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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Long Term Politics( can U see what i see?)

AS the politicing(and the obstruction) continues on Captiol hill, I am of the wonder if the democratic party  can see what I see? I am of the wonder if they(the democrats) have a long term political strategy or plan in place?  Because opportunity(due to the continued stubborness of the republicans to see reality) is knocking! In recent memory or history, there has not been a extended period of democratic control on Capitol hill. Carter failed, Clinton set a template but Gore couldnt deliver, and now we have Obama! And with Obama securing a second term, political template, and history for himself,  As I said, opportunity knocks!  Can you say 2024? Because, if the democrats play their cards right, and due to the republicans extreme inability to change, they have MANY cards to play!!! The political future in America could be a Democratic one  to shape! But in order to achieve this, the democrats do have to open their eyes to the opportunity and possibility that has presented itself! Control of the white house and congress until 2024! Can you see what I see? Because I see the future in politics, and it can be a bright one if the Democrats open their eyes to it!!!!

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