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Friday, August 31, 2012

RNC day 3 Final review and analysis

As the RNC came to a close, it can be said that they made a successful launch into political space! The final night of the Republican convention was a success. Mitt Romney got a appropiate sendoff, but clearly, the highlight of the evening was Clint Eastwood! Because he, more than any candidate or politician who took the podium at the RNC this past few days, exemplified the REAL republican! Indeed he was as close to a republican dream candidate as you can get! His minutes conversing with "invisible Obama" were highly entertaining, and while pundits and so called political experts were pooh-poohing it, the republican base were eating it up like the political candy that it was!!! I wouldnt be surprised to see either Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan or republicans running for office reprising that bit on the campaign trail! That aside, the RNC  and the acceptance speech was, for Mitt Romney, yet another hurdle that he has cleared cleanly.And now, for him and his dreams of the presidency, only two hurdles remain to be cleared! The debates with President Obama and the ballotting itself! But they are the two biggest hurdles of all! Does Mitt have the "legs' left to finish this long race strongly? The next 66 days will tell the tale!

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