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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rock Bottom( the fiscal cliff and change)

As America prepares to hit Rock Bottom by going over the fiscal cliff, I ,for one, hope that this politically fueled debacle for the American people( engineered as usual by the republicans) is the beginning of political change in this nation!!! Because as taxes go up when Most americans can least afford it, it must be remembered that it is the republcian party, and the republican party alone that is to blame! It must be remembered, As Sen Harry Reid pointed out today, that ,with the American economy at clear risk and in  present danger, the republicans and their "leadership" went home! Instead of doing their Jobs!(jobs that they are paid far too much for by the way) They went home! And why? Because America isnt important to them, the  American people arent important to them, the American economy isnt important to them! Make no mistake the Fiscal cliff will not affect one member of the house negatively! For them, payday will come regardless of what happens!!! But what about the long term unemployed who are counting on the Gov to make sure their families are fed, who are counting on them to keep a roof over their heads?! What about the small Buisnesses, the Job creators who they are supposed to champion, what will happend to them  when they are taken over the fiscal cliff? Simply put ,The House republicans dont care about the will of the people, the ballot box, nothing but their own partisan politics!!! And sadly, it may take the American economy to hit rock bottom before voters realize this!!! It is said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, well let it now be said, and said correctly, that the House republicans, lead by Speaker Boehner played politics while the American economy hit rock bottom!!!!

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