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Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Hurricanes!

AS Hurricance Issac makes its presence felt, putting the carefully orchestrated Republican National Convention in serious jepoardy, It must be understood that it is not one,but TWO hurricances that are of issue and of concerning effect in Tampa Fl for next week! One of course Is Issac, because if the convention is delayed it will have a substantial blunting effect for the republicans, and right now the Romney ticket needs all the big "Mo"(momentum) it can get!
But more importantly is the hurricane of rhetoric that will spill forth from Tampa next week! As the republicans convene, and as all of their leadership and political figures coalesce, we, and all America will watch and wonder: Will this be a wave that Mitt Romney can ride to the presidency, or will it be a torrent of extreme statments and policy that will, like a true hurricane, wash his hopes and dreams of the presidency away? Two Hurricanes! One filled with natures fury, the other
filled with unchecked rhetoric! Which one, I wonder , is Mitt Romney more concerned with?
Because both will have lasting after effects in America!

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