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Monday, September 10, 2012

9/11/01 from hate to hope!

Tomorrow we in America will observe the 11th year after the Attack on NY & America that was 9/11/01. For on that day in America ,the towers fell and Hate rose! But, as is allways the case when Hate has its moment in the sun, it was quickly and forever eclipsed by the picture and premise of hope that was personifed in the global response of the world to the henious act, and, more importantly, by how Americans united as one! In the aftermath of 9/11/01 we became, in the shadow of hate, what was hoped for when this nation was first created, A nation  of equals! A nation where race , color, or creed didnt matter! In the shadow of hate we became Americans, not black Americans, white Americans, arab americans, whatever! We became Americans, ready and willing to stand, one and all, against hate! And we did! We stood against hate and turned the tide, and for a minute there was hope in America! But while that hope was lost amid exploitive politics and all the rest, 9/11/01 stands as a testimony to all that America is and all that America can be! Because from American tragedy came American triumph, and the renewal of(if only for a brief time) the American spirit! Because in the aftermath of the towers felling, you didnt hear wailing and crying,
nothing that was cause for celebration for the terrorists and those who supported them, dancing as I'll never forget in the streets after the strike was had, but a chant that shook the world and gave pause to all those who think that Hate will prevail, the chant of U-S-A! U-S-A!!!! Because that chant, and the hope it brings ,to A people and to the world, will allways prevail over hate and the Merchants of same! And that is what every American should remember on 9/11 not the hate but the hope that it spawned, the hope that is the American spirit!!! Something that Not even a event like 9/11 could destroy! USA!!!!!!!!

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