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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sour milk and bitter pills.

So with his call for Sec of State Clinton to resign, the true face of wikileaks is revealed. Yet another muckraker looking to suckle at the teat of Clinton scandal! But ,as this latest muckraker is finding, the milk may have finally soured! People are more concerned with the state of the nation, and what this latest "wikileak" has done to it, as opposed to another "clinton" themed scandal. Its pitiful really, because all this proves is that Wikileaks is nothing more than the work of a failed journalist, a hack to be precise! Sec of Sate Clinton, and rightly so, will come out of this scandal smelling like the proverbial rose that she has grown before the public eyes into, while for Julian Assanse, he is operating on borrowed time! Enjoy the taste of sour milk Julian!

Now to the republicans or should I say here we go again! 1996 redux. Power corrupts and noone is corrupted better than the republicans when they get a taste of power! This latest threat to shut down the Gov(Yet again) Until they get the tax cuts for the rich that they want only shows that, though it be a different year, it will allways be the same repubicans! Those same sad individuals for whom  such things as unemployment benefits for the citizenry are bitter pills to swallow! Be it 1996 or 2010 these scrooges are hard students of history!They didnt  learn then and they havent learned now! Trickle down doesnt work! How many millions of dollars in tax cuts have the rich benefitted from? And how many jobs have they created? What is the unemployment rate now?Guess that arguement goes down the proverbibial drain! And tell me, how in good conscience and faith can you stand there and say that you'll fight for tax cuts, but you wont fight for the poor , hungry, and chonically unemployed, and that you want to continue the process that has got us to this pass? Yep same old republicans! I only want to see how long before they are forced (yet again) to swallow the bitter pill(to them anyway) of common sense!!! 2 million people unemployed about to lose their benefits, or a couple of thousand people at the highest echleons of income earning about to lose their tax benefit, what do you think is gonna win out here?

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