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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Its the unemployment stupid! tell it like it is!

AS there has been a concerted focus on capitol hill in the last few years to make Barrack Obama a "one term President" I think it is time for a little telling it like it is session in America! Because, as we enter into the Holiday season, for over 25  million people there will be no happy holiday! No thanksgiving, or x-mas, and the prospect of a happy New year is dim!And why you ask? B ecause they are unemployed or underemployed, thats why!!! 25 Million americans without a job, or a lousy one, and despite this crisis in America, what can we say has congress done? The silence has been deafening on capitiol hill as this problem has grown! And in response to that, our congress, those same republicans who have been hoping for failure in America, have done nothing except try to cut unemployment benefits, and aid to citizens who sorely need it! When will congress get it?! To paraphrase the Clinton campaign slogan, ITS the Unemployment stupid!!! It is a pervasive and negative factor that is affecting this entire nation! It is the foundation of crime, of youth issues, of the decline of our education, of the increase of our national debt!Lack of jobs and the dignity of work!  Its unconcinable that in America, we have people who have worked all their lives reduced to digging ditches because of the inaction of congress, that we have children hungry and homeless because of Politics, and as the holiday season approaching that we have AMERICANS facing despair while congress shamelessly focuses on the games of power instead of the needs of the people!25 Million people unemployed in America, and as you go to the ballot box in Nov, remember that the republican led congress has done or said nothing about it EXCEPT 1> try to cut unemployment benefits 2> try to cut food stamps and three. Blocked any and all efforts to stimulate Jobs in America IE the american jobs act! Simply put in the pursuit of political control the republicans have crossed the loine and proven themsleves unfit to lead and that is telling it like it is!!!

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