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Saturday, December 4, 2010

When Pigs fly!!!

Bi-partisan compromise on capitol hill? Between republicans and democrats? As the saying goes: when pigs fly, or of course, when its time to vote themsleves a pay raise! Other than that, it is simply politics as usual in America. The republicans fighting for the rich ,and the democrats fighting to maintain their political interests! But all that aside, the republicans must come to the realization and admit that Tax cuts for all is not feaseable , or right! There are some people in America who should not be afforded tax cuts plain and simple! And  Until they(the republicans) accept this reality, the tax cut legislation will not move on capitol hill, and the dems should not budge from this FACT( and let me say the 20 dems who voted against the middle class tax cut are morons! Morons who have politics as more of a interest than the people they represent!) And the republicans must also accept and admit the FACT that in a time like this, when the unemployment rate for AMERICANS is at a nearly DOUBLE DIGIT LEVEL, unemployment relief is vital!!! There is fact and there is fantasy! Fantasy is the world where there is bi-partisan compromise and politicans work for the good of the nation, you know that place where Pigs fly! But reality is right here in America ,where we have a major deficit AND a unemployment emergency to grapple with! And, for the sake of the american people, its time for congress to face reality, and not dwell in realms of fantasy!!!! NO tax cuts for the rich and cotninue unemployment assistance for the poor! It's that simple! Or at least it should be!!!

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