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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Revisionist history NYpolitics2011 and a x-mas message

Do you find ,as I do, that the republicans are revising history as they continue forward with their political agenda? I was channel surfing thru fox news ( yes I watch fox news occansionally, they have hot anchorwomen, Gretchen Carlson, Kim Gilfoyle, ainsley earhart so sue me!) when I was subjected to Stuart varney talking about how the Bush tax cuts worked? You get the sense from Fox and the republicans that Obama's presidency was responsible for all the ills that be set this nation. Well that bit of revisionist history aside, the fact remains and will allways be so, that it was the Bush tax cuts ,deregulation and other such policies that forced Obama to create a stimulus package, finalize Bush's tarp package, and start working on the problems of this nation before he was even officially inaugurated. It is too bad that the ADD of the Youth of this nation, combined with the political hubris of the democrats and the usual suspects of racism, division, and hate that is conservatism, came together to essentially revise history in America. News flash people, these problems were what brought Obama to office, he didnt create them or make them worse, they were allready that bad when he got there! He kept them from getting worse, and check history, real history ,not revised republican and fox history, it could have been a lot worse!!!
a Ny Politics 2011 preview:
Gov elect Cuomo has decided not to have a public inauguration in favor of getting right to work. Well politics  aside, I believe that the people could have used a inspiring spectacle  and a rousing speech from the new gov, it would soften the blow of what he is going to have to do to them in the next few weeks!

And lastly as this will no doubt be the final Politics 125 before  Christmas, in the spirit of same, in the tenet of peace on earth and good will to all men, I wish everyone worldwide who is a reader a browser, a friend, admirer, hater, enemy, family, soon to be lover, democrat, republican, independant, tea , green, rent too damn high or other wise a very merry christmas!!!

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