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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DNC preview and Analysis

As the democrats open their national convention this evening, it is my opinion that, unless they take the initiative, and the advantage of this national spotlight to remind America that the specific agenda of the republican party for the last four years has been the seeking and securing of political power and not "the economy" they may lose this election! The reason why the republicans remain in contention, despite all that they have done in the primary season alone, is that the democrats hav scrupluously failed in assessing blame to the republicans for their actions!
It is their being able to dish it out without taking it(blame) that has allowed the republicans to resurge from the brink of extnction in 2009 to nearly assuming total power in 2013! The democrats, starting tonight need to remind the American people of republican actions and more importantly the republican record on captiol hill! They need to remind the american people that they are and remain the party of no! That they have, in fact, stood against legislation that would have created jobs, that it is their agenda that, more than anything lese has contributed to Americas economic nightmare! For the next 4 days America needs to be reminded that it is the republicans who have sought and created failure while the democrats have fought for and achieved success! Simply put for the next 4 days the democrats must make the case for re-election but they must stop avoiding the issues and facts of the case!!! And beginning tonight, the FLOTUS(First Lady of the United States) Mrs Michelle Obama must lead the charge! There will never be a more golden opportunity for the democrats to put the blame where it lies, and that will and can be done by a contrast of the facts! But you cant do it, by running away and avoiding them! Let me put it in boxing terms, sometimes you can lose a fight by appearances alone! You may be the better fighter but if your opponent LOOKS like he's fighting harder than you are, the judges will rule against you and thats what the democrats must address! You may be better but its time you let the people see it!!!

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