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Friday, August 31, 2012

RNC day 3 Final review and analysis

As the RNC came to a close, it can be said that they made a successful launch into political space! The final night of the Republican convention was a success. Mitt Romney got a appropiate sendoff, but clearly, the highlight of the evening was Clint Eastwood! Because he, more than any candidate or politician who took the podium at the RNC this past few days, exemplified the REAL republican! Indeed he was as close to a republican dream candidate as you can get! His minutes conversing with "invisible Obama" were highly entertaining, and while pundits and so called political experts were pooh-poohing it, the republican base were eating it up like the political candy that it was!!! I wouldnt be surprised to see either Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan or republicans running for office reprising that bit on the campaign trail! That aside, the RNC  and the acceptance speech was, for Mitt Romney, yet another hurdle that he has cleared cleanly.And now, for him and his dreams of the presidency, only two hurdles remain to be cleared! The debates with President Obama and the ballotting itself! But they are the two biggest hurdles of all! Does Mitt have the "legs' left to finish this long race strongly? The next 66 days will tell the tale!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The RNC day 2 review

It is sad that in the face of henious racism at the RNC, a Black woman may have saved the Presidential hopes of the G.O.P.! Condolezza Rice extended her VERY long Coattail and the entire republican party latched on to it! Pulling a convention that was tettering on the brink back onto solid ground! Last night the republican political rocket launched, and it was due to Condoleeza Rice providing the rocket fuel! She set it up and Paul Ryan knocked it down!But the story from last evening was clearly Dr. Rice because, to quote her phrase,"she could be president of the USA if she wanted to be" a bold statement made by a person of color at a convention where racism has raised its cowardly ugly head! That aside ,with Dr Rice having set the stage, it now falls to Mitt Romney to bring it all home this evening! Tonight is the most important speech of Mitts political life! Tonight is the night that his dreams are finally realized or once again deferred! Its Mitt and America tonight, and yes Mitt the nation will be watching! Final review tomorrow folks, see you then!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The RNC Day 1 review

Clearly the RNC has been blunted by the onslaught of Hurricane Issac, because while Issac brought the thunder, the opening speakers of the RNC didnt! Ann Romney proved ,beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she is a beautiful person and a very nice lady, but her speech didnt deliver the political goods that Mitt desparately needs! And Gov Chris Christie, he of the bombastic personality, failed to generate the thunderation that is clearly needed to lift off the Romney Ryan rocket!The story of day 1 of the convention, indeed the differance maker in the entire convention, may indeed be Hurricane Issac! For while it's proving to be a curse to Americans living on the gulf coast, it is becoming a gift from heaven for the democrats!

Tonight will be two major speeches, one from the fabulous Condoleeza Rice, and one from the Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan , and all eyes will indeed be upon Ryan, who must disprove himself as a lightning rod for criticism tonight! But I think that it is clear that Mitt Romney must, on Thursday evening, shoulder the republican party and the hopes and dreams of same, and deliver a Reaganesque , "shining city on a hill" speech, Or have a George H.W.Bush "thousands points of light "moment! Something that will give his candidacy the launch it needs. More tomorrow folks, I'll be watching tonight, as you all should be!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Hurricanes!

AS Hurricance Issac makes its presence felt, putting the carefully orchestrated Republican National Convention in serious jepoardy, It must be understood that it is not one,but TWO hurricances that are of issue and of concerning effect in Tampa Fl for next week! One of course Is Issac, because if the convention is delayed it will have a substantial blunting effect for the republicans, and right now the Romney ticket needs all the big "Mo"(momentum) it can get!
But more importantly is the hurricane of rhetoric that will spill forth from Tampa next week! As the republicans convene, and as all of their leadership and political figures coalesce, we, and all America will watch and wonder: Will this be a wave that Mitt Romney can ride to the presidency, or will it be a torrent of extreme statments and policy that will, like a true hurricane, wash his hopes and dreams of the presidency away? Two Hurricanes! One filled with natures fury, the other
filled with unchecked rhetoric! Which one, I wonder , is Mitt Romney more concerned with?
Because both will have lasting after effects in America!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Speak now or forever hold thy peace!

As the presidential race heads into the red zone, the time has come, particularly for the Obama Campaign, to speak now or forever hold its peace as it pertains to its second term ambitions! One of the things that has pariticularly galled me in this re-election effort, is the deafening silence by the Obama campaign regarding Congress and the record of same! Because given the record of congress, particularly in comparision to the record of the Obama administration, it is a gong that should be relentlessly banged! If I was a strategist for the Obama campaign, I would say to, lets say Stephanie Cutter(she's cute)  that the president should be saying things like "They say i cant run on my record, but lets look at my record in comparison to congress! They tried to criticize me for deficit spending. I enacted a stimulus that saved america from recession, congress gave us a war that was unnecessary and a war that i didnt support! I enacted legislation that saved the auto industry and resotred them to global prominence, congress was willing to let them die! I created health care for all americans, congress fought for tax cuts for the rich! And they say i cant run on my record?! For the past four years while Ive put forward legislation like the American jobs act, congress one and only stated purpose has been to make me a one term president, to make me fail
they say I cant run on my record well I say to the republicans can you run on yours!!!" This is what I would have the president state from the podium in North Carolina later this month! And is something that should have been , and should be part of the debate as this election comes to a end! because there is no tomorrow, there is no time to wait, the time is now to speak or forever hold thy peace! Because with congress being the main problem, they should be part of the solution! Can you run on your record mr. president? YES YOU CAN!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Romneys Night Out!

AS Mitt Romney prepares for his big night out in Tampa Fla. next week he has finally reached the top of the Republican Mountain! And as he prepares to reach for the brass ring, the presidency of the United States, he(Romney) Must convince the American people at his big night out next week that the foundation , THAT foundation on which he stands, that republican foundation is solid and believable! This will be the biggest night of Mitt Romneys life, and this must be the best speech of his life! Because next week in Tampa he must convince America and americans voters that he is ready to be president! This will be his debut, his coming out party and he must present himself as the"belle of the ball"! Because there will be no second chance, no do overs! Mitt Romney must be, if only for one night, a man of the people, not a candidate! He must realize that the race has been run, and the nomination won!Next week, and every week after that Mitt Romney must be presidential! And next week in Tampa Fla. Will be a VERY big step toward that goal! So put on your dancing shoes Mitt, because the floor is now yours!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hillary was right!!!!

Back in the 90's then First Lady Hillary Clinton was villified for famously claiming that there was a "Right wing conspiracy" that was acting to undermine and create for then first term President Bill Clinton a one term presidency! Well now, here in 2012, as President Barrack Obama struggles under virtually the same conditions as President Clinton in the 90's it should be radically clear to all that Hillary was right!!!! There is a vast right wing conspiracy at work to grab power in Washington DC and they have become so blatant and secure in that effort that they have gone unashamedly public with their actions!!! Be it in the media, or on capitiol hill ,or in American buisness , there has been a concerted effort made to insure that the Obama presidency "fails'! We have quote after quote from congressional leaders and media figures stating publically that goal and intention, so with it being so clear and incotravertable in evidence and with the republican congress, media, and the business community committed to that stated goal, we can now see the sage wisdom of then First lady Clinton's statement!!! There is a vast right wing conspiracy in America that has put power and control above the needs of the American people, and if the Obama campaign addresses the clear and incontravertable facts of that, if they hammer away at the fact that there has been a concerted effort made to insure that they "fail" then this election will be a cakewalk as opposed to the race that it now is!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cold hard truths!!!!

The time is approaching in this presidential election, when cold hard truths will be told and focused on, when records will be explored, and policies will exposed! Where positions that are and have been taken will be viewed and vetted, and where actions that were or were not taken will be judged!!! In the next few months cold hard political truths will be told, and heard!!!
And as we are deciding the future of this nation and the world, they should be! The rug must be beaten and beaten well ,to coin a phrase! Be it the obstruction in congress, the why and wherefore of Mitt Romneys tax records, Paul Ryans voting record, or the leadership of President Obama! Cold hard truth must now become the focus of the media and the american people!
Cold hard truths. not political speculation or  political tabloidism!! Cold hard truths, FACTS!!!!
AS it should be, because the most important decision that the american people will make in Nov, A decision that has global implications, should be based in the cold hard truth of fact, Not politics!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oct 3 2012!!!

Oct 3 2012, the most  important date on the political calendar! Because it is on this date that the future of the nation will be decided!!! For on that night President Obama will Face Mitt Romney, one on one! No hype , no superpacs, no commercials,no punditry!!! Just the candidates, the issues and their records! It is there when question will be posed and answered, and truths will be heard! And when the dust clears and the words are sorted out, a clear piciture will be had in the hearts and minds of ALL americans about who will and should be the next president of the United States! So, as the camapign season winds down, as we prepare for the conventions and the speeches and the hoopla that goes along with them, understand this America: On Oct 3, 2012 the true Endgame will begin!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney's line in the sand!(The Ryan pick for VP)

With his pick of Paul Ryan as VP. Mitt Romney has not only drawn a line in the political sand of America, but he has crossed one as well! And that line is the one beyond reason! Mitt has, with this pick branded himself, and allied himself with the rabid, red meat conservatives of America! He has with this Ryan pick, made this election A us versus them affair, and he has served notice with this Ryan pick, that unions, seniors, women , and minorites are in the crosshairs! Paul Ryans one claim to fame was the outrageous budget proposal he made a year or so back, a budget so outrageous that even the most conservative of republicans backed away from it! And this full embracement of such a man, has negated any and all hopes of a cross over vote for Romney, and it has almost certainly torpedoed his chance for a substantial independant vote! With this VP pick, the co-opting of Mitt Romney by the radical right is complete! There is no room for moderates or moderation in the republican party and this VP pick proves it! And that is sad because the fact is, A republican moderate could actually had won this election!Mitt Romney, by drawing this line in the sand so to speak with this VP pick has began a political war in America that frankly, with Paul Ryan standing beside him, he will not be able to win! Because in profitting
by embracing rabid conservatism, he has, by picking Paul Ryan, lost any hope of connecting to the soul of America and the voters of same!!!!! And that will become rapidly evident in the next few weeks, when Ryans signature acheivement comes home to roost! The pick of Paul Ryan as VP has put the Romney campaign and will keep the campaign on the defensive! And in the critical final months of this race, that is a place that Romney shouldnt be, and with a cant miss target as
Paul Ryan is that is where the Romney campaign will be!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Homestretch looms!

With Both the Democratic and Republican conventions approaching, it should be clear that, for the Presidential race, the homestrech looms!!! And in a few short weeks the atmoshpere will turn from fun in the political sun so to speak, to fall seriousness! Because while Romney has done, and had done to him, everything that could be imagined, he is still in this race! He has untold millions at his disposal and little to lose, so, in this race, he can afford to play to win! And make no mistake, gaffes,  misques, and questions aside, he could still stumble his way into the white house! As for the White House, the coming fall season is where they will either pull away in this race, or tough it out until the concession speeches are made on election night,! This will be, for the Obama administration in the next few weeks, make or break! Where it( the Obama administration) will establish itself as a clear and better choice for America, or if it will allow lingering doubt and question to fester into the voting booth! Simply put it is about to be, for President Obama, a take charge moment, and if he doesnt rise to the moment, then someone else, that someone else being Mitt Romney, may end up taking charge!!! So as the Homestrech in this long race looms for both campaigns, it is time to see which jockey can sit low in the seat, and Bring their horse in over the finish line a winner!!!!