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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The worlds greatest superheroes(the American soldier)

As we honor and remember our american vets today, I beleive that the world needs to join in with us as we honor those who, in my eyes, are the wolrds greatest superheroes! And No, Im not talking about Superman or Batman, or Spiderman or Wolverine. Im talking about the American soldier, those who serve or who have served in our armed forces. Because when the world, not just America is in trouble, they come running. And whether its standing up against tyranny, or stepping up to fight poverty the american soldier is there. How many nations have changed for the better due to the efforts of the American soldier? How many lives have been saved?How many disasters have been averted? No other serviceman on the planet can lay claim to such
a resume of service.  And we in America should be very proud of that! The american soldier are the worlds greeatest superheroes in every sense of the word, and they need to be honored everyday, not just twice a year(veterans day & memorial day) and the world , not just America needs to pay them all due homage!

Happy Veterans day American soldiers!!!!

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