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Friday, December 28, 2012

The petty and the political(the Fiscal cliff)

AS congress returns for last minute negotiations regarding the fiscal cliff, first let me say that President Obama , If necessary ,needs  to issue a exectuive order that protects the american people from the negative effects that will be created ,due to the continued petty politics that the republicans continue to engage in on capitol hill! America and Americans should not be made to suffer fiscal and personal harm due to the stubborness of one political party! This complete abandonment of responsibility by the house of representitives to the american people is both appalling and astounding!!! And the fact that it is being done in the interest of politics is unforgiveable!!! So while, due to the petty and the political, America may be going over the fiscal cliff, I call upon the president to use his executive privillege and power to do what must be done!
Take the lead President Obama!!!!! That is the only way at this point that the petty and the political will be cast aside!!!! And the only way that America's fiscal state can be secured at this point!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rock Bottom( the fiscal cliff and change)

As America prepares to hit Rock Bottom by going over the fiscal cliff, I ,for one, hope that this politically fueled debacle for the American people( engineered as usual by the republicans) is the beginning of political change in this nation!!! Because as taxes go up when Most americans can least afford it, it must be remembered that it is the republcian party, and the republican party alone that is to blame! It must be remembered, As Sen Harry Reid pointed out today, that ,with the American economy at clear risk and in  present danger, the republicans and their "leadership" went home! Instead of doing their Jobs!(jobs that they are paid far too much for by the way) They went home! And why? Because America isnt important to them, the  American people arent important to them, the American economy isnt important to them! Make no mistake the Fiscal cliff will not affect one member of the house negatively! For them, payday will come regardless of what happens!!! But what about the long term unemployed who are counting on the Gov to make sure their families are fed, who are counting on them to keep a roof over their heads?! What about the small Buisnesses, the Job creators who they are supposed to champion, what will happend to them  when they are taken over the fiscal cliff? Simply put ,The House republicans dont care about the will of the people, the ballot box, nothing but their own partisan politics!!! And sadly, it may take the American economy to hit rock bottom before voters realize this!!! It is said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, well let it now be said, and said correctly, that the House republicans, lead by Speaker Boehner played politics while the American economy hit rock bottom!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

The results of Excess Giving( The Fiscal Cliff & Guns)

With the two major concerns of recent times currently holding firm at center court , those concerns being Gun control and the fiscal cliff, it is hoped that President Obama learns the lesson of excess giving as it pertains to both the Republicans and the Gun lobby! Because A scant few weeks ago, by taking a firm stance on the Fiscal cliff the ball was moving and it was moving in his(President Obama's) direction! But as soon as he(President Obama)began to give a little( in the interest of making the deal, which is to his credit) the republicans of congress, as they have done thought their recent history, seized the opportunity and once again began to try to take, A LOT! AS the myriad issues of concern begin to arise in the Second term of this president, he must learn that these republicans are not interested in doing whats right for the country ,or for politics! They dont care if All americans go over the fiscal cliff, they dont care if it was 200 children who were killed by a weapon that has no place in society! All they care about is the new republicanism and those who back those interests!! There can be no balanced and bi-partisan approach, there can be no excess giving, because the more you give Mr. president, the more they will take! SO while you may be, like santa, loathe to do it Mr. President, you must take and maintain your hardline stance! Because excess giving in to the republicans will only lead to excess taking by the republicans!!!!! And on the many importnt issues that are coming forward in your second term, the american people cannot afford the excess taking that your excess giving in to the republicans will create!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mccarthy lives!( the NRA and the Gun Lobby)

AS the defense begins to intensify by the gun lobby and  the gun nuts in the aftermath of the Newtown child killings, it is so good to see the NRA and Wayne La Pierre continue to miss the mark when it comes to the issue of Guns in America!!! Its not about the 2nd amendment, its not about the use of guns, its about the guns themselves!!! Assault weapons that serve and are for no other purpose than to kill people!!!! Doesnt matter if youre a collector , or a afficiando, it still doesnt change the fact that assault weapons are for the specific purpose of eliminating personell , which are people!!! So how do you defend the indefensible? The answer is, YOU DONT!!! You simply shoot at a million targets with public pressers and statements and continually miss the mark!! The NRA and the gun lobby have allways been on the low end of American political society, but their conduct and stance on assault weapons in the aftermath of Newtown only proves that In America, Mccarthyism lives, and it still has no decency!!!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

The NRA's buffoonery and the GOP's bad Haircutting

Firstly to the NRA's Buffoonery, and really America, could we expect anything less from Wayne La Pierre  one of the biggest buffoons of modern times! No Mr. La Pierre ,everybody having guns or being armed isnt the solution, its the problem!!! The protestor who interruppted your speech was right, the blood of not only the Newtown 26, but so many more are on the hands of the NRA and their republican supporters!!! Simply put there must be  a Ban on assault Weapons in America and severe  penalties on those who violate it!! THAT is the only way we will avoid the continued incidents of mass shootings in America!!! When Mr. Lapierre, will enough blood be enough?!!!!

Now to the Fiscal cliff, simply put the republican party is trying to give America a bad and unnecessary fiscal buzz cut! And in the dead of a economic winter like this one, Americans dont need  to be buzzed by the republican party!!! Simply put, this issue requires a balanced approach, like what the president is offering, and it is time that the republicans stop with the politics, stop with the partisanship, and get the deal done!! And if they fail to do so, If Americans are faced with fiscal hardship because of the out of control politics and partisanship of the republican party, then EVERY republican needs to be held accountable! Its not the time for a buzzcut for America , its time for a precision styling, a Balanced approach!!! And if the Republican party doesn come to this understanding and FAST, then in 2014 the american peopl need to give them a well deserved buzzcut in the ballotbox!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fuzzy Math( the republicans & the fiscal cliff)

AS the political struggle continues in DC over the fiscal cliff, it is clear that the republicans, led this time by John Boehner are continuing the tradition of "Fuzzy Math" as it pertains to the  "balanced approach" towards cuts and "revenue"! The literal approach, as it is now being employed by the republicans, is hardly balanced! Indeed it is as unbalanced as the current distribution of wealth and income in America! It is a simple concept, those who have more should bear more, a simple and logical concept! But when you are dealing with the republican party of Modern times(POST REAGAN, because these republicans are as far away from Reagan republ;icans as you can get) Logic NEVER dictates!!! A balanced approach is not having the people in the middle and the bottom carry as much of the burden as those who are  on the top, a balanced approach is those who have the capability to bear more doing so, to ease and allievate the burden on those cannot afford to!!! THAT is a "balanced approach Speaker Boehner! THAT is what has been at the heart of this issue all along! And it is appalling and insulting to the intelligence of the American people that you would apply Literal  terms to this important negotiation! It is far past time for the republican party to end this continual defense of the rich as it pertains to the economic future and well being of this nation! So let's end the "Fuzzy Math" Speaker Boehner! Let's end the appalling and insulting posturing around your demands for a LITERAL "Balanced Approach! Becasue if you dont, if you continue to use every means necessary to protect the interests of the rich at the expense of the nation, You and your party, the Republican party will be responsible, you and noone else, for a major tax increase upon EVERY American!!! LITERALLY!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Handwriting on the wall!!!!!(ban assault weapons!!!)

Ban assault weapons in America. Its that simple!And as we contend with the funeral of 20 Children in America, I for one, am not going to beat around the bush here!!!!!   It is the Republican party who we have to thank for this, as much as Adam Lanza!!!(Who if I could reach into hell, and pull back to life so he could suffer true justice for what he did, I would!) Because it was the Republican party who fought against and undermined the Brady bill, it is the Republican party who leads the charge and stands against all efforts to control and regulate the gun trade, and it is the republican party which has enabled, in America, such gun tragedies! The simple sad fact of this matter is that, IF the brady bill that banned assault weapons would have been in play, in all likelihood the children of Sandy Hook elementary would still be alive today! SO let us all thank the republican party for yet another legislative job well done! That being said, The han dwriting is on the wall when comes to assault weapons, and let it be clear here before the gun lobby and their republican lackeys begin to spin it otherwise, this is about assault weapons plain and simple! Weapons whose only purpose are to kill PEOPLE! Not to hunt or protect, but to KILL people in a MASS fashion!!!  A WEAPON of MASS DESTRUCTION!!!! This is not about the 2nd amendment, this is about protecting the American people from a clear and present danger! This is about banning assault weapons! And any republican who comes to the floor of congress, or on Fox news blathering about how its a violation of the 2nd amendment or personal rights, needs to think of those 20 little children who suffered the ultimate violation due to the selfishness, self servic,e and greed of the republican party and the gun industry! I commend Sen Diane Feinstein for coming forward and stating that on day one in 2013 ,she will put forward a bill that bans assault weapons in America, and I hope that every memeber of congress will , for once, step forward in unison to do what must be done, to do the RIGHT THING!!! Because the handwriting is on the wall as it pertains to this issue, and that handwriting is written in blood! The blood of 20 tiny children! Children who should be looking forward to x-mas!Children whose blood is indeed on republican hands!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Moral Cliff( the republicans and Gun regulation)

AS the nation and the world reels from the horror of what took place in Newton Conn., it is time to pose the question to the republican party, which has stood  far too  long poised over a moral cliff so to speak, as it pertains to gun regulation! Have you no decency?!!! For too long the Republican party has manipulated their supporters to defend the corporate interests of the gun lobby, among others.Taking corporate concerns and spinning them into consitutional concerns and rights violations! But now, with the blood of 20 children, babies, still fresh on the ground in Newton Conn. The time has come to find out where the republican party's alliegences truly lie! It is time to see if the republican party can continue the immoral stance that they have taken for too long as it relates to gun control and regulation! And if they do, then they should be held in the same regard as the shooter who perpetrated this heinous act!!! The time for politics and the protection of corporate interests has now passed in the aftermath of this heinous act!!! We need a assault weapons ban in America and we need it now!!! We need stronger regulations of gun AND gun paraphanalia, and we need it now!!! Because the purchasing of such goods is and should be as big a red flag as the purchase of guns themselves!!! Simply put if we do not do this and now then not only have we failed the 20 children who were murdered in Newton Friday, but we have failed as a nation! Failed the test of morality!!! We stand at a moral cliff in America, let us see, if, yet again, the republican party will take us over that one into yet another abyss of corproate interests as well!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fiscal cliff(one more time with feeling!)

AS the Republicans continue to obstruct and politic with the fiscal cliff looming, it is clear that the voice of the people must be raised, and the president should call for it one more time WITH FEELING!!! Because after their moment of humility in the aftermath of the President's Re-election, and the failure of the Republican party to take the Senate, they(the republicans) are swiftly returning to being the party of obstruction  and the party of Misrepresentation!!! This aint about austerity, this isnt about the future, or about spending, its simply about maintaining the status quo for their supporters!!!! It's not about the country its about, once again , Politics as usual!! And, after losing so convincingly in the election this past November, it is appalling to see the republicans acting, like they did in 2009,as if the election didnt happen! It seems that the only voice the republican party heeds or listens to, is the voice of Millionaires and Billionaires, and that must change if we are to solve issues like the fiscal cliff or the upcoming debt ceiling!!!!! The people have spoken Republicans, Speaker Boehner, what part of no to your  version of austerity dont you understand?!!!!  If America goes over the fiscal cliff, it will be due to the arrogance of the republican party, no more no less!! Because it is simply your arrogance and hubris that , due to and for politics sake, that you would, as a minority party, and with a  losing election fresh not only in your minds , but in the minds of the american people, that you would continue in this vein and stance!! So I call upon President Obama,, and Vice President Biden to, ONCE MORE WITH FEELING , bring this to the attention of the american people and call them to action!!!
Because what the republicans are doing in this process is both self serving and a disservice to the american people!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff( looking into the abyss )

AS we continue on this Path to the "fiscal cliff" we must take a look into the abyss, and that abyss is not the cliff itself, but the continued failure of REPUBLICANS as "leaders"! Simply put they have ZERO creditability when it comes to their continued stance as arbiters of austerity, and the fact that they simply refuse to"get it" is what rea lly hampering this process!
Speaker Boehner and the rest say that Obama is "out of touch".News flash republicans! Who just won re-election, and winning that re-election in direct oppostion to what the republicans continue to stubbornly stand upon? The fact of the matter is tha,t while republicans continue to hem and haw about what the democrats wont do and wont show, it is what the republicans will do and intend to do that remains the REAL issue!!!! And it is a sad reflection on their leadership and agenda that things like education, social services, social security and all the rest is within their crosshairs!!! Simply put as long as the republicans continue to fight to the political death over taxing the rich, and standing against those who they feel arent"entitled" choosing bullets over bread for the poor, choosing coporations over children, oil over old folks, you name it, then not only will we continue to face the abyss that is the "fiscal cliff", But the republicans will continue, and rightly so to be perceived as having a abyss where their souls should be!!! Speaker Boehner, Leader Mcconnell and all the rest need to take a good hard look into the abyss that has become republicanism in America, because that is the true "fiscal cliff"!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

WHY the Aid must be given to NY!!!

New York, the greatest city in the world.The city that never sleeps, the gateway to America! The City that sets the standard that all others must follow! NYC, the mecca of mankind in the world today! A city of dreams and a city of sometimes harsh reality!   And , for NYC, nothing has been harsher than the devastation that was inflicted upon it by Super Storm Sandy! Because Sandy did what nothing, not even 9/11/01 could do. For days NYC was asleep, shuttered by natures fury! And the aftermath was, for many, the unthinkable, tunnels flooded, whole communities devastated, a picture window of the apocolypse now!!! And with the gateway of the nation closed, the effects of same were clearly felt internationally! The stock markets down, travel in limbo, all because NY fell victim to the power of Nature amok! But Sandy has given a showcase to the importance of NY in the global scheme of things!It has shown what a intregal part of the world and lynchpin of America NYC is, and that is why NYC above and among all others must receive the lions share of aid being offered By the federal Gov! That is why NYC must be of priority and of plan! Because what does America do when its gateway is closed? What does the world do when the mecca of mankind is shuttered? We have seen a small screen shot of that, and it was, and is , not a pretty sight! The Federal Gov must insure that this never happens again, because to be quite frank, the world cannot afford it!!!
So I hope that the coffers are opened wide, and the credit limits negated, because simply put,
NYC is worth it!!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Going Down with the Ship?(the republicans & the fiscal cliff)

Simply put, it seems that Speaker Boehner and his Republicans are poised to go down with the ship, still lost in the fantasy that somehow public opinion and sentiment is on their side! Well news flash Mr. Speaker: THEY ARENT!!! And, after the failure of the republican gamble for total control this past election, you, and your republican collegues, should recognize just where you are at! It's called a sinking ship! I remember the last time such a boat was floated. The captain of that ship was another speaker, and his name was Newt Gingrich. And he too was under the impression that, if he flew America off another cliff, that somehow he and his republicans would be lauded for their being arbiters of austerity! And so he shut down the Gov. and the rest was history, as was Republican control of the House at that time! And seemingly not having learned from that Lesson, Speaker Boehner is poised, along with his colleagues, to repeat it! The speaker says that the president needs to "come to him", speaking as if they are somehow equals! News Flash  Speaker Boehner: YOURE NOT!!! He is the sitting president, a sitting president re-elected by a overwhelming majority to a SECOND term! You cater to him and those he represents, he doesnt cater to you! It is time for the House of Representitives and the republican party to recognize the pecking order here ! White House & Senate: Democrat, House:Republican! In America majority rules, minority follows and it is time that the republicans, lead by Speaker Boehner, fold their tent on this Taxing the rich issue!!! Because Simply put, going down with the ship is still going down plain and simple!! And it is irresponsible leadership and a disservice to the american people for the speaker and the house to take the American economy down with them!!! This is no gallant struggle Mr. Speaker, and the american public certainly arent going to reward you for this stance, so show some real leadership and end this political farce!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Long Term Politics( can U see what i see?)

AS the politicing(and the obstruction) continues on Captiol hill, I am of the wonder if the democratic party  can see what I see? I am of the wonder if they(the democrats) have a long term political strategy or plan in place?  Because opportunity(due to the continued stubborness of the republicans to see reality) is knocking! In recent memory or history, there has not been a extended period of democratic control on Capitol hill. Carter failed, Clinton set a template but Gore couldnt deliver, and now we have Obama! And with Obama securing a second term, political template, and history for himself,  As I said, opportunity knocks!  Can you say 2024? Because, if the democrats play their cards right, and due to the republicans extreme inability to change, they have MANY cards to play!!! The political future in America could be a Democratic one  to shape! But in order to achieve this, the democrats do have to open their eyes to the opportunity and possibility that has presented itself! Control of the white house and congress until 2024! Can you see what I see? Because I see the future in politics, and it can be a bright one if the Democrats open their eyes to it!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Image Vs Reality(the Fiscal Cliff)

AS the politicing continues regarding the Fiscal Cliff , I for one, believe that is is way past time to dispel the political imagery and address the stark reality here! The republicans continue to present the failed image to America that they are somehow THE stewards of the American dollar, even though they are the party that created this prediciment!!! And they continue to try to keep the American peoples involvement to a minimum( I mean can you Imagine the REPUBLICAN party making a call to the people about anything?) Simply put, the public rejected the premise of the republicans as guardians of financial austerity in America! So they (the republicans)need to drop the political act and image, because thats what it is a act and image!!! Simply put there are two ways to go about the addressing of the Fiscal cliff, there is the Republican way, which is akin to Jumping into a Ice cold pool, or the Democratic way, which is more akin to easing into a hot tub! We have the ways and the means, and despite all the political posturing from the republican party on this matter, It doesnt have to be addressed in a Major Ice cold shock!!!  Rome wasnt Built in a day, and neither was this debt, and it needs to be addressed in a gradual manner, like easing into a hot tub!!!! SO its time for the Republicans to abandon the political image and imagery of being the arbiters of austerity because it didnt sell in the just past election, and it isnt selling now!!! Ease into the hot water, not jump into the cold, THAT is the way to address this fiscal cliff and to continue to falsely posture  and push for
a cold shock republicans is a disservice to all americans!!!