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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

From Sugar to Sh-t!!! The long fall of the Obama Democrats

It was 2009 and Barrack Obama had just made history, he was president and the Democrats had stunningly took control of BOTH  houses of Congress!!! Hope and change was in every heart and on every mind, but as we now, in 2014, hit nearly rock bottom with the republican victory of 2014  we have to wonder, how did the Obama democrats go from the sweet spot, TOTAL control of capitol hill in 2009, from Sugar, to the Sh-tter, the toliet that they are now in afer election 2014!!! Its quite simple, the courage of their convictions is lacking and has been lacking for years!!! You see courage isnt about compromise, courage isnt about bi-partisanship, courage is about standing up, standing strong and standing tall!!!  What democrat in the last 8 years of Obama has shown that? Be it Allison Lundgren Grimes Squandering a golden opportunity by refusing to stand up and stand by Obama or President Obama himself and the continual harping on "working" with the republicans, its clear that the lack of courage in democratic conviction was not and has not been perceived!!! And the sad fact is that in going from sugar to sh-t as the Obama democrats have done, they have completely failed those who truly believed in the hope and  change that was there for the taking in 2009!!!! This decent into political darkness has taken not only the democratic party into dangerous waters, but it has taken the poor and minorites with them!!!! Immigration, social services you name it, all has been lost or is in grave danger due to the complete ineptitiude, the complete lack of a message or strategy, the complete lack of conviction shown by the Obama democrats over the last 6 years!!! And while blame may try to be placed on the candidates , it is more about the message than the messenger, and as a party the Democrats have not had a message and they continue to lack a message!From Sugar to Sh-t in just six years!!!! And after the long fall of the Bush years!!! Simply put the Obama democrats may be the worst democrats EVER!!!!!!! And that is a legacy Im sure President Obama doesnt want to be linked to!!!!