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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Tax Cut Deal(better now than never later)

The furor that has arisen over the Obama proposed tax cut deal, while understandable, is failing to look at the bigger picture, and for that Preisdent Obama neeed to be commended and supported! In less than a month the republicans will assume power, and when they do How many people  out there think that a fully empowered republican congress would fund Unemployment benefits for the poor and unemployed? Or vote for it? Obama had to face the fact, he was either going to get a deal now or no deal later. So ,as he said, for the sake of the american people, he made a deal with the devils!!! And Politically it was a good deal. Because in 2012 it will become a campaign issue! Another textbook example of what and whom the republican party represents! This was a big picture issue and for seeing this with a unjaundiced eye, the president is to be commended. and to the dems who are raising ire and talking about fighting, you should have done that months ago, youre late out of the gate now!!! This tax cut issue cuts straight to the core of american politics and what is wrong with America as a whole, and this debate will form the basis of all political action and politics for the near future. Change has been derailed, Change arrived in america, but was quickly denied access. And the result of that has been watered down health care, double digit unemployment, and now tax cuts for rich people that america cant afford! The next 2 years will be politically critical, but this tax cut deal can and should serve as a foundation and a rallying point for the democrats. Because the fact that cuts straight to the core of this entire matter is that it was better that the president made this deal now, because the republicans never would have later!!!

Now before we go this evening let's make a quick point about another zebra that for all its public bluster hasnt changed its stripes one bit either, and that is China! Its' holding hostage of the Nobel Peace Prize process is, in a word, criminal, and this extension of its repression should and must be condemned by every free nation.  And despite all the flashy headlines and media coverage of China's financial power and influence, China remains a repressive communist nation. A place where gulags and censorship still exist , a place where individual freedom is still denied! It is sad that the greed of the world, particulalry the greed of the USA has aided in enabling China to become this monster, but hopefully this nobel Peace prize furor will remind the people of the world , that for all the gaudy trimmings of it economic success, China remains a enemy to freedom loving people everywhere!!!

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