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Friday, June 7, 2013

Nothing from Nothing!

There was a Old song By Billy Preston called "Nothing from Nothing". And as people continue as they have, from day one of the Obama administration, to criticize the job numbers among other things, we need to remind those who criticize and those who lead the criticism on Capitol Hill in Washington DC that, if your not putting anything into it, youre not going to get anything out of it! Can anyone name one jobs bill that has come out of Congress since President Obama came into power? Besides the stimulus of course? Anybody? How about a Jobs initiative? Anybody? NO? So since noone has done ANYTHING to spur economic growth in America how can they relentlessly criticize? Simply nothing from nothing, as Billy sang, leaves NOTHING!!! Except, of course, for millions of Americans out of work, and giving up on ever returning to work!!! The simple fact is that Since President Obama came into power the republicans have done NOTHING! Except of course, jockey for political power and politican gain!And since they have done essentially nothing they have essentially gained nothing! Nothing from Nothing, quite a simple concept really! Its too bad that the republicans just dont get it!!!!But as long as nothing gets done, you can believe who will get, and deservedly so, THE BLAME!!!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Political Summer Spread!

OK folks here's a spread of the issues of concern in the political world!  The non stop Politcs over the IRS scandal, havent we been here before? And when will they learn that if they dont have a smoking Gun, that Eric Holder isnt resigning!!!??? And it is amazing how there is, all of a sudden, so much concern about public privacy and peoples rights, but when the publics privacy and rights were being clearly, delibarately,  and ILLEGALLY violated, there was nothing but silence and cheering of it on by those who are now the loudest critics! There's a word, what is it? Oh yes, DEMOGOGUERY!!! Like the way the FLOTUS stood up against the overkill that is the Gay rights lobby the other day, and the support that backed her! Going too far is going too far, and alienating those who support your efforts is not the way to go! Speaking of overkill, wouldnt it be nice if once in Political America, a politician was seen as doing something because its the right thing to do?! Gov Christie's calling for a special election to fill the Lautenberg seat was simply the right thing to do! Is that so wrong? And lastly it is american greed that is fueling China's rise, and they are simply laughing all the way to the bank at America's expense!!! OK, that ought to fill you up for a while folks!:) and BY the way George Zimmerman is GUILTY and racism is still alvie and floursihing in America, floursishing I guess by eating its Cheerios!!!