again given history is decidedly YES! The sad fact of the matter is that a party that was D.O.A. is looking to rise from the grave tomorrow night in America as a even bigger horror than it was in 2008, and that is a sad thing. Sad for this nation and sadder for all the people who truly believed and hoped that change had come to America. For while the democrats basked in the sun, the republicans worked in the arcane darkness to bring us from the brightest of days to the blackest of nights, and that is what tomorrow night is looming to be in America!