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Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush's epic fail and Pre super Tuesday analysis

As we stand on the eve of election in America it is only fitting that Rush Limbaugh, the man who on vitually day one, voiced his wish for The Obama presidency and vis-a-vis   America  to 'fail" now faces his own epic failure!!! Limbaugh, who has crossed the line far too many times, is now looking at the front door, and this time his exit is all but assured! For indeed, if anyone has "failed" It has been Limbaugh with his division, racism and utter hatred that he has spewed over the airwaves! And this has not been a series of mistakes, this has been a series of intentional vitriolic statements meant to deride and divide  America! Entertainers of the like of Imus and Stern can be forgiven for such mistakes , but when your intent is clearly not to entertain but to create perception and direct opinion as Limbaugh has done far too often over the years, that can no longer, and should no longer be tolerated! So let Limbaughs epic failure be complete, and let him stand as a symbol of all that America can and should be, and not what it would be if hateful small and close minded racists likie Rush limbaugh have their way! One down and a nation to go!

Now as far as Super Tuesday goes, I think that the realization of Mitt's inevitability will finally begin to sink in tomorrow evening! Santorums surge is all but over, since he chose to preach to America as opposed to address the politics of same! America is looking for a president Rick ,not a morality monitor! Newt is hanging in their gamely, but he will need the provebial miracle to win this thing! So after tomorrow, Mitt Romney will finally be , for all intents and purposes, one step closer to his dream, to be the republican nominee, but the question is :how quickly will it turn into a nightmare for him, once the full attention of America is turned to his contention for the presidency as the Republican nominee?

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