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Monday, September 24, 2012

Bad paint job!

As the Romney campaign continues to sputter, the question must be asked: Who gave the republicans the paint brush? Because with the amount of paint that has been splattered all over their candidate, it is obvious that they have done a horrible job in painting this election cycle! Indeed the republican paint job that they hoped would render President Obama a one term president has effectively painted their own candidate into a corner! Shackling him to the most extreme of positions  and focing him to hop from whatever dry spot he can find to whatever dry spot that has been left available! As the Presidential campaign heads into the home stretch, and with the repubican nominee needing essentially, A knockout punch at the debates to win, it can and should be said of this election, that  it was the extreme conservatism pushed and pandered to by the republicans that painted Mitt Romney into the corner he now finds himself!And it was the extreme conservatism and the horrible paint job that was waged in service of same that engineered a second term for Barrack Obama, not anything that Mitt Romney had done!

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