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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Cost of Compromise

As Biggie Smalls once sang 'it was all a dream" And for president Obama and The democrats the dream is being lost, "compromised" away to the republicans!!!  Back in 2008 President Obama surged into office with a mandate for change, not compromise, but he has abandoned the pursuit of change for compromise, and due to that, his entire agenda hope and change has been in fact compromised! Compromise is not change. It is the result of a dogged resistance to change. Compromise is a manipulation of the status quo, the status quo in disguise. Compromise is not change. And in these times the Cost of compromise is far too high for America, President Obama, or the democrats to pay! Change is not about compromise. The founding fathers of this nation fought for change, not compromise. The greatest generation fought two world wars for change not compromise. Compromise was the province and methodology of the Tories, The confederates, Neville Chanberlain to name a few. Dr Martin Luther King fought for change not compromise, as did Ghandi. And they both  knew that compromise was not in the best interest of the people they served and that is the realization that President Obama and the democrats must come to! Compromise is not change, compromise is the maintenance of the status quo. compromise derails, as it has done to the Obama presidency, hope and change! And the continued compromise, and compromising by Obama and the Democrats will lead to one change and one change only, the changing of the power structure in America! A compromise that the republicans are working toward uncompromisingly! Hope and change being lost due to compromise, a price that is far too high to pay at this time in America!

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