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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Cost of Compromise II

AS the deal to maintain the Bush tax cuts for all limps along on Capitol Hill, we are once again reminded of the true cost of compromise on Capitol Hill. As the saying goes: When you make a deal with the devil, the devil allways wins! And as the democrats struggle to defend the undefensible, we can see that the price of this compromise has been allready too high! The facts are there for all to see, These tax cuts have allready been in effect for years, and in those years those who have benefitted the most from them have not created jobs, in fact they have cut jobs, leading to soon to be double digit unemployment! And while they have enjoyed record earnings they have not invested a single dollar in this nation. And while record spending and record deficits have been garnered in their(the rich) interests ,they steadfastly remain opposed to doing anything about it! Unless of course it means denying the basic  tenets of life to any american who isnt rich! Things like health care, jobs, unemploymnt, welfare. None of that matters but the continued filling of their troughs, that is a unshakeable priority! And I ask you how  is that benefitting America?  How is the continued enirichment of the elite class improving this nation? The answer is it isnt! It's making things worse. And knowing this, how can we continue to say that compromise is the way? We need to cut right to the core of the matter and engage in some straight talk, not pulling any punches! The cost of compromise is way too high! And its high time, right now for the democrats to stop paying it!!!!! They(the democrats) have compromised on health care, they compromised on trials on American soil, they Almost compromised themselves right out of power on captiol hill! When will enough be enough? Because to be frank, you cannot continue to give to takers, which the republicans are, because they will eventually take everything! Let this tax cut extentsion, be the last step backward that the democrats take, because every step backward is, for this nation as well as for the democrats, a step closer to a political , economic, and social abyss!!!!

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