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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The RNC Day 1 review

Clearly the RNC has been blunted by the onslaught of Hurricane Issac, because while Issac brought the thunder, the opening speakers of the RNC didnt! Ann Romney proved ,beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she is a beautiful person and a very nice lady, but her speech didnt deliver the political goods that Mitt desparately needs! And Gov Chris Christie, he of the bombastic personality, failed to generate the thunderation that is clearly needed to lift off the Romney Ryan rocket!The story of day 1 of the convention, indeed the differance maker in the entire convention, may indeed be Hurricane Issac! For while it's proving to be a curse to Americans living on the gulf coast, it is becoming a gift from heaven for the democrats!

Tonight will be two major speeches, one from the fabulous Condoleeza Rice, and one from the Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan , and all eyes will indeed be upon Ryan, who must disprove himself as a lightning rod for criticism tonight! But I think that it is clear that Mitt Romney must, on Thursday evening, shoulder the republican party and the hopes and dreams of same, and deliver a Reaganesque , "shining city on a hill" speech, Or have a George H.W.Bush "thousands points of light "moment! Something that will give his candidacy the launch it needs. More tomorrow folks, I'll be watching tonight, as you all should be!

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