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Saturday, September 29, 2012

the Brawl for it all!(debate pre analysis)

AS the Obama & Romney camps prepare for the brawl for it all on weds night it will all come down to who recovers the best from the inevitable knockdown that will take place! For while Both candidates are ex tremely vunerable to political potshots, Mitt Romney must face the prospect that in this debate , if he is not extremely careful in the agressive pursuit he must take, he could be knocked right out of contention! But he must be the agressor in this debate, which opens the door for President Obama. The Obama campaign ,like a good counter puncher, has to be thinking wait for it, wait for it, wait for it! But while the president is wating for the monumental shot that WILL come in that first debate, he need to protect himself as well, because a well placed shot By Mr. Romney could change things quickly in the fickle, self serving media that we have today! So, simply put, on weds, we have a debate people!! Perhaps the first real presidential debate in a long while! And it is a debate that all America will be watching! To your corners people, and come out fighting!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Lead from behind(the real reason why Mitt is losing!)

As everyone tries to assess why the Romney campaign is suddenly falling behind in the polls, the answer is quite simple, and Ironic in its premise! The reason, the REAL reason why Mitt is falling behind in the polls, is due to something that the republicans have relentlessly accused the president of doing! Romney is falling behind due to the fact that, in this entire election season, he(Romney) has essentially been lead from behind By the conservatives and conservatism! From dealing with Rick santorum in the primairies up until now, debate eve, Mitt has had to follow the dictates of the conservatives and conservatism, morphing from Mitt the moderate into Mitt the staunch conservative! And this change, this being lead from behind, may well have cost him his presidential dream!!! Mitt sacrificed himself and his public and political integrity in order to secure the presidental nomination! And as he reminices on what might have been in the future, I think the old saying will say it best"to thine own self be true"!!!
Because the only thing worse than leading from behind is: Being lead from behind!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Its the unemployment stupid! tell it like it is!

AS there has been a concerted focus on capitol hill in the last few years to make Barrack Obama a "one term President" I think it is time for a little telling it like it is session in America! Because, as we enter into the Holiday season, for over 25  million people there will be no happy holiday! No thanksgiving, or x-mas, and the prospect of a happy New year is dim!And why you ask? B ecause they are unemployed or underemployed, thats why!!! 25 Million americans without a job, or a lousy one, and despite this crisis in America, what can we say has congress done? The silence has been deafening on capitiol hill as this problem has grown! And in response to that, our congress, those same republicans who have been hoping for failure in America, have done nothing except try to cut unemployment benefits, and aid to citizens who sorely need it! When will congress get it?! To paraphrase the Clinton campaign slogan, ITS the Unemployment stupid!!! It is a pervasive and negative factor that is affecting this entire nation! It is the foundation of crime, of youth issues, of the decline of our education, of the increase of our national debt!Lack of jobs and the dignity of work!  Its unconcinable that in America, we have people who have worked all their lives reduced to digging ditches because of the inaction of congress, that we have children hungry and homeless because of Politics, and as the holiday season approaching that we have AMERICANS facing despair while congress shamelessly focuses on the games of power instead of the needs of the people!25 Million people unemployed in America, and as you go to the ballot box in Nov, remember that the republican led congress has done or said nothing about it EXCEPT 1> try to cut unemployment benefits 2> try to cut food stamps and three. Blocked any and all efforts to stimulate Jobs in America IE the american jobs act! Simply put in the pursuit of political control the republicans have crossed the loine and proven themsleves unfit to lead and that is telling it like it is!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bad paint job!

As the Romney campaign continues to sputter, the question must be asked: Who gave the republicans the paint brush? Because with the amount of paint that has been splattered all over their candidate, it is obvious that they have done a horrible job in painting this election cycle! Indeed the republican paint job that they hoped would render President Obama a one term president has effectively painted their own candidate into a corner! Shackling him to the most extreme of positions  and focing him to hop from whatever dry spot he can find to whatever dry spot that has been left available! As the Presidential campaign heads into the home stretch, and with the repubican nominee needing essentially, A knockout punch at the debates to win, it can and should be said of this election, that  it was the extreme conservatism pushed and pandered to by the republicans that painted Mitt Romney into the corner he now finds himself!And it was the extreme conservatism and the horrible paint job that was waged in service of same that engineered a second term for Barrack Obama, not anything that Mitt Romney had done!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stumbling across the finish Line?! And other political thoughts!

AS Mitt Romney continues to stumble and fumble his way along in the presidential race, it would not be wise for anyone to count this race over until, as I said a long time ago,"until the concession speech is made" Because Mitt has that peculiar ability to, in this election cycle , allways wind up on top of the most blatant of gaffes or foibles! Combine that with a suspect electorate, and the marshalled forces of extreme republicanism and media and, for all his(Romneys) warts, we still are in a tight and serious race! So I advise the Obama campaign and those who have the most to lose from A Romney victory to stay focused and on point! Because Mitt Romney could virtually stumble across the finish line into the presidency!

AS far as the Chinese and Middle Eastern issues go, they share a common thread: Arrogance, and a overstated sense of self! Its clear from the death to america riots in the middle east and the confrontations China is initatating throught Asia: IE: Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines, that Both the Chinese and the Muslim world have read too many of their own headlines, or as we say in America, they are beginning to believe their own hype! And that Arrogance of course is leading to unrest! You cannot live a a world of arrogance, and whether you are choosing to reignite ancient asian feuds, or relive the crusades its way past time for both the Chinese and the Muslim world to get a grip!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Antionette!

This latest furor surrounding the ever conservative comments and positions of the Romney campaign only reflects why Republicans cant make any inroads with anyone but white men!
The "Let them eat cake" nature of the commentary made by Mr. Romney is what most people belive is par for the course as it pertains to the republicans and Mr. Romney, and this video all but confirms it! Now, as a person of intelligence and reason, I understand what Mitt was trying to say and why he said it, but it is that very "why" and the wherefor of same that make the comments such a incendiary issue! For you see, Mr Romney , and the choir he was preaching to in that video, have ,thru no fault of their own I might add, a VERY myopic view of America, A view from the top! And the Myopia there, Like Marie Antionette before him, doesnt allow  him(Romney) to see, and it doesnt allow those republicans who symphathise with such views to relate to the reality of " WHY!" Because for Romney and the republicans its so simple, and so cut and dried. Becauase for the rich, the powerful, for the ELITE, America works!!!But they need to somehow find a way to see that  while America works and functions for those ELITE, for most Americans it doesnt, and those people for whom it doesnt work they are indeed ENTITLED to a gov that works for them! It alters between being sad and being outrageous that people are so blind as this! That they fail to understand or relate to the problems and issues of this nation, and it is such a" let them eat cake" attitude that renders them unfit to lead! And now Mitt has cemented his status as "one of THEM" Not smart at all!
I agree with Mr. Romney what he said was not indeed "elegant"at all. It clearly smacked of class warfare, and unless in the next Month , Mitt finds a way to connect with the 47 percent of
people he just in effect cut off, the only "cake" he will be eating on election day will be humble pie!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Occupy Anniversary(what might have been)

Today in America, they celebrated the Anniversary of what might have been, that what might have been being the Occupy Movement! For one year ago, from Wall Street to Hong Kong, change was in the air! People were up and motivated and in the streets! And, flushed with the idea that something might actually be done and achieved, I rushed to the streets to join in! But now, as I look back one year later, we can see that Occupy, for all its promise, for the opportunity that , due to immaturity and lack of real leadership, failed to be capitalized upon, was nothing more than a Giant Party! A party under the premise of committing to action, to commiting to change! There were issues to be addressed and indeed occupy was well on the road to addressing them, but when the issue became the occupation, and not the issues themselves, it was then that this movemnt began to falter and eventually fail! Occupy had a chance to be more, a lynchpin moment in american history, but in the end, it became  sadly forgettable, and as they tried  today and failed  to recapture that moment, we in America can only, sadly, muse on what might have been!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Political Stew

Whats in the Pot: Bernanke coming out for JOB stimulus is something that is long overdue! There are 25 Million people unemployed in America and ,other than the American Jobs act, we havent heard anything from capitol hill! JOBS!!!!!! That is more important than the debt, than the budget,  than anything!!! JOBS! Which create revenue, which fuel the economy, JOBS!!! And it is to the discredit of the republican congress that they have put jobs on the backburner in Favor of POLITICS!

The current Unrest in the"Arab world" is just the latest in a series of petulant actions that need seriously to be reined in! They take offense at their religion being criticized, but say and do nothing about the myriad of offensive things that have been done "in the name of Allah"! Maimings, killings, the encouraging of murder of Innocents, war, rape and so much more! Simply put ,due to overindulgence they actually think that we should be afraid of them , that we should be scared of them. I think its time to remind them in the Arab world who wears the Big boy pants!!!

I think its the height of hypocracy to try to blame Obama for this current terrorism situation. Especially when the same voices who are raised in criticism now of his presidency  were  oh so silent in the aftermath of 9/11/01 and all that it wrought and the presidency that it happned under! Hypocrites and demogogues  one and all!

No more Big sodas? Are you serious? So there is now a black market for Large sodas? in the words of Ed Lover Cmon son!!!

I think that's a satisfying pot of stew, dont you?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Romneys Last stand(the debates)

With the public being underwhelmed by the Republican convention, and with the Democrats having perhaps the greatest convention of all time, and the subsequent boost vaulting the Obama Campaign into the first real lead poll wise of this campaign, it can be said that ,For Mitt Romney, the Debates that are set to begin Oct 3, will be for the Romney Campaign, and for Mitt Romneys dreams of being president, the last stand!!! And it is kind  of  sad that it has come to this, because the Original Mitt Romney, the Romney that was generally percieved as a Republican moderate Prior to the Republican primaries, could have won this election handily!But, unfortunately for him, he was pushed to the extreme by the red meat conservatives and Rick Santorum, into becoming  a complete mockery of himself! If Mitt Romney is to have any chance of winning this election, he must somehow, during the debates, convince America that the Real Mitt Romney is not the caricature that has been created by the extreme conservatives! Because the simple fact, something that continues to elude said conservatives, is that Mitt Romney is running for President of the United States, not President of the Conservatives!!! And as long as Moderation remains a dirty word among the republicans they, and Mitt have no chance of winning this election! This is something that George W Bush knew actutely, and that is why he won two terms, because, say what you might about the man, he maintained his moderate status!!! SO simply put,As Mitt Prepares to make his last stand, he must somehow find a way to take the lead, somehow find a way to be presidential, somehow find the way back to moderation! Or he will watch a dream so nearly in his grasp once again slip away!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Politics and Policy (foreign and otherwise)

With the insanity of radical elements in the middle east once again giving rise to senseless violence there, America again is put on the spot regarding its foreign policy. And ,once we are put on that spot ,we are(as americans) subjected to Politics as foreign policy! Politics, foreign or otherwise has become a serious hinderance to any and all efforts to address situations that arise, from terrorism and the chaos in the middle east, to the economic situation in the west!!! Does EVERYTHING have to be politicized? Does it?!!! Is politics solving the issues in the Middle east, or excaserbating them! Politics is certainly not doing a thing to help the millions of Americans who are looking for work! There is a place and time for many things, but in times of crisis, and issues of same, THAT is never the place for Politics!!! And it would and will be a better world when Politics is not THE driving force behind every action by those who are supposed to be LEADERS!~!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

9/11/01 from hate to hope!

Tomorrow we in America will observe the 11th year after the Attack on NY & America that was 9/11/01. For on that day in America ,the towers fell and Hate rose! But, as is allways the case when Hate has its moment in the sun, it was quickly and forever eclipsed by the picture and premise of hope that was personifed in the global response of the world to the henious act, and, more importantly, by how Americans united as one! In the aftermath of 9/11/01 we became, in the shadow of hate, what was hoped for when this nation was first created, A nation  of equals! A nation where race , color, or creed didnt matter! In the shadow of hate we became Americans, not black Americans, white Americans, arab americans, whatever! We became Americans, ready and willing to stand, one and all, against hate! And we did! We stood against hate and turned the tide, and for a minute there was hope in America! But while that hope was lost amid exploitive politics and all the rest, 9/11/01 stands as a testimony to all that America is and all that America can be! Because from American tragedy came American triumph, and the renewal of(if only for a brief time) the American spirit! Because in the aftermath of the towers felling, you didnt hear wailing and crying,
nothing that was cause for celebration for the terrorists and those who supported them, dancing as I'll never forget in the streets after the strike was had, but a chant that shook the world and gave pause to all those who think that Hate will prevail, the chant of U-S-A! U-S-A!!!! Because that chant, and the hope it brings ,to A people and to the world, will allways prevail over hate and the Merchants of same! And that is what every American should remember on 9/11 not the hate but the hope that it spawned, the hope that is the American spirit!!! Something that Not even a event like 9/11 could destroy! USA!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama/Romney A flip of the coin!

Obama, Romney, two sides of the same coin you could say by their political experiences and regard recently! But, as America prepares to choose which side will that coin land on when America flips it in Nov? This is a very serious choice for America, a choice that will decide the veritable fate of millions, and to be frank it will be decided on as random of a factor as the flip of a coin! choice and how its made1 Important choice and how its made, that will decide the future of our nation and the future of America in a few short weeks! So we must do everything to insure that this choice isnt taken or made lightly! After all you wouldnt want the future of yourself or your family to be decided by the flip of a coin would you?

Friday, September 7, 2012

DNC final night review and analysis

Simply put, as the DNC came to a close last evening, America may have witnessed the greatest Political convention of all time! The democrats put on a powerful show for the last three days one that will not soon be forgotten, and if they carry the energy, the attitude, indeed the SWAGGER out onto the camapign trail, then not only will the Democrats hold the White House, and defend the Senate, but they may very well reclaim the house as well!!! This week America bore witness to a democratic party the likes of what has not been seen in America, in and since ,well, forever! Fired up and galvanized, and as they(the democrats enter into the final stage of this long campaign season THAT is exactly what the democrats need!! Giving as good, indeed better than what they get from the republicans!! That is the key to victory for the Democrats in 2013, and if this Convention was any indication, victory is within grasp!!! The democrats are back baby! With a vengence!!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC review day 2 and analysis

And the pounding continues! Day 2 of the DNC continued to resemble the famous beating that George Foreman Put on Smoking Joe(RIP) with speakers like Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren(next time drink it all in Lizzie!) and of course THE president, former President Bill Clinton tearing into the republicans! To think that if the democrats were motivated and galvanized like this in 2010, the TEA party wouldnt be the danger to America that they now are! And what can be said, that hasnt been about Bill Clinton?! He was at his best last evening! Factually solid and speaking from great experience! And How big is he  , of all people, talking about not hating, even those who tried to destroy him and his family all for the sake of political power?! So many telling points were made last evening,  and it should be clear, to even the most jaded and partisan republican, that the Democrats will no longer be passive on the issues, passive in the media, and passive in the voting booth!!! This convention may have awoken a sleeping giant, and that giant is the democratic base!!! But the fact is , this has all been a buildup to the BIG show, the main event, the acceptance speeches of VP Biden & President Barrack Obama! And with the many events going on across America tonight, it can be safe to say that this one will be the biggest!!! I will of, course review and give a final analysis of the DNC tomorrow so until then, Mr President, the stage is yours!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DNC day 1 analysis & review

In boxing there is one sure way to win without dispute, its by knockout! And while last evenings opening ceremony at the DNC wasnt a  knockout punch to the republicans, it was clearly a "Down goes Frazier" moment"!!!! Speakers like Corey Booker, Lilly Ledbetter, Gov Deval Patrick, Keynoter Julian Castro, and of course, the FLOTUS ,Michelle Obama Gave the democratic party  a explosive and high energy opening to their convention!A opening so powerful that even Fox News( the network that I am watching the convention on), was speechless! As soon as one good speaker left, another came out, and after a while it was plain to see that the dems were fired up and ready to go! Touching stories like Lilly Ledbetter's and Tammy Duckworths, fired up political oratory like Cory Booker and Deval Patrick, and a stellar Keynote speech from Julian Castro rendered the republican convention a faded memory and then the First lady came out and closed the show!!!! Hitting as hard as George Foreman with both her beauty and her words, the democrats couldnt have asked for a better night than last night! And with Bill Clinton set to speak this evening, setting up President Obama to accept the Partys nomination thursday night The republicans are indeed on the political ropes facing a convention knockout! See you tomorrow with Day 2 of the DNC review!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DNC preview and Analysis

As the democrats open their national convention this evening, it is my opinion that, unless they take the initiative, and the advantage of this national spotlight to remind America that the specific agenda of the republican party for the last four years has been the seeking and securing of political power and not "the economy" they may lose this election! The reason why the republicans remain in contention, despite all that they have done in the primary season alone, is that the democrats hav scrupluously failed in assessing blame to the republicans for their actions!
It is their being able to dish it out without taking it(blame) that has allowed the republicans to resurge from the brink of extnction in 2009 to nearly assuming total power in 2013! The democrats, starting tonight need to remind the American people of republican actions and more importantly the republican record on captiol hill! They need to remind the american people that they are and remain the party of no! That they have, in fact, stood against legislation that would have created jobs, that it is their agenda that, more than anything lese has contributed to Americas economic nightmare! For the next 4 days America needs to be reminded that it is the republicans who have sought and created failure while the democrats have fought for and achieved success! Simply put for the next 4 days the democrats must make the case for re-election but they must stop avoiding the issues and facts of the case!!! And beginning tonight, the FLOTUS(First Lady of the United States) Mrs Michelle Obama must lead the charge! There will never be a more golden opportunity for the democrats to put the blame where it lies, and that will and can be done by a contrast of the facts! But you cant do it, by running away and avoiding them! Let me put it in boxing terms, sometimes you can lose a fight by appearances alone! You may be the better fighter but if your opponent LOOKS like he's fighting harder than you are, the judges will rule against you and thats what the democrats must address! You may be better but its time you let the people see it!!!