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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The 2016 Race as it stands.

As we are in the midst of this heated 2016 Presidentail race, i have decided to address the race as it now  stands On the democratic side, it is becoming rapidly clear that this is the Hillary Race, and  she is(to the democrats credit) slowly but surely receiving a clear and unencumbered path to the nomination, and as the smoke and mirrors that surround all things Clinton are slowly dissipated, a VERY qualified, and VERY formidible candiate is emerging!!! Hillary had history snatched from her by history in 2009, but in 2016 History may indeed beckon her, As for the Republicans, what can be said but two words;DONALD TRUMP! Because the political mighty of the republican party, the Pauls, the Christies, the Bush's  and such have been laid low by the Trump  Juggernaut, and as he continues, to the exasperation of both the republican and media status quo, to not  only lead in the polls and remain VIABLE as a candidate,it is clear that, for the republican party elite, their dream of total political control is being dashed by DEMOCRACY!!! Because only in a true democracy could a candidacy like Donald Trumps be at the level that it is!!! Donald Trump , the leader of the republican party, who would have thunk it? But they are sure Thinking it now!!! As for Ben Carson he is beginning to look more and more like Herman Cain every day!1 14 mins and counting Dr Carson!!!!!
So that is the race as it now stands. Look forward to more updates as we take this staright shot into 2016!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Letter to Hillary.

Future President Clinton,

As they in the media and on the side of the republican opposition continue to villify and scandalize you with tabloid accusations, innuendo and political hyperbole, I, as well as many concerned Democrats and citizens,hope that you will stand strong and tall (figuritively speaking of course ;)) and run this presidential campaign!!! Because for all the focus on unproven scandal and candidates, with the media trying to create fodder for their grist mill, and with the Republicans trying to take total control, the truth and facts about you and your campaign is being lost!!! They forget that you adequately represented this nation for 8 years as 1st lady, setting template for all future 1st ladies to follow. The forget that you rather than simply be a showpiece 1st lady, ladi the template for the universal health care that all american now enjoy! They forget that you left the white house and made history by becoming the 1st 1st lady to be ELECTED as a united states senator, and that you served NYS adequately in that position for 8 years!! And they forget how after you ran a historic campaign for president in 2009 and lst to Barrack Obama, you were on his sort list to become part of his administration serving with distinction as Secretary of State! These are the facts we are NOT hearing from A media which is only interested in controversy and conflict, that whcih created ratings and such, and A republican party which has had and is employing their agenda to power!!! But with Stakes being so high for Far too many people in America, with the very future of the WORLD at stake, We need A candidate, a WORTHY candidate, a candidate who can WIN!!! So Future President Clinton, stand strong in the Media firestorm, and WIN!!! Because we are counting on you!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

NYS politics, the work goes on!!!!

AS the legislative session ends in NY, despite all of the corruption, despite all of the devastation, despite Preet Bhrarra, despite Cuomo VS Deblasio, despite Both House leaders being Indicted, despite all that, and this is something that must be understood and focused on, IF we are indeed to reclaim NY politics, and the state of same from the image and perception of Corruption and politics as usual that it has garnered, it must be understood that THE WORK, the PEOPLES WORK, goes on!!!! It can be lost amid all the glamor, pomp and circumstance that is NYS politics, but this is the PEOPLES work that is being done!!! Virtually millions of people are counting on, every day, that this work is getting done!!! Because for them, these are life defining, life changing decisions and actions that are being taken!!! The PEOPLE WORK, the TRUE PRIORITY and PRIORITY FOCUS
that must be rememered and focused upon!!! Because THAT is bigger than Cuomo, Deblasio, Preet Bharra, Sheldon Silver, and Dean Skelos!!! The work of the People, and it, like life itself, MUST GO ON!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hillary Clinton and 2016, Winning the Game of Thrones!!!!!!

As 2016 Approaches, it would seem that all the hard work the republican party has put in over the past 6 years is about to pay off, they have the House of Reps, they have the Senate, but there is one little fly in the ointment, one little speedbump on the road to total republican control of this nation, and that obstalce is Hillary Clinton!!! With their backs to the political wall, and with Political marginalization virtually starting the National Democratic party in the face, How lucky are the democrats that, with the republicans at the gates of power, winning at the game of thrones like the Lannisters crushing the Starks, they(the Democrats) have in Hillary Clinton their own version of  Daenerys Targaryen, their own Mother of Dragons!!!! Hillary ,like Daenerys, is more than ready and more than able to sweep across the USA, and as she move so shall her campaign, coffers, and support grow! And not all the political machinations, not all the Benghazi hearings, not all the questions about the Clinton Global foundation cash will change or divert that!!! The fact is that in this oncoming Real life Game of Thrones, Hillary Clinton is not and will not be a Republican speedbump, like the Starks were to the Lannisters,
but Hillary Clinton is simply on a march to the inevitable, like a Real life Daenerys Targaryen,
winning the REAL Game of thrones!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 to 2015 a whole new ballgame!!!

AS the year 2014 comes to a ignominous end for the National Democratic Party, a end engineered by the disastarous "War on Women" electorial strategy, a strategy that was designed(by WHO I have no Idea) to catapult the election hopes of Hillary Clinton for 2016 into a unreachable stratosphere, it must now be realized for everyone and anyone involved or who had hopes for 2016 ,that come 2015, its a whole new political ball game!!!! The race for the white house has now become a wide open affair due to this epic fail that was perpetrated by the dems, and now dems who hadnt considered the Idea of running in 2016 are now, no doubt ,taking a second look!!!! And as for the republican outlook, they have virtually gone from worst to first in 2014, something that they can thank the ineptitude of the Obama administration for!! You wouldnt think that the Republicans shut down the government in 2014 for pure political reasons, and you have the failed Obamacare rollout to thank for that!!! Its like it( the shutdown) never even happened!!!! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE on the republican side has been revitalized, From Chris Christie to Scott Walker, hell even John Mccain is making noise about running again, emboldened by the epic fail of the Democrats in 2014!! SO, with it essentially being a whole new Ball game in 2015, the main question is: will Hillary run? Because clearly, the road to destiny has gotten a whole lot harder for her! The democrats, instead of paving the way for her have virtually destroyed the road, leaving her dead in the sights of EVERYONE, from the Republican hirearchy to aspiring democrats, and that may be a deterring force for Mrs Clinton because if she runs, she will be ground zero from day one and in for a fight from day one!! So that leads to another question: WHAT IF HILLARY DOESNT RUN? Because that could be as big a disaster for the national democrats  as the 2014 elections were!!!  A disaster in that right now, the democrats dont have  asnwer to that question or possibility!!!! So as 2014  ends and 2015 begins make no mistake when it comes to presidential politics it is a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

From Sugar to Sh-t!!! The long fall of the Obama Democrats

It was 2009 and Barrack Obama had just made history, he was president and the Democrats had stunningly took control of BOTH  houses of Congress!!! Hope and change was in every heart and on every mind, but as we now, in 2014, hit nearly rock bottom with the republican victory of 2014  we have to wonder, how did the Obama democrats go from the sweet spot, TOTAL control of capitol hill in 2009, from Sugar, to the Sh-tter, the toliet that they are now in afer election 2014!!! Its quite simple, the courage of their convictions is lacking and has been lacking for years!!! You see courage isnt about compromise, courage isnt about bi-partisanship, courage is about standing up, standing strong and standing tall!!!  What democrat in the last 8 years of Obama has shown that? Be it Allison Lundgren Grimes Squandering a golden opportunity by refusing to stand up and stand by Obama or President Obama himself and the continual harping on "working" with the republicans, its clear that the lack of courage in democratic conviction was not and has not been perceived!!! And the sad fact is that in going from sugar to sh-t as the Obama democrats have done, they have completely failed those who truly believed in the hope and  change that was there for the taking in 2009!!!! This decent into political darkness has taken not only the democratic party into dangerous waters, but it has taken the poor and minorites with them!!!! Immigration, social services you name it, all has been lost or is in grave danger due to the complete ineptitiude, the complete lack of a message or strategy, the complete lack of conviction shown by the Obama democrats over the last 6 years!!! And while blame may try to be placed on the candidates , it is more about the message than the messenger, and as a party the Democrats have not had a message and they continue to lack a message!From Sugar to Sh-t in just six years!!!! And after the long fall of the Bush years!!! Simply put the Obama democrats may be the worst democrats EVER!!!!!!! And that is a legacy Im sure President Obama doesnt want to be linked to!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Border Crisis!!! what it REALLY is!!!

As politics is played with the border crisis, I think its time we see whats going on for what it really is!! And the FACT of this matter is that its not a immigraion crisis, its a REFUGEE crisis!!!! We have thousands of south american refugees at our southern border seeking refuge!  And it is not the american way, nor has it ever been so ,that we ignore or treat those who seek our aid as far too many have would seem to have us do!! The hatred spurred by politics is unconcinable and it is sad that ,for many of these refugees, their first memory of America will be of UGLY americans shouting for them to go home!!!   The fact of the matter is they have no home, that is why they are here, because they want to have a home, a place where they can actually live in peace and safety, where they have a chance, and that place has been and must continue to be America!!! A refugee crisis no more no less, and THAT is how this must be treated!! This is and must not become a IMMIGRATION issue!!!!!! We need to house these refugees and give them the full largress of the USA ,and then we in the USA need to address and deal with what has spurred this migration!! That is how this crisis will be solved!!!! By seeing this crisis for what it is, not by playing POLITICS with it, which is what far too many in America are doing!!!!!!
Let us help those who are clearly in need, and let us stop painting them as something less than that purely for the sake of partisan politics!!!! THAT is the AMERICAN WAY!!!