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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rhetoric & Reality Omnibus

As the year 2011 comes to a close, we can truly see a omnibus of issues, political issues, from which the public rhetoric differs from the Political reality. For instance, while the Dems have engineered a upturn in the economy thru stimulus and other actions, the republicans continue to present themselves as stewards of the economic ship. And while republican rhetoric has been that of fiscal responsibility, they have steadfastly defended and fought for the extension of Tax cuts for the Rich, which has been clearly acknowledged by all fiscal Policy experts and wonks as the primary author of our deficit woes. They(the republicans) have presented themselves as Tough on terror, but the fact is they have fought against any and all efforts to toughen up this war on terror. They have presented themselves as for Jobs, but every effort made has been steadfastly fought and undermined By the republicans from saving the auto industry to unemployment benefits. As I said there is a veritable Omnibus of political rhetoric that doesnt match the reality of the situation. And as we come to the close of 2010 with the republican party ready to take over, we can only wonder will this be a Capitol hill Driven by rhetoric, or will it be a capitol hill grounded in reality? I would say it will be the former!

AS far as dont ask dont tell goes, I really, really, wish that this wouldnt be so much of a issue, and Im counting on Military disclipine to quell it. I have no problems with gays serving in The military but the bedroom needs to stay in the bedroom. This isnt about race color or creed, its about sexual preferance. It shouldnt become a wedge between camraderie and Military function, and I hope it doesnt. I really dont care if youre gay, and to be frank Id be better off not knowing, as Im sure would a great many of americans, but it shouldnt be a barrier to americans either and therefore under law, it should be repealed.

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