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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oct 3 2012!!!

Oct 3 2012, the most  important date on the political calendar! Because it is on this date that the future of the nation will be decided!!! For on that night President Obama will Face Mitt Romney, one on one! No hype , no superpacs, no commercials,no punditry!!! Just the candidates, the issues and their records! It is there when question will be posed and answered, and truths will be heard! And when the dust clears and the words are sorted out, a clear piciture will be had in the hearts and minds of ALL americans about who will and should be the next president of the United States! So, as the camapign season winds down, as we prepare for the conventions and the speeches and the hoopla that goes along with them, understand this America: On Oct 3, 2012 the true Endgame will begin!!!!

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