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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The handwriting on the wall!!

Im back folks( i needed a break!)

Clearly the handwriting is on the proverbial wall regarding the republican presidential campaign, with for the first time, someone other than Mitt Romney being in a must win situation!And make no mistake, for Rick Santorum, Wisconsin is a must win situation! The only way that he can effectively "wipe' the handwriting off the wall so to speak, is by winning Wisconsin. A defeat in Wisconsin will effectively end the republican process for all intents and purposes, and if Santorum decides to continue in the wake of a said defeat, it only heightens the possibility of a humiliating loss in his own home state in a few weeks! But I think, even for Santorum, the handwriting on the wall is quite clear! Mitt Romney has finally realized his dream, he is the republican nominee and candidate for President of the United States, and a win in Wisconsin will effectively seal that!

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