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Monday, March 19, 2012

Pre primary analysis

As we continue the republican primary process, Ann Romney has , for the republicans ,pointed out the handwriting that is on the wall! It is indeed time for the republicans, if they can, to co-alesce around one candidate, and the sound and fury of Newt and Rick aside, it is clear,or at least it should be after Illinois, that the candidate to circle the wagons around is Mitt Romney!It's time for the republicans to do what is easy for them, it's time for them to call a spade a spade! It is VERY easy to get a rise out of the republican base, and it is supremely easy to arouse the evangelical conservative. A few out of time ,and politically incorrect statements, mixed in with overt and covert racism and you are the darling of that sector of the republicans! What is the word im looking for, oh yes, THE FRINGE! But if the republicans are to have any chance other than, again, calling a spade a spade, they need a candidate who can at least appear not to be a fringe loony! And that candidate is and  has been Mitt Romney. And it is indeed sad(for the republicans that is) that their most viable candiate has had to, due to the lunatic fringe that is the conservative and evengelical base, make himself less electable in the general  election in order to win the party nomination! But tomorrow night should signal to even the most die hard conservative that enough is enough! But that we will have to wait and see!

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