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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Post Super Tuesday analysis

Well I see that Super tuesday came out nearly as i called it.Nothing was done to dispel the inevitability of the Romney Campaign, and now it's simply a matter of the inevtiability sinking in! The"victories" of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich aside, this race is all but over! And how Karmic is it that a race that seemed like a sure thing a few short months ago for the republicans has turned! They have become the proverbial crabs in the barrel, trying to secure the power and position of being the Nominee! But the extreme damage that has been self inflicted by the republicans on themselves aside, The democrats and President Obama had better not be complacent!Because damaged goods or no, this race can still be won by the republicans and lost by the democrats! As I have blogged before, it isnt over until the republican concedes! And as can be seen by this lengthy political process among the republicans concession is a long way off! This is whats called chomping at the bit! And why, THAT is the question that will be answered in the General camapign and election, and the democrats and  President Obama had better be very ready to answer it, and the many more that will come!Onward to Nov!!!

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