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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The future of America A.O.(After Obama)

AS President Barrack Obama  approaches the end of his historic presidency, we in America, and espeically in the Black community, must begin to address and ponder what will the future of America be in a Obama)! For while President Obama has acquitted himself admirably in his historic position of being the first man of color to become president of the USA, other than the breaking of the white ceiling of leadership in the highest office in the land, Very little, if anything, has changed in America since the presidents Historic victory!! The poor are still poor, the rich are still obscenely rich, the  wars still rage, and in response to his historic victory, racism in America has resurged! And while he has been a inspirational and positive figure in America, and particularly in the Black community, for indeed the positive image he has presented as a man of color and as a family man of color has served the community of color and the nation very well, The standstill that he has been held to by the political status quo has prevented him from making any real advances or the real changes that Americans , especially BLACK americans, were hoping for when they turned out in droves for him! Simply put, the Obama presidency stands now as a bulwark, a finger in the dyke so to speak, preventing the deluge of social issues and discussions that need to be had and were wanted by those who put him in office! And the fights that needed to be waged were essentially put on hold in order to fight to maintain the validity of this presidency and to sustain same!!! SO the future of America, America after Obama, will remain a future of questions, questions that once the Obama presidency and all it represents is over, will have to be answered!!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Nothing from Nothing!

There was a Old song By Billy Preston called "Nothing from Nothing". And as people continue as they have, from day one of the Obama administration, to criticize the job numbers among other things, we need to remind those who criticize and those who lead the criticism on Capitol Hill in Washington DC that, if your not putting anything into it, youre not going to get anything out of it! Can anyone name one jobs bill that has come out of Congress since President Obama came into power? Besides the stimulus of course? Anybody? How about a Jobs initiative? Anybody? NO? So since noone has done ANYTHING to spur economic growth in America how can they relentlessly criticize? Simply nothing from nothing, as Billy sang, leaves NOTHING!!! Except, of course, for millions of Americans out of work, and giving up on ever returning to work!!! The simple fact is that Since President Obama came into power the republicans have done NOTHING! Except of course, jockey for political power and politican gain!And since they have done essentially nothing they have essentially gained nothing! Nothing from Nothing, quite a simple concept really! Its too bad that the republicans just dont get it!!!!But as long as nothing gets done, you can believe who will get, and deservedly so, THE BLAME!!!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Political Summer Spread!

OK folks here's a spread of the issues of concern in the political world!  The non stop Politcs over the IRS scandal, havent we been here before? And when will they learn that if they dont have a smoking Gun, that Eric Holder isnt resigning!!!??? And it is amazing how there is, all of a sudden, so much concern about public privacy and peoples rights, but when the publics privacy and rights were being clearly, delibarately,  and ILLEGALLY violated, there was nothing but silence and cheering of it on by those who are now the loudest critics! There's a word, what is it? Oh yes, DEMOGOGUERY!!! Like the way the FLOTUS stood up against the overkill that is the Gay rights lobby the other day, and the support that backed her! Going too far is going too far, and alienating those who support your efforts is not the way to go! Speaking of overkill, wouldnt it be nice if once in Political America, a politician was seen as doing something because its the right thing to do?! Gov Christie's calling for a special election to fill the Lautenberg seat was simply the right thing to do! Is that so wrong? And lastly it is american greed that is fueling China's rise, and they are simply laughing all the way to the bank at America's expense!!! OK, that ought to fill you up for a while folks!:) and BY the way George Zimmerman is GUILTY and racism is still alvie and floursihing in America, floursishing I guess by eating its Cheerios!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dream Ticket Vs Dream Ticket?

In 2016 we could actually see, for the first time in  a presidential race, a dream Democratic Ticket versus a dream Republican ticket! Yes Im talking Hillary Clinton & Andrew Cuomo Versus Chris Christie and Jeb Bush!! The Battle of the dream tickets! And what a battle it would be! The destiny that beckons for Hillary Clinton versus the resurgence of the Republican guard! The reserve of Hillary versus the In your face style of Chris Christie, and Andrew  Cuomo Versus Jeb Bush Finally A VP race that actually matters!!!! Dream Ticket Versus Dream Ticket!Just try to remember in Four Years people , that you heard it HERE first!!!:)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Keeping Up Appearances!!!!

YOUD think that Congress, with its never ending series of hearings, committees, and investigations are in fact doing their jobs, but, as we well know in America , APPEARANCES can be deceiving!!!! All Congress is doing, and indeed has done for the last 5 years now, is keep up appearances!!! Pursuing scandal and Politics in order to avodi the real issue in America, the UNEMPLOYED and the long term Jobless, something that will require and does require WORK, and INVESTMENT!!!!! But with  the huge challenge such a REAL issue presents, and with it also being a political minefield for most Republicans, you can bet that it would be, and it has been, avoided like the plague!!!! Yes This congress hasnt yet met a scandal or concern that
they havent embraced, because they have to at least keep up the appearance of doing it's job! But, as the Millions of Unemployed and long term unemployed can tell you, they havent done ANYTHING!!!!! A little less politics and scandal, and a LOT more working for the PEOPLE Washington DC!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

When the BULLY gets bullied!!!!

Of all the wusses, there is no bigger crybaby than a bully who finally gets bullied!!! And that is whats happening here in the advent of this IRS scandal!! The republicans have done and broken every ethical and traditional practice in order to unseat Barrack Obama, the TEA Party  itself was a frankensteins monster created for the sole purpose of garnering republican power and undermining emocratic interest, the Birther madness, the questions about the presidents faith,  that and so much more, and there was never even a glimmer of outrage in the republican eye!! But now, when the shoe is on the other foot, when the script has been flipped, when the BULLY is actually the one being mistreated, being bullied, now listen to the wails and the caterwauling!!!! While the IRS scandal is clearly taking it too far( and who indeed has been the architects of this extreme political climate republicans?) I do think that America can, and should be spared the outrageous hypocracy that has emerged from the republican party regarding this matter! As the republican party has said on numerous occasions after a outrageous public faux pas has been discovered:"This does not represent the democratic party as a whole" so lets end the Martyring please!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

THe NEVER ENDING story(Politics as usual!!!)

AS Washington ,once again, focuses more on scandal than substance, on politics more than the issues of concern in America, the NEVER ENDING story that is politics  as usual in America continues!!! It is sad that in the last quarter century in America, Beginning with the Clinton Administration and continuing to the present day Obama Administration, the republican party has pursued a NEVER ending story of Politics as usual!! A story filled with the muck and mire of scandal, innuendo, speculation, smears and schemes!!! And the sad fact is,for the American people, this story never has a happy ending for us! And just when you think the book is closed on this practice, be it from whitewater to lewinskygate the republicans find a way to reopen it!!!! SO now, once again, the republicans are reading from that same failed tome! Hoping that it will finally prove to be a story with a happy ending as they see it, with the republican party back in control of America!!! But the republicans need to come to grips with the fact that America just  read another book in 2012, and it had a happy ending!! And despite everything from IRS gate to Benghazi, they will more than likely want to read that same book over again in 2016,   to the republicans dismay!!!! I only hope that in 2016, the republicans will finally put down their preferred reading material, for a better read!!!!