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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hillary was right!!!!

Back in the 90's then First Lady Hillary Clinton was villified for famously claiming that there was a "Right wing conspiracy" that was acting to undermine and create for then first term President Bill Clinton a one term presidency! Well now, here in 2012, as President Barrack Obama struggles under virtually the same conditions as President Clinton in the 90's it should be radically clear to all that Hillary was right!!!! There is a vast right wing conspiracy at work to grab power in Washington DC and they have become so blatant and secure in that effort that they have gone unashamedly public with their actions!!! Be it in the media, or on capitiol hill ,or in American buisness , there has been a concerted effort made to insure that the Obama presidency "fails'! We have quote after quote from congressional leaders and media figures stating publically that goal and intention, so with it being so clear and incotravertable in evidence and with the republican congress, media, and the business community committed to that stated goal, we can now see the sage wisdom of then First lady Clinton's statement!!! There is a vast right wing conspiracy in America that has put power and control above the needs of the American people, and if the Obama campaign addresses the clear and incontravertable facts of that, if they hammer away at the fact that there has been a concerted effort made to insure that they "fail" then this election will be a cakewalk as opposed to the race that it now is!!!!

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