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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Handwriting on the wall!!!!!(ban assault weapons!!!)

Ban assault weapons in America. Its that simple!And as we contend with the funeral of 20 Children in America, I for one, am not going to beat around the bush here!!!!!   It is the Republican party who we have to thank for this, as much as Adam Lanza!!!(Who if I could reach into hell, and pull back to life so he could suffer true justice for what he did, I would!) Because it was the Republican party who fought against and undermined the Brady bill, it is the Republican party who leads the charge and stands against all efforts to control and regulate the gun trade, and it is the republican party which has enabled, in America, such gun tragedies! The simple sad fact of this matter is that, IF the brady bill that banned assault weapons would have been in play, in all likelihood the children of Sandy Hook elementary would still be alive today! SO let us all thank the republican party for yet another legislative job well done! That being said, The han dwriting is on the wall when comes to assault weapons, and let it be clear here before the gun lobby and their republican lackeys begin to spin it otherwise, this is about assault weapons plain and simple! Weapons whose only purpose are to kill PEOPLE! Not to hunt or protect, but to KILL people in a MASS fashion!!!  A WEAPON of MASS DESTRUCTION!!!! This is not about the 2nd amendment, this is about protecting the American people from a clear and present danger! This is about banning assault weapons! And any republican who comes to the floor of congress, or on Fox news blathering about how its a violation of the 2nd amendment or personal rights, needs to think of those 20 little children who suffered the ultimate violation due to the selfishness, self servic,e and greed of the republican party and the gun industry! I commend Sen Diane Feinstein for coming forward and stating that on day one in 2013 ,she will put forward a bill that bans assault weapons in America, and I hope that every memeber of congress will , for once, step forward in unison to do what must be done, to do the RIGHT THING!!! Because the handwriting is on the wall as it pertains to this issue, and that handwriting is written in blood! The blood of 20 tiny children! Children who should be looking forward to x-mas!Children whose blood is indeed on republican hands!!!!!

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