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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Straight talk about the political year that was and the politics that will be!

AS the year 2010 comes to a end, it will be remembered for how the American public was led down the primrose path by rhetoric away from reality. Rhetoric, unceasing and unrelenting from the republican party charged the atmospshere around everything, from health care to religion. Rhetoric turned the electorate rabid and the resulting foaming at the mouth in america changed the agenda for change in Washington. Rhetoric turned us against them, turned black against white, white against brown and christian against muslim. Rhetoric ended dreams, turned sucessful policies and initiatives into percieved failures. Rhetoric built walls on arizona borders and put thousand of people into the streets in protest, rhetoric had cogressmen spit upon, and it made the rich richer. Yes 2010 was the year of the bully pulpit and there were no bigger bullies than the republican party ,who manipulated rhetoric as a means to their ultimate end, which was to seize power and control! So with the year 2010 coming to a close we now have to wonder: what will rhetoric bring to america in 2011? How will rhetoric drive the debate on capitol hill and in America in 2011, what will be the agenda?What will be of priority? Jobs?Tax cuts? Deregulation? immigration reform? getting the troops home? China? Korea?Iran? Israel & Palestine? Repealing "Obama"care? To be frank  I think the straight Talk that will be of Priority on capitol Hill will be that of taking back the white house, and continuing political agenda plain and simple that will not benefit the average american one bit! 2011 will be about Obama, the republican party , Sarah Palin and not much else. The year that was was the year of rhetoric, and the year that will be will, unfortunately for America  be more of the same!!! Happy New year America

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Revisionist history NYpolitics2011 and a x-mas message

Do you find ,as I do, that the republicans are revising history as they continue forward with their political agenda? I was channel surfing thru fox news ( yes I watch fox news occansionally, they have hot anchorwomen, Gretchen Carlson, Kim Gilfoyle, ainsley earhart so sue me!) when I was subjected to Stuart varney talking about how the Bush tax cuts worked? You get the sense from Fox and the republicans that Obama's presidency was responsible for all the ills that be set this nation. Well that bit of revisionist history aside, the fact remains and will allways be so, that it was the Bush tax cuts ,deregulation and other such policies that forced Obama to create a stimulus package, finalize Bush's tarp package, and start working on the problems of this nation before he was even officially inaugurated. It is too bad that the ADD of the Youth of this nation, combined with the political hubris of the democrats and the usual suspects of racism, division, and hate that is conservatism, came together to essentially revise history in America. News flash people, these problems were what brought Obama to office, he didnt create them or make them worse, they were allready that bad when he got there! He kept them from getting worse, and check history, real history ,not revised republican and fox history, it could have been a lot worse!!!
a Ny Politics 2011 preview:
Gov elect Cuomo has decided not to have a public inauguration in favor of getting right to work. Well politics  aside, I believe that the people could have used a inspiring spectacle  and a rousing speech from the new gov, it would soften the blow of what he is going to have to do to them in the next few weeks!

And lastly as this will no doubt be the final Politics 125 before  Christmas, in the spirit of same, in the tenet of peace on earth and good will to all men, I wish everyone worldwide who is a reader a browser, a friend, admirer, hater, enemy, family, soon to be lover, democrat, republican, independant, tea , green, rent too damn high or other wise a very merry christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rhetoric & Reality Omnibus

As the year 2011 comes to a close, we can truly see a omnibus of issues, political issues, from which the public rhetoric differs from the Political reality. For instance, while the Dems have engineered a upturn in the economy thru stimulus and other actions, the republicans continue to present themselves as stewards of the economic ship. And while republican rhetoric has been that of fiscal responsibility, they have steadfastly defended and fought for the extension of Tax cuts for the Rich, which has been clearly acknowledged by all fiscal Policy experts and wonks as the primary author of our deficit woes. They(the republicans) have presented themselves as Tough on terror, but the fact is they have fought against any and all efforts to toughen up this war on terror. They have presented themselves as for Jobs, but every effort made has been steadfastly fought and undermined By the republicans from saving the auto industry to unemployment benefits. As I said there is a veritable Omnibus of political rhetoric that doesnt match the reality of the situation. And as we come to the close of 2010 with the republican party ready to take over, we can only wonder will this be a Capitol hill Driven by rhetoric, or will it be a capitol hill grounded in reality? I would say it will be the former!

AS far as dont ask dont tell goes, I really, really, wish that this wouldnt be so much of a issue, and Im counting on Military disclipine to quell it. I have no problems with gays serving in The military but the bedroom needs to stay in the bedroom. This isnt about race color or creed, its about sexual preferance. It shouldnt become a wedge between camraderie and Military function, and I hope it doesnt. I really dont care if youre gay, and to be frank Id be better off not knowing, as Im sure would a great many of americans, but it shouldnt be a barrier to americans either and therefore under law, it should be repealed.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Cost of Compromise II

AS the deal to maintain the Bush tax cuts for all limps along on Capitol Hill, we are once again reminded of the true cost of compromise on Capitol Hill. As the saying goes: When you make a deal with the devil, the devil allways wins! And as the democrats struggle to defend the undefensible, we can see that the price of this compromise has been allready too high! The facts are there for all to see, These tax cuts have allready been in effect for years, and in those years those who have benefitted the most from them have not created jobs, in fact they have cut jobs, leading to soon to be double digit unemployment! And while they have enjoyed record earnings they have not invested a single dollar in this nation. And while record spending and record deficits have been garnered in their(the rich) interests ,they steadfastly remain opposed to doing anything about it! Unless of course it means denying the basic  tenets of life to any american who isnt rich! Things like health care, jobs, unemploymnt, welfare. None of that matters but the continued filling of their troughs, that is a unshakeable priority! And I ask you how  is that benefitting America?  How is the continued enirichment of the elite class improving this nation? The answer is it isnt! It's making things worse. And knowing this, how can we continue to say that compromise is the way? We need to cut right to the core of the matter and engage in some straight talk, not pulling any punches! The cost of compromise is way too high! And its high time, right now for the democrats to stop paying it!!!!! They(the democrats) have compromised on health care, they compromised on trials on American soil, they Almost compromised themselves right out of power on captiol hill! When will enough be enough? Because to be frank, you cannot continue to give to takers, which the republicans are, because they will eventually take everything! Let this tax cut extentsion, be the last step backward that the democrats take, because every step backward is, for this nation as well as for the democrats, a step closer to a political , economic, and social abyss!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Tax Cut Deal(better now than never later)

The furor that has arisen over the Obama proposed tax cut deal, while understandable, is failing to look at the bigger picture, and for that Preisdent Obama neeed to be commended and supported! In less than a month the republicans will assume power, and when they do How many people  out there think that a fully empowered republican congress would fund Unemployment benefits for the poor and unemployed? Or vote for it? Obama had to face the fact, he was either going to get a deal now or no deal later. So ,as he said, for the sake of the american people, he made a deal with the devils!!! And Politically it was a good deal. Because in 2012 it will become a campaign issue! Another textbook example of what and whom the republican party represents! This was a big picture issue and for seeing this with a unjaundiced eye, the president is to be commended. and to the dems who are raising ire and talking about fighting, you should have done that months ago, youre late out of the gate now!!! This tax cut issue cuts straight to the core of american politics and what is wrong with America as a whole, and this debate will form the basis of all political action and politics for the near future. Change has been derailed, Change arrived in america, but was quickly denied access. And the result of that has been watered down health care, double digit unemployment, and now tax cuts for rich people that america cant afford! The next 2 years will be politically critical, but this tax cut deal can and should serve as a foundation and a rallying point for the democrats. Because the fact that cuts straight to the core of this entire matter is that it was better that the president made this deal now, because the republicans never would have later!!!

Now before we go this evening let's make a quick point about another zebra that for all its public bluster hasnt changed its stripes one bit either, and that is China! Its' holding hostage of the Nobel Peace Prize process is, in a word, criminal, and this extension of its repression should and must be condemned by every free nation.  And despite all the flashy headlines and media coverage of China's financial power and influence, China remains a repressive communist nation. A place where gulags and censorship still exist , a place where individual freedom is still denied! It is sad that the greed of the world, particulalry the greed of the USA has aided in enabling China to become this monster, but hopefully this nobel Peace prize furor will remind the people of the world , that for all the gaudy trimmings of it economic success, China remains a enemy to freedom loving people everywhere!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The chronicles of Washington(the wreck of the democratic treader)

AS the dems continue wrangling with the repubs regarding Tax cuts and other maters, this blogger is amazed at how akin to the coming Narnia movie is the current situation in Washington! Evil( and by evil I mean the republicans, for indeeed what else could you code those who would fight for millionares and not for poor people?) is on the rise, and the elected leadership in the White House is awash on stormy political seas! But unlike the Narnia series, there is no guaranteed happily ever after, there is no Aslan to step forth and make everything all right. As is shown in nearly every fairy tale, there is no compromise with evil, there is only the confronting of it, and the conquering of it! And to do so will require fortitude,bravery, and confidence and courage in your convictions! The ship of state that is currently being helmed by President Obama is in danger of becoming a wreck on the shores of political compromise, so to put it quite simply and again to take a page from the books of Narnia, its time for someone on the democratic side of the aisle to ROAR!!!!!!

AS far as the Charlie Rangel situation goes, this blogger has not lost one bit of regard for him as a statesman, and neither has his consituency, and that more than anything is what matters here, and that should indeed have been taken into account by those who made the decision to censure mr. rangel, but it wanst and that is the problem with washington and Politics in general. They hear what they shouldnt and are deaf to what they should hear! NY needs a lot more powerful and well regarded by the people representitives Like Mr Rangel and hopefully he will allow his continued representation of the People of Harlem to speak for itself!

And lastly This blogger just wants to say, Imagine if the dems had lost it all? would there even be any effort for compromise if the republicans controlled the Senate and the House? the poor in America dodged a huge bullet  but just barely!!! Something to think about!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Cost of Compromise

As Biggie Smalls once sang 'it was all a dream" And for president Obama and The democrats the dream is being lost, "compromised" away to the republicans!!!  Back in 2008 President Obama surged into office with a mandate for change, not compromise, but he has abandoned the pursuit of change for compromise, and due to that, his entire agenda hope and change has been in fact compromised! Compromise is not change. It is the result of a dogged resistance to change. Compromise is a manipulation of the status quo, the status quo in disguise. Compromise is not change. And in these times the Cost of compromise is far too high for America, President Obama, or the democrats to pay! Change is not about compromise. The founding fathers of this nation fought for change, not compromise. The greatest generation fought two world wars for change not compromise. Compromise was the province and methodology of the Tories, The confederates, Neville Chanberlain to name a few. Dr Martin Luther King fought for change not compromise, as did Ghandi. And they both  knew that compromise was not in the best interest of the people they served and that is the realization that President Obama and the democrats must come to! Compromise is not change, compromise is the maintenance of the status quo. compromise derails, as it has done to the Obama presidency, hope and change! And the continued compromise, and compromising by Obama and the Democrats will lead to one change and one change only, the changing of the power structure in America! A compromise that the republicans are working toward uncompromisingly! Hope and change being lost due to compromise, a price that is far too high to pay at this time in America!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

When Pigs fly!!!

Bi-partisan compromise on capitol hill? Between republicans and democrats? As the saying goes: when pigs fly, or of course, when its time to vote themsleves a pay raise! Other than that, it is simply politics as usual in America. The republicans fighting for the rich ,and the democrats fighting to maintain their political interests! But all that aside, the republicans must come to the realization and admit that Tax cuts for all is not feaseable , or right! There are some people in America who should not be afforded tax cuts plain and simple! And  Until they(the republicans) accept this reality, the tax cut legislation will not move on capitol hill, and the dems should not budge from this FACT( and let me say the 20 dems who voted against the middle class tax cut are morons! Morons who have politics as more of a interest than the people they represent!) And the republicans must also accept and admit the FACT that in a time like this, when the unemployment rate for AMERICANS is at a nearly DOUBLE DIGIT LEVEL, unemployment relief is vital!!! There is fact and there is fantasy! Fantasy is the world where there is bi-partisan compromise and politicans work for the good of the nation, you know that place where Pigs fly! But reality is right here in America ,where we have a major deficit AND a unemployment emergency to grapple with! And, for the sake of the american people, its time for congress to face reality, and not dwell in realms of fantasy!!!! NO tax cuts for the rich and cotninue unemployment assistance for the poor! It's that simple! Or at least it should be!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

How are those tax cuts working for ya?

As the debate over tax cuts rages on capitol hill, I thought I'd  pose the question to everyone Sarah Palin style as it pertains to them; So, how are those tax cuts working for ya America? Whats the unemployment rate at this time? Nearly 10 percent you say?! And how long has America been enjoying the benefit of those tax cuts?  Can anyone say why, with all this cash infused in them, the Job creators, as they've now been termed , the RICH, havent created more jobsin America? With the revenue, earnings and wealth being so top heavy in America, why hasnt some of the enormous amount of wealth up there trickled down and translated itself into new jobs and new investment here in America? Simply put, Tax cuts for the rich are nothing more than greed personified, and for the republicans this fight for them is nothing more than republican politics as usual! And the fact that they have taken a let them eat cake stand against extending unemployment benefits for the nearly double digit unemployed in america, while fighting to the death on tax cuts for the rich, is simply insulting to all americans, rich and poor!We have went in America from the greatest generation to the greediest generation! And as it  was said on capitol hill in the past, and what needs to be said again to the republicans. who have the audacity to stand up and fight for the continuance of these tax breaks for the rich while poor and average people are struggling in America, Have you no decency sirs????

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sour milk and bitter pills.

So with his call for Sec of State Clinton to resign, the true face of wikileaks is revealed. Yet another muckraker looking to suckle at the teat of Clinton scandal! But ,as this latest muckraker is finding, the milk may have finally soured! People are more concerned with the state of the nation, and what this latest "wikileak" has done to it, as opposed to another "clinton" themed scandal. Its pitiful really, because all this proves is that Wikileaks is nothing more than the work of a failed journalist, a hack to be precise! Sec of Sate Clinton, and rightly so, will come out of this scandal smelling like the proverbial rose that she has grown before the public eyes into, while for Julian Assanse, he is operating on borrowed time! Enjoy the taste of sour milk Julian!

Now to the republicans or should I say here we go again! 1996 redux. Power corrupts and noone is corrupted better than the republicans when they get a taste of power! This latest threat to shut down the Gov(Yet again) Until they get the tax cuts for the rich that they want only shows that, though it be a different year, it will allways be the same repubicans! Those same sad individuals for whom  such things as unemployment benefits for the citizenry are bitter pills to swallow! Be it 1996 or 2010 these scrooges are hard students of history!They didnt  learn then and they havent learned now! Trickle down doesnt work! How many millions of dollars in tax cuts have the rich benefitted from? And how many jobs have they created? What is the unemployment rate now?Guess that arguement goes down the proverbibial drain! And tell me, how in good conscience and faith can you stand there and say that you'll fight for tax cuts, but you wont fight for the poor , hungry, and chonically unemployed, and that you want to continue the process that has got us to this pass? Yep same old republicans! I only want to see how long before they are forced (yet again) to swallow the bitter pill(to them anyway) of common sense!!! 2 million people unemployed about to lose their benefits, or a couple of thousand people at the highest echleons of income earning about to lose their tax benefit, what do you think is gonna win out here?