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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The handwriting on the wall!!

Im back folks( i needed a break!)

Clearly the handwriting is on the proverbial wall regarding the republican presidential campaign, with for the first time, someone other than Mitt Romney being in a must win situation!And make no mistake, for Rick Santorum, Wisconsin is a must win situation! The only way that he can effectively "wipe' the handwriting off the wall so to speak, is by winning Wisconsin. A defeat in Wisconsin will effectively end the republican process for all intents and purposes, and if Santorum decides to continue in the wake of a said defeat, it only heightens the possibility of a humiliating loss in his own home state in a few weeks! But I think, even for Santorum, the handwriting on the wall is quite clear! Mitt Romney has finally realized his dream, he is the republican nominee and candidate for President of the United States, and a win in Wisconsin will effectively seal that!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pre primary analysis

As we continue the republican primary process, Ann Romney has , for the republicans ,pointed out the handwriting that is on the wall! It is indeed time for the republicans, if they can, to co-alesce around one candidate, and the sound and fury of Newt and Rick aside, it is clear,or at least it should be after Illinois, that the candidate to circle the wagons around is Mitt Romney!It's time for the republicans to do what is easy for them, it's time for them to call a spade a spade! It is VERY easy to get a rise out of the republican base, and it is supremely easy to arouse the evangelical conservative. A few out of time ,and politically incorrect statements, mixed in with overt and covert racism and you are the darling of that sector of the republicans! What is the word im looking for, oh yes, THE FRINGE! But if the republicans are to have any chance other than, again, calling a spade a spade, they need a candidate who can at least appear not to be a fringe loony! And that candidate is and  has been Mitt Romney. And it is indeed sad(for the republicans that is) that their most viable candiate has had to, due to the lunatic fringe that is the conservative and evengelical base, make himself less electable in the general  election in order to win the party nomination! But tomorrow night should signal to even the most die hard conservative that enough is enough! But that we will have to wait and see!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Post primary analysis!!

In the aftermath of Tuesday's  republican primaries, it is clear that in the rush to create fodder for the media and the grist mill, the facts are sorely lacking! This primary process for all the hype to the contrary is not about Conservatism and whether or not Mitt Romney can win in conservative states , it is the very true and real fact of if the presumptive repubpican nominee can win in NON conservative states, states that  will be key to the election!  The fact of the matter is , while Rick Santorum has won enough to stay alive, he has yet to win, in a battleground state or swing state! Winning in a conservative state , in a evangelistic state that should be easy for any republican, but winning in non conservative states or evangelistic states that is the trick and the question that anyan all of the republican candidates must answer, both now and the fall, and the only one who has done this is in fact, Mitt Romney. So In fact, the results of the last evening of voting only continue to prove , in unbiased and unmediaed eyes, that Mitt Romney is indeed the front runner and  unless Rick Santorum can prove otherwise, with wins in non conservative states, the presumptive nominee!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

NY & Capitol HIll( no respect?)

With the lack of representation in the upper echelons of Captiol hill for quite a while ,we must wonder here in NY, if our NY lawmakers are getting the respect they deserve? Arent our leaders worthy of cabinet level consideration? Arent our former Govs worthy of presidential consideration? I for one, can say that Former Gov Pataki could have easily won the republican nomination  IF he had chose to run! It seems that modern washington has a issue with NY politicans, something that stems back from the Mario Coumo days( another Gov who should have been offered a cabinet position but wasnt)  NY leads the world and You'd think that the leaders of NY would be called upon to serve!   That is something that whomever has the presidential seat in 2012 should consider! And in 2016 It may be indeed time for NY to contend!

Political Potpourri

In the Political stewpot today: I ,for one, am hoping that President Obama does address the Gas price issue before it becomes a issue! Action will speak far louder than words for the president in this election cycle! Rush Limbaugh has gotten away with murder for far too long! He must go, and Bill Maher lost cool points for trying to defend him. Bill, A douche is a douche! They keep trying to get someone who can beat Mitt, how about someone who can actually run in the general election? face facts republicans, Mitt is the only candidate who even approaches sanity in your field! The republicans have fed their radical monster everything and now they themselves are the only thing left in the pantry. and they are tasting good! Game Change is on tonight, who'd have thought a wink and a smile would have carried the hockey mom from Wasila so far?!Occupy Wall St is broke? Good, Perhaps they can actually get back to being a movement! Well, thats enough of a stew for today!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Post Super Tuesday analysis

Well I see that Super tuesday came out nearly as i called it.Nothing was done to dispel the inevitability of the Romney Campaign, and now it's simply a matter of the inevtiability sinking in! The"victories" of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich aside, this race is all but over! And how Karmic is it that a race that seemed like a sure thing a few short months ago for the republicans has turned! They have become the proverbial crabs in the barrel, trying to secure the power and position of being the Nominee! But the extreme damage that has been self inflicted by the republicans on themselves aside, The democrats and President Obama had better not be complacent!Because damaged goods or no, this race can still be won by the republicans and lost by the democrats! As I have blogged before, it isnt over until the republican concedes! And as can be seen by this lengthy political process among the republicans concession is a long way off! This is whats called chomping at the bit! And why, THAT is the question that will be answered in the General camapign and election, and the democrats and  President Obama had better be very ready to answer it, and the many more that will come!Onward to Nov!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush's epic fail and Pre super Tuesday analysis

As we stand on the eve of election in America it is only fitting that Rush Limbaugh, the man who on vitually day one, voiced his wish for The Obama presidency and vis-a-vis   America  to 'fail" now faces his own epic failure!!! Limbaugh, who has crossed the line far too many times, is now looking at the front door, and this time his exit is all but assured! For indeed, if anyone has "failed" It has been Limbaugh with his division, racism and utter hatred that he has spewed over the airwaves! And this has not been a series of mistakes, this has been a series of intentional vitriolic statements meant to deride and divide  America! Entertainers of the like of Imus and Stern can be forgiven for such mistakes , but when your intent is clearly not to entertain but to create perception and direct opinion as Limbaugh has done far too often over the years, that can no longer, and should no longer be tolerated! So let Limbaughs epic failure be complete, and let him stand as a symbol of all that America can and should be, and not what it would be if hateful small and close minded racists likie Rush limbaugh have their way! One down and a nation to go!

Now as far as Super Tuesday goes, I think that the realization of Mitt's inevitability will finally begin to sink in tomorrow evening! Santorums surge is all but over, since he chose to preach to America as opposed to address the politics of same! America is looking for a president Rick ,not a morality monitor! Newt is hanging in their gamely, but he will need the provebial miracle to win this thing! So after tomorrow, Mitt Romney will finally be , for all intents and purposes, one step closer to his dream, to be the republican nominee, but the question is :how quickly will it turn into a nightmare for him, once the full attention of America is turned to his contention for the presidency as the Republican nominee?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Must Go!

Rush Limbaugh must go! enough is enough! America has endured the horrors of this fat,racist, chauvanistic, former drugged out republican tyrant of the airwaves for long enough!  With his latest escapades you could say that he has gone too far, but the fact of the matter is that he has gone too far over and over again! And he will continue to cross the line as long as he is allowed to do so without consequence!!!!! The time has come for Limbaugh, like Imus before him, to go! But unlike Imus, he must never, EVER be allowed to return! Because the fact of the matter is unlike Imus who merely sought to entertain, Limbaugh seeks to divide and degrade! America will be a lot better off if the chapter of Rush limbaugh was finally ended!!!! Rush Limbaugh Must GO!!!!