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Friday, August 17, 2012

Cold hard truths!!!!

The time is approaching in this presidential election, when cold hard truths will be told and focused on, when records will be explored, and policies will exposed! Where positions that are and have been taken will be viewed and vetted, and where actions that were or were not taken will be judged!!! In the next few months cold hard political truths will be told, and heard!!!
And as we are deciding the future of this nation and the world, they should be! The rug must be beaten and beaten well ,to coin a phrase! Be it the obstruction in congress, the why and wherefore of Mitt Romneys tax records, Paul Ryans voting record, or the leadership of President Obama! Cold hard truth must now become the focus of the media and the american people!
Cold hard truths. not political speculation or  political tabloidism!! Cold hard truths, FACTS!!!!
AS it should be, because the most important decision that the american people will make in Nov, A decision that has global implications, should be based in the cold hard truth of fact, Not politics!!!!

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